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Guide : How to Bolster and Test your Internet Connection

How to Fix and Test your Internet Connection

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Disconnection, Lag Spikes and High ping getting the better of you? We’re going to be talking about some easy tips and tricks to fixing and testing your internet connection. This guide will give you insight into how to test internet connection and more.

We’re also going to be touching upon ways in which you can improve your Internet connection. While discussing the reason behind Disconnections, Lag Spikes, High ping and much more.

How To Test Internet Connection.

If you’re having problems with disconnecting, sluggish gameplay or slow download speeds. It may indicate a fault with your internet connection. There are a few things that you can do to improve this.

The first step should be to identify if you’re internet connection is suffering a fault. SpeedTest a website which is very well known around tech circles. This website is a great tool to test your internet connection.

Action : Check your Internet Connection Now.

Once you are on the website simply click “Go” and the website will fetch data regarding if your connection is stable.

It will also grab you details in regards to your Download Speed. This will give you a good basis of why you’re dealing with high ping spikes.

Another feature is the upload speed. Upload speed is necessary if you’re interested in streaming gameplay or HD content from your gaming rig, games console and more to services such as Twitch and Youtube.

The website is perfectly safe and will not cause any further issue to your internet connection.

Internet Data Explained.

Ping:  Your Ping will show you you’re connection speed in terms of (MS). With this figure generally the lower the figure the better.

If you’re using Fibre-Optic Broadband then your ideal target should be anywhere between 10-40. If you’re ping is reaching up to 200+ their maybe a fault with your line.

Download Speed: Your potential download power. Its important to remember that this is capped depending on your download source.

Some servers may struggle to deliver you that kind of download speed. Most gaming servers allow for high speeds up to 100MB download and more!

Test your Internet Connection Today.

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Upload Speed: Upload speed determines how much information you can send up to the world wide web.

Particularly useful when it comes to streaming online and uploading large databases. If you’re interested in streaming online it’s important that you get at least 3MB upload for good quality streaming.

Fault Detected with no Access to the Internet?

Faults with your internet connection can be due to  various reasons.

Firstly if you’re unable to use any browser or online service then it may indicate a complete disconnection from your internet provider. Here are some things you can do to help identify the issue.

Fix Your Internet Connection – Here’s how.

Check Wires and Cables for Phone Line & Routers

Sometimes overlooked and more often than not. The true reason for disconnection. If anyone has tampered with any of the broadband or internet cables between your phone line and router.

This will severe your internet connection. If all wires are plugged in and you see no issue then our suggestion is to replace all wires necessary.

If you have successfully changed the wires and you’re still not receiving any internet then it maybe down to the router itself or your Network service provider.

Is your Router displaying a fault or is it faulty?

Most Routers these days will come with some visual display to determine its status. Home Hubs and Network Routers will indicate warning signs to display that the internet is not available.

Some are more advanced and will show you direct details regarding the fault in which you can source the router manual to find a fix.

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If you have found no solution to fixing the router then we suggest to temporarily replace the router. A faulty Router is unlikely – however users have reported their routers to be the fault.

If your Router is not displaying any faults then it maybe time to get in contact with your Internet Service Provider.

Contacting your Service Provider.

Most internet providers such as BT, Virgin, EE and more will display faults within their customer service section. So if you truly believe that no hardware is at fault within your household or studio. Reach out!

The customer service teams will be able to provide you with any information regarding your line and internet connection. This includes the ability to tell you if you’re particular area is down for repair or maintenance.

Get Fibre Broadband today.

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The only down-side to this. If your provider declares that their working on the line or in-fact having issue with providing you internet. Not much can be done at this point to be re-connected.

There’s no real need to get aggressive or frustrated at the customer care team as it will be strictly out of their hands. However if you note the length of period in which you have been offline then you maybe due a refund or goodwill gesture for your downtime.

This applies especially if you run a business or your connection is required for you to work.

High Ping? Here’s How To Improve It!

After Using the SpeedTest – if you have revealed that your Ping is high or your Download speed is suffering.

High ping will result in sluggish gameplay, lag spikes, disconnection issues and more. A low download speed will result in a lengthy amount of time taken when downloading small files which can be incredibly frustrating.

There maybe a third party reason to why this is happening within the house hold. Below are just a few of the reasons why you might experience high ping while your gaming or browsing.

PC Related

If you’re experiencing high ping on a Desktop, Laptop or Gaming Rig then the following fixes will apply to you.

Close all Un-Neccessary Browers and online Software.

Some websites, browsers, online services and more may effect your internet speed. More often than not once a website is loaded no more data will be pulled.

However some websites will have video players, scripts and cookies that will continuously pull data which will effect your download speed. This may go unnoticed when browsing however if in-game your ping is spiking this maybe the reason.

Be sure to close any software such as Spotify, Discord, Twitch and other internet intensive websites while you’re playing to improve ping.

PC & Gaming Console Related.

If you have experienced in general that your internet speed is low across the house hold some of the following issues might be the reason.

Who is using your Internet?

It’s important to take note of how many devices are connected to your router. If we’re talking about a family home it’s not rare for up to 8 different devices maybe connected to the internet at any one time.

This means for each user they will be allocated their download speed and bandwidth. If other users whom are sharing the same line as you are using internet intensive tasks this will effect your ping and bandwidth.

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If you’re trying to isolate the issue be sure to disconnect all other devices from your router to create breathing room for your bandwidth and download speed.

Time Of Day?

This may not be applicable to all internet providers but sometimes despite being quoted a high download speed. Your internet connection may be effected by heavy residential access.

Sometimes various homes will share the same line and any excessive internet usage from other buildings or rooms may effect your line.

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This is popular with internet providers whom cap users on their data during certain times of day. If you find that you live in a residential area and it is late in the evening users around you may be effecting this.

Use a Wired Connection instead of Wireless Connection.

Not always but the majority of time a strong stable Ethernet cable will provide much more satisfactory results when providing bandwidth to users.

When using wireless internet the data connection must pass through certain materials which may effect the quality of your download speed.

Reduce this risk by plugging your device in with a wired Ethernet connection. This may not be applicable to certain tablets, phones and laptops.

Time To Upgrade?

Good News – Most internet packages are becoming cheaper and cheaper as fibre becomes the standard for internet connection. IF you’re still using an ADSL connection then you may have certain upgrade packages available to you.

It’s important that you do your research when it comes to upgrading your internet package. Certain packages will be much more beneficial for users whom wish to download or upload.

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We have created a strong guide in which we discuss the best internet providers for gaming within the UK. Be sure to check it out.

For Streaming HD content to and from the internet a strong Upload speed is necessary. Ensure that you’re provider know you’re interests before making a purchase.


Overtime we will be updating this guide with tips and tricks in fixing your internet connection. We will also be talking about what hardware may help the situation.

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