Octopath Traveler Not Loading / Downloading? Here’s How To Fix.

A complete How To Guide on fixing any and all issues with Octopath Traveler Not Loading.

Octopath Traveler Not Loading
Octopath Traveler Not Loading

Octopath Traveler has now been globally released as of 13th July 2018. You  However if you have fired up your Nintendo Switch and you’ve had issues with Octopath Traveler not loading or installing then we can help.

SWITCH : Octopath Traveler Not Downloading?

We have yet to experience any problems with Octopath Traveler not downloading however we may not be able to speak for everyone. It’s important that if you do have any issues that you reach out to Square Enix.

In the mean time we have created this troubleshooting guide which may help identify the problem and help fix it.


Octopath Traveler News - Trailers and More...

Octopath Traveler – News, Trailers DLC…

The Latest Turn Based Role Playing Game from Square Enix. The Creators of Final Fantasy.

Square Enix Contact Information.

It’s very important that Square Enix get the feedback necessary when it comes to Octopath Traveler not downloading or installing on your Nintendo Switch.

Be sure to use the contact details listed below.

Octopath Traveler Square Enix Contact

When reporting the issue be sure to inform Square Enix with details regarding when and where the fault occurs. Alternatively you can also reach out to Nintendo Support for extended aid.

Octopath Traveler Download Fixes for Nintendo Switch.

The below fixes and solutions will primarily aim to help users who have discovered issues with their games not downloading on the Nintendo Switch. There are a variety of different reasons why this may happen.

Hopefully this guide will give you some clarity on why.

1: Poor Nintendo Switch Connection?

Often overlooked however it’s significantly important to ensure that when you’re using the Nintendo Switch. That your Internet Connection is running smooth.

Any disruptions, disconnections or breaks within your Internet Connection will cause your Downloads to cease and stop.

Fix : Test your Internet Connection for Octopath Traveler now.

To add to this it is also possible that you may corrupt or damage the download file. This will then cause issues in the future.

We have listed the SpeedTest Website above which is able to determine your signal strength, your latency, download speed and upload speed for all devices within the household. You will need to have access to a nearby Laptop, mobile device or tablet for it to work.

If you have revealed that you’re having no issues on your Internet Connection but your Nintendo Switch is still struggling. Then be sure to follow the Connection guide that we have created below.
This guide will give you step by step details regarding connecting your Switch to the internet and much more.

2: Enough Space for your Octopath Traveler Download?

Your Nintendo Switch will have issues downloading or completing download files if there is not sufficient space on your Switch for Octopath Traveler. It’s important to regularly clean your Switch Memory.

You can do this by visiting your “System Settings” on your Nintendo Switch and un-installing other software which is not being used.

Guide : Factory Resetting and Deleting Game Saves on Switch.

If your Nintendo Switch is maxed out on available memory then there are a few options for you.

You can upgrade the external memory which is being used by your Nintendo Switch. The console currently supports up to 256GB Cards. However you do need to ensure that your Micro SD Cards are Compatible.

Octopath Traveler Not Installing On Switch Troubleshooting.

The resolutions and troubleshooting guide below will apply to you if you have a Physical Copy of Octopath Traveler. Be sure to follow the guide and any user submitted guides which are featured.

1: Octopath Traveler Cartridge Not Installing?

There are very few reasons why a Brand new Game Cartridge for Switch will not Install. If you have already identified that you have the required memory and it is still not installing it may indicate an issue with the Game itself.

Ensure you check your Game Cartridge for any significant damage which may cause a read error. This includes any cuts, dents or damage to the golden strips on the reverse of the game Cartridge.

Fix : Seek a replacement or Refund for Octopath Traveler

Sadly if your Octopath Traveler Cartridge is damaged then we suggest you seek a replacement or refund from place of purchase. Ensure that you still have the original proof of purchase.

2: Install Octopath Traveler on Another Nintendo Switch.

You can easily identify whether or not your Game Cartridge is faulty by simply asking a friend or colleague to install the game on their device. Of course if the installation is complete then this may indicate that your Nintendo Switch maybe Faulty.

If your Nintendo Switch has Bent or Damaged pins then it will be unlikely to read the content on the Octopath Traveler cartridge.

If however the additional console has the same issue then this concludes the fault is most definitely a hardware error with the Octopath Traveler Cartridge. Similar to above – You simply need to seek a repair or replacement for your game.

3: Getting a Replacement Nintendo Switch Console.

If you have identified that your Nintendo Switch is faulty then firstly you can reach out to Nintendo Support. They will be able to give you advice regarding the situation. Ensure you explain the situation with as much detail as possible.

Fix : The Easiest way to Repair or Replace your Nintendo Switch.

In order to seek a repair or replacement for your Games Console. You will need to ensure that you still have the original proof of purchase for your Switch. Usually this will be delivered to your E-Mail Address.

It’s important that your Console features no visible damage from an accidental source. All Accidental damage can sometimes render your warranty void.

User Submitted Fixes for Octopath Traveler Not Download or Installing On Switch.


Remember the key people to talk to regarding any issues that you might find with Octopath Traveler not download or installing is Square Enix. They will appreciate the feedback,

In the mean time be sure to use the following Switch Guides to help source a resolution.

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