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Factory Reset Your Playstation 4

GUIDE : Deleting Game Saves & Factory Resetting PS4

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The PlayStation 4 console comes in various different models and sizes. Some Models now available reach up to 1TB of built in storage and more. With these increasing storage sizes it’s imperative now more than ever to provide proper care for your console. This guide details in which you can better manage your Game Saves, Install Files and how to Factory Reset PlayStation 4.

The reason why you need this is overtime your Game Saves or Installation files can become corrupt or damaged. Alternatively to this if you’ve reached your maximum storage size then you will be unable to download any new updates or install any new games until the issue is resolved.

This is a PlayStation Specific Guide however should work on all consoles regardless of Model.

How to Re-Install Games on PlayStation 4.

Sometimes over time our game files can become corrupt. This is due to poor care being taken when saving data. You can avoid this in the future by practising simple console care. Trust us the benefits outweigh the negatives.

If you’re game files are corrupt or your game is not loading or installing then it maybe a good idea to start fresh. Below we feature the easiest way in removing game files completely from your PlayStation 4.

Guide : Avoid Game Saves from Being Corrupt in the Future

To Remove and Un-Install Games from your PlayStation 4 Complete the Following:

Firstly return to your PlayStation 4 Dashboard Menu.

This will present you with your Storage Hub. From here you will be able to cycle through your games and un-install and delete specific game files and saves. Complete the Following:

1: Locate the Game in which you wish to Delete.
2: Highlight the Selected Game.
3: Press the Options Button on your PlayStation 4 Controller
4: Click Delete.

Once the games have been un-installed you will be able to re-insert your Playstation 4 game and attempt to install.

If you have purchased the game Digitally then fear not as you will still have access to it. You will simply need to re-download. The good thing about purchasing games digitally is you never lose them and will always have access to your games regardless of the console.

Removing Game Saves on PlayStation 4.

Games Crashing at a specific point over and over may indicate a corrupt or damaged game save. You can easily fix this on your PlayStation 4 by Deleting the specific Game Save.

This helps If you strongly believe the fault of the issue lies within your Game Saves and not the actual game install.

Guide : Protect Your Game Saves on PlayStation 4.

The bad news is your progress and data will be lost. However some games do have the ability to revert back to previous states of play which will allow you to continue.

Here’s how you can safely delete your game saves On PlayStation 4 without endangering your game files.

To Delete Specific Game Files on your PlayStation 4 Complete the Following.

Return to your PlayStation 4 Dashboard Menu.

1: Click Settings.
2: Then Proceed to “Application Saved Data Management”.
3: Choose “Saved Data in System Storage”
4: Highlight the games in which you wish to delete.
5: Then continue to delete the game saves in which you believe to be corrupt or damaged.

Once the save game has been deleted simply re-boot the game and proceed from an earlier game save. If this is not possible sadly you will have to start again.

Factory Reset Playstation 4

Guide To Factory Reset your PlayStation 4.

If you have tried both of the above steps but you’re still having problems with your Games Not Loading, Not Downloading, Crashing and Freezing on you. Then it maybe time for you to Factory Reset your PlayStation 4.

Factory Resetting your PS4 has never been easier and it’s a great utility to ensure the issue you’re having if its software related is resolved.


Something to consider while you’re doing this. Although you wont be able to inflict any hardware damage. If for what ever reason you power off your PlayStation 4 while it factory resets you may damage the firmware.

If you feel that your PS4 is Damaged in a result of this then you can visit the place of purchase and you may be eligible for a repair or replacement.

Benefits of Factory Resetting your PlayStation 4:

Possibly Fix An Error On Your Hard-Drive.
Allows You To Sell Your PlayStation 4 Free From Fraud.
Removes any kind of Parental Lock or Previous PlayStation Network Account.

Guide : Seek a Repair or Replacement for your PlayStation 4.

Disadvantages of Factory Resetting PlayStation 4:

If Completed In-Correctly May Cause Permenant Damage To Your Console.
Once Files are Deleted Their Is Zero Chance Of Retrieving Them.

How To Factory Reset PlayStation 4

Factory Resetting a PlayStation 4 is a Breeze. However in order to do it you must turn off your PlayStation 4 Console. Once the console is completely off and no visible lights can be seen you can now attempt to factory reset.

1: Hold the Power Button for 10 Seconds. You Will hear One Beep. Then Followed by a Second.
2: Release your Finger once you hear the Second Beep.

The Back-End settings should now appear on your screen. You will need a Micro-USB Cable connected to your controller to progress.

1: Click “Continue” to access the settings.
2: Click “7 : Re-initialise PlayStation 4”
3: Choose “Quick Re-initialise” You can choose for the full longer version to be a little more thorough.

Once again during this process it’s important that you do no turn off your console or disrupt the process in any ways. You may risk damaging the firmware of the console.

After the PlayStation 4 Factory Reset

Once this Factory Reset has been completed once you power up your PS4. You will have access to the original setup method. Next you will need to input your Internet Connection of choice, time, date and more details.

You will also be asked to re-sign into any of your PlayStation Plus accounts to gain access to your older data. The good news about this is any digital purchased items will be ready to re-download.

Re-Initialise not Resolve your Issue?

If you have found that the Factory Reset has not resolved your original problem. It is now very likely that either a fault lies with the game that you’re playing.

Guide : How to get a repair or Replacement for your Console.

Or alternative to this the fault lies with your console. The good news is when you buy a PlayStation 4 you will have a standard warranty. This will allow you to seek a repair or replacement for your console.

How to Contact Sony Support.

You can easily reach out to Sony to inform them of the fault that you’re having. They can further advise you on the likely action to take.

Contact SONY Support Today

It’s also important to report any faults or bugs to their development department. This is very beneficial for new software.


Sony are known for releasing products that have little to no faults. This allows for a much more reliable gaming service.

If for what ever reason your Console is failing then fear not. Your Console is covered as long as you purchased the PS4 From a local or online retailer.

The Best way to deal with your Game Saves is to protect them and avoid the chance of them becoming defective in the first place.

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