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Nintendo Switch OverHeating Guide.

GUIDE : Nintendo Switch Overheating Fix

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The Nintendo Switch is an incredible versatile console. With the ability to home dock your console to achieve full HD graphics on your Home Smart TV. Then without a seconds notice unlocking and then taking on the move with you. The Switch features some pretty intense hardware. However we’re going to be talking what to do if you find your Switch Overheating.

Your Switch maybe effected by various different factors when it comes to overheating however as standard the Nintendo Switch should not be overheating. If you find that your console is running hot then this will lead to your games running sluggish, dropping frames, crashing and more.

Why is the Nintendo Switch Overheating?

There are 2 reasons to why your Nintendo Switch maybe overheating. Firstly it may be due to poor console care. Alternatively it may indicate that your Nintendo Switch is faulty. Below we’re going to be talking about how to clean your Nintendo Switch and how to seek a repair or replacement.

If you’re console is running hotter than it should be then prolonged duration of this may cause significant damage to your console.

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The Nintendo Switch has been made incredibly compact. However due to the optimisation of the hardware within the Console it does not naturally run hot. However by blocking the exhaust ports and air out take points you may amp up the console temperature.

How To Clean Your Nintendo Switch.

**Important** Ensure that the console is disconnected and turned off before attempting to clean the console.

Switch Overheating.

Clean Regularly to Avoid Switch Overheating.

Unlike the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. The Switch offers very little in terms of dispensing heat. There are only two small grills which can be found on the Console.

The first grill is located on the Back of the console towards the bottom. Two very small strips of grills which need to be cleaned if any build up of dust or debris exists there.

Switch Top - ExhaustThe second Grill is on the top of the console near the HeadPhone and Game Cartridge Port.

Each of these areas can be efficiently cleaned using a fine small brush and some compressed air to dislodge any large areas of build up.

It’s imperative that these are cleaned to help avoid your Switch overheating.

Example of Dust Build up on Console :

Switch Console Overheating.As you can see from the picture above. Overtime dust particles and all sorts of nasty will begin to obstruct and find it’s way within your Nintendo Switch.

It’s important to clean your console regularly to avoid any issues. Remember a overheating console will overtime cause significant damage to the hardware within.

Other Ways to stop Overheating.

Ventilation Check.

It’s very important that you place your Nintendo Switch console regardless of the model in an area in which has sufficient air flow.

Try to avoid areas such as closed cabinets, closets, home-made tv stands.


Your Console requires open space to the rear and sides of the console. If at any point you obstruct your console it will not have access to any cool air. This will in turn make your console run hot reducing your performance.

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Avoid Direct Sunlight.

If its a particularly warm day and you have direct sunlight hitting your console through windows. This will provide warm spots on your console. Ensure that your Nintendo Switch is in a Shaded area of your living room or bedroom.

Take a Break.

Sometimes excessive use of a console may cause it to overheat. Lengthy periods of time in which you’re gaming, installing, downloading and more will cause the console to run hot.

If you find that your Nintendo Switch console is warm to the touch then it’s suggested that you take a break and let the Console cool down.


Like we said before. It’s very unlikely for a Nintendo Switch to suffer from an Over Heating Fault. However if it does happen and are sure that the console is clean and there are no obstructions. Then this leads us to believe it is a fault with your console.

You can Reach out to Nintendo regarding the fault. If that fails you can also seek a repair or replacement via your Warranty from the retailer.

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