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Downloading The Latest Motherboard Bios Guide

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A detailed Guide explaining everything you need to know regarding your Motherboard Bios, What it does, How To Update and More. Sometimes Computer Jargon can get the better of us all so we will try our best to simply certain aspects of this guide.

What is a Motherboard Bios?

The Bios is the integrated Software built into your Motherboard. It provides the foundation for your boot process of your PC. The Motherboard expands and supports your installed memory allowing you to utilise each bit of memory provided.

It is also the foundations of your operating system and will allow advanced users to overclock their Gaming Rigs and Systems.

Be warned though as Overclocking Gaming Rigs does provide a performance boost but some users argue that the improvement is negligible.

Downloading the Latest Update for your Motherboard Bios.

Overtime developers will release patch updates and software upgrades for their Motherboards. Sometimes you are able to update and download the latest update automatically.

However more often than not to update your Motherboard Bios to the latest firmware you need to download, unpack and install manually.

Updating your Motherboard BIos

We are now going to explain how to download the latest BIOS patch for your Motherboard.


It’s important to note that tinkering with your Motherboard Bios can create results which are un-satisfactory and may even cause damage to your operating system and more.

If you’re in-experienced with computer hardware then we highly recommend you source a friend or colleague whom may have more experience.

Sourcing the Correct Motherboard Firmware.

Before you start downloading not all Motherboard Software is compatible with all Motherboard models. It’s important that you source the correct Firmware for the current Motherboard you have installed.

Firstly to complete this you need to find your current Motherboard Model

How to Identify which Motherboard and Brand you’re Using.

To uncover which Motherboard you’re currently using and which brand to source the download and updates from. You can easily visit your Windows 10 Settings.

Method 1 : Using System Information. Windows 10

1: Press : Windows Key + R
2: Type : MSInfo32
3: Located under “System Information” and “System Summary” here you will be able to identify which brand, make and model you’re Motherboard is.

Method 2 : Using DxDiag. Windows 10.

1: Search : DxDiag
2: Under the System Tab you will see listed your System Manufacturer, Make and Model. This is your motherboard specifications and will help you with the Next Step.

Download the Latest Motherboard Firmware from the Developers.

Developers and manufacturers of Motherboards allow users to download and install their latest updates via their online support websites. These websites will be able to address which Motherboard Model you have.

Once you have inputted which Model you have you will be able to download the zip files onto a USB Drive which will then be used for our Bios Installation.

Motherboard Support Websites:

AsRock Updates Asus Updates Biostar Updates
EVGA Updates GigaByte Updates MSI Updates

We have listed the most popular of Motherboard Brands Above. Be sure to follow their on-site installation tips for safer practice.

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Below you will see a demonstration of how to Flash a Drive using MSI’s Bios Update.

Remember it’s important to know that failure to complete the installation steps as advised by the manufacturers. Failure to do so may result in serious damage to your Motherboard Software Foundation.

Motherboard still providing issues when running the Latest Motherboard Bios?

If you’re Games or creative programmes are still crashing. Or creating situations in which your Gaming Rig stalls then it maybe due to another hardware issue.

If you firmly believe that you’re Motherboard is faulty then reach out to the developers and be sure to utilise your Warranty that you would have been provided. We have a lengthy guide in which states what you’re entitled to when using Gaming Hardware.


Motherboard Updates are incredibly strong to creating a stable foundation for your operating System. However a Bios Update isnt necessarily going to provide you with a tonne of performance improvements.

For that you need to be looking at your Hardware such as graphics cards, processors, memory and more. Check below for more guides which may resolve any issues you may have.

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