The Nintendo Switch boasts it’s ability to connect to the internet where ever you go. The Switch’s built in network adaptor will attempt to connect to the strongest wireless signal possible.

However if you’re having problems with your games stuttering, disconnecting or suffering a high ping while you’re playing there may be an issue with your internet connection.¬†

This guide is going to help troubleshoot any and all internet connection faults that you may have. We will also be talking about how to disable firewalls for your Switch to promote a faster service.

Test your Switch  Connection!

Before looking at the Nintendo Switch. It’s important that you check to make sure there are no faults with your current internet line. It may be possible there is currently a fault with your service provider.

Guide : Check your Internet Strength Today!

This tool will also allow you to see your current speeds. This will indicate why you’re struggling with high ping and more.

We’ve created an in-depth guide detailing how to check if there are any problems with your current connection. Access to an additional mobile device, tablet or desktop maybe necessary to check.

Testing the Connection of your Switch.

Despite your Internet connection being strong. There is a way to test your connection between your Wireless Network and your Nintendo Switch.

This will reveal to you if there are any faults with your Mobile Console connecting to your Current Wireless Network.

To Run a Network Test on the Switch Complete the Following :

Ensure that you’re on the Nintendo Switch DashBoard Menu.

1: Click “System Settings” along the bottom of the screen.
2: Scroll through the options and then choose “Internet”
3: Here you will be able to “Test Connection”

This Nintendo Switch Test will reveal the following details :

This screen will show you your IP Details, Nat Type, Connection Strength and other details. If you’re Nintendo Switch is failing to complete a Network Test then this indicates there maybe a fault between the internet and your console.

If your test has reported any faults or maybe your connection has resulted in a slow download speed and high ping. Read below for some ways in which you can improve your Switch’s Connection.

Restart your Wireless Router.

You’re Wireless Internet maybe effected by various reasons. This includes the amount of users whom are currently using it. Length of distance from the Switch to the Router. Faults from your Broadband Provider.

If you’re in a household which is sharing the Wi-Fi you may run into Bandwidth Restrictions. So be sure to avoid using the Nintendo Switch during peak busy times.

Guide : Test your Internet Connection Today via your Router.

If the Router has been restarted but you’re still not able to get internet on your Console then proceed onto the below fixes.

Connecting your Switch to a Different Network.

If you’re current Wi-Fi Access point is giving you issues then you can attempt to try to connect to an alternative source. Ensure that the source is close and you have all the required permissions to use it.

If you have successfully connected however you’re still experiencing poor bandwidth speeds. This then indicates that your Switch Console Maybe Faulty.

Guide : Source a Replacement for a Faulty Nintendo Switch Console.

The Good news is your console – if purchased from a local or online retailer. You will have a warranty that protects you against faults such as this.

Ensure Firewall Ports are Open for Nintendo Switch.

If you’re using a Desktop within the Building then you may be able to open more Ports to ensure that your Nintendo Switch is not being blocked by a over protective network.

This step may require for you to reach for the Router’s Manual as that will display a wealth of information regarding opening and closing ports. You can also reach out to Nintendo to help resolve this issue.

Action : Contact Nintendo Today.

It’s imperative that if you’re having problems connecting to the Nintendo Servers that you reach out. This may not be a fault that your experiencing alone and Nintendo should be able to guide you in the right direction for more fixes.


Sadly we would usually suggest to favour a Wired Ethernet connection than a Wireless connection if you take your gaming seriously. However that is simply not an option for the Nintendo Switch.

So it’s important to ensure that your Wireless Router is not experiencing any interference in order to get the highest bandwidth possible.

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