About Chaos Hour

Chaos Hour is a Geek Lifestyle e-zine based out of South Wales in the United Kingdom.

We specialise in Video Game, Film, Comic Book, Sci-Fi & Fantasy Literature and Hardware News, Reviews and Articles. Chaos Hour has gone from strength to strength since its launch in March of 2011 at Cardiff Comic and Animation Expo.

Reaching a worldwide audience of 1500 – 5000 unique visitors every day, Chaos Hour is committed to bringing unique content, entertainment and informative articles to its loyal fan base.

Promoting Independent Projects

Chaos Hour are avid supporters of independent film, publishing and video game projects; championing crowd funded campaigns such as Afterlife Inc, Melksham Comic Con and Stiffs among many others; having written detailed features on their projects at the time of fundraising, theming the site around their project and creating banner ads for them.


Since founding our Twitch project earlier in the year, Chaos Hour have finally found an outlet for their need to entertain. While the website has been host to many competitions and giveaways, we would like to advance our entertaining reach to YouTube videos and programming, Podcasts and online comics.

Twitch Stream

As well as the website itself, Chaos Hour have recently branched out into Live Streaming on Twitch.TV and, since launching the CH Stream in April of this year, have grown a loyal fan base of over 3,500 followers, over 350,000 page views, and an average viewership of 100 people per night.


For the last two years Chaos Hour has been funding all of its competitions out of its own pocket without any income for the site itself. This has included giving away free video games, DVDs, tickets to events, DLC codes, Exclusive Game Content and even Riot Points and In Game currency for MMORPGs.