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GUIDE : Download the Latest Nintendo Switch Updates.

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The Nintendo Switch is possibly the most powerful Portable and Household gaming console that we have seen yet. Featuring the ability to play games like Skyrim, Super Mario Odyssey and more on the move is awesome. However if you’re having issues then we can help you to Download Latest Switch Updates.

Software Developers, Gaming Devs and Nintendo themselves will continue to support the Switch by releasing patch updates, content expansions and firmware updates. It’s necessary you stay up to date with these updates.

Download Nintendo Switch Game Updates Today!

How To Download The Latest Switch Consoles Updates.

Nintendo take pride in delivering an operating system on the Switch like no other. Staying up to date with all the latest updates could not be easier. The Nintendo Switch will often prompt the user if any updates are available with their games or software.

The biggest issue when it comes to the Switch Not updating is due to a poor internet connection or a fault connecting to the nearest Wi-Fi access point.

Guide : Ensure your Internet Connection is Stable To Download

Most applications like games wont load unless you have the latest update. If you truly believe you’re not running the latest update then you can simply force and check for the latest update by completing the following.

Switch Update Guide:

Firstly return to your Nintendo Switch Dashboard Menu.

1: Click “System Settings” along the bottom of the screen.
2: Scroll through the System Settings and choose “Settings”
3: Choose “System Update”

Once the above steps have been completed your Switch will now be ready and raring to go. If you had any problems installing the latest update then it may signify one of the following.

Possible your Internet Connection is failing you and is unable to download the complete update. It maybe possible you have insufficient storage space on your Nintendo Switch. This fault may also indicate that your Nintendo Switch is faulty.

You maybe able to reach out to Nintendo Support regarding this fault and they will advise further. Or simply visit place of purchase to seek a repair or replacement.

Download Latest Switch Updates

Download Latest Switch Updates.

Like we discussed above. The Nintendo Switch will automatically search the internet for any additional updates that your games require before running. This ensures that your getting the best gaming experience possible from your Switch.

Additional Content such as DLC will not automatically download unless you have purchased the privilege to use the content.

The key thing here is to ensure that your Switch is connected to the nearest Wi-Fi access point and is not dropping at any point.

Nintendo Switch not Updating?

Is your Nintendo Switch failing when you update the games or console? This can be due to various reasons and if you follow the troubleshooting guide below it may help identify the fault.

Not Enough Space on Switch?

It’s important that you manage your system software effectively and ensure that there is enough room for all additional software updates. Maxing out your storage space will result in not being able to download anymore games and may revoke access to additional content.

Guide : Boosting your Nintendo Switch Storage Space/

We’ve created a guide on how you can improve your Storage Space on your Switch above and ensure you never suffer this issue.

Ensure your Internet Connection is stable.

Sadly due to the Nintendo Switch being a completely Wireless device then you’re limited to the strength of the nearest access point. If your within your own home then you will notice that your internet connection will be a lot more reliable than using a public access point.

Guide : Test Your Internet Connection Right Now!

While using your Nintendo Switch ensure that your internet connection is not dropping or failing. Failure to download the updates or any breaks within the connection might result in a damaged update file.


Start Fresh with your Games on Switch.

Neither of the above issues giving you any grief then it maybe possible that a damaged software install is the current issue. Sometimes corrupt save files, installation files can prevent you from downloading and patching the game.

Not only this it may result in you not being able to load your Game Saves and more. We’ve got some pretty useful guides which help protect your from Corrupt Data on your Nintendo Swith.

However a quick fix is to uninstall and remove the game that you’re having issues with and then trying again. This will give you a fresh platform to install and download the new software.

Guide : Fix your game saves with a Fresh Install on Switch.

Follow the guide above on everything you need to know to manage your System Software and how to uninstall games from your Switch.

Nintendo Servers at Fault?

Highly unlikely however the Developers download servers may be having a hard time distributing the Console update. Same applies for game updates. Large amounts of traffic might effect your download and if this is the case.

Our advice would be to play a different game until the issue resolves it self. Alternatively you can reach out to Nintendo Support to enquire if there are any issues with their update servers. 


The Nintendo Switch is a very user friendly console. If you’re still having issues downloading updates or the latest gaming patches for your Switch. Then this may indicate that your Nintendo Switch is faulty.

The good news is if you purchased your Switch from an online or local retailer then you will be covered by a warranty so you can seek a repair or replacement.

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