Warranty on Games Consoles, Games and Hardware

A little confused about where you stand with your brand new console or game? Then relax! We got you covered!

Warranty On Games Explained.
Warranty On Games Explained.

We gamers like to consider ourselves hardcore individuals. Ready for action at all times. Not every going to be told No. However when it comes to dealing with something as simple as a warranty on a Game, Games Console or Hardware sometimes we just suck.

At Chaos Hour we’re going to clear up some simple facts about Hardware Warranties and the ability to get a replacement or repair for most things gaming.

This article will talk about length of warranty and what that warranty covers. We will also be discussing the ability to reach out to retailers and developers in order to source replacements, repairs and more.

What is a Warranty? Explained:

A warranty is basically an agreement between you and the retailer or seller. This agreement involves the agreed outcome that in the event of an item becoming faulty. Then the retailer or seller will source a repair or replacement for that item.

Most items regardless of where you buy it will come with a basic timed warranty. That time may be as little as 28 days, 6 months a year or even two years.

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Sometimes that Warranty is tied with yourself and the retailer. But this is not always the case. At times when buying items brand new you will also get a Manufacturers warranty.

This means you can seek out the developers in order to get aid in terms of replacement parts or complete replacements.

What am I covered against with a Warranty?

More often than not during time of purchase the grounds of the warranty will be described to you. If not you will be able to find this information on that retailers terms and conditions.

For example CEX a second hand retailer within the UK. They grant the user a complete 2 year warranty on all items purchased in store. This includes games, games consoles, hardware, accessories and more.

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They do have some slight limitations on this however it’s always best to check with the retailer to ensure what your warranty covers.

Although when it comes to the fault itself CEX and other companies will cover most aspects of fault. Ultimately if the item has become defective in anyway shape or form during the warranty period you’re entitled a replacement or repair.

Is accidental Damage covered by a Warranty?

This is a grey subject and can bring a lot of grief to users and consumers. If for what ever reason your games console or item becomes faulty.

If you have actively opened or damaged the item. This will render your Warranty void. That means the retailer may not be liable or subject to provide any kind of repair or replacement.

This may seem unfair however this is pretty much how business works.

Ultimately take good care of the items that you purchase. If an item has become damaged by you throwing it across the room then others shouldn’t have to pay for that damage.

If you believe the fault was with the item before the accidental damage then it is up to you to prove this via any means necessary.

Do Game Disks and Blu-Rays have a Warranty?

Yes all software purchased on a physical device will contain a warranty. This means that your Blu-Ray disks or Game disks are covered.

So if you have a fault with a specific game not loading and you believe it to be the disk at fault then you are able to source a repair or replacement from the retailer.

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More often than not overtime your disks will become scratched due to wear and tear. This however is not covered by the warranty. If your Disk has evidence of dents, cuts, cracks or laser burn then again this is considered as accidental damage.

What Games Consoles have Warranties?

Regardless of the console. Most Gaming Consoles will have a warranty with the retailer.

This gives the consumer the promise from the retailer that should any fault arise within the time of the warranty. The customer is entitled to a repair or replacement of that games console.

Gaming Consoles and Hardware is far more intricate than Discs so it is more likely that you may discover a fault overtime.

Be careful when upgrading internal memory components of your hardware as this may void your warranty. It’s important to know that if you open any Games console and break the manufacturer seal or Retailer seal then you will void your Warranty.

If your Games console is Faulty then it is best simply to visit the retailer or get in contact with the online store straight away.

Repair or Replacement?

Although in an ideal world everyone would much prefer a replacement over a repair of a specific Games Console. However it is up to the retailer to provide the manner of action they will take when it comes to faulty products.

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This means that regardless of the fault the retailer or manufacturer may decide to repair the console instead of sourcing a replacement.

Some users argue this is more beneficial as the consumer does not lose out on any game saves, personal data and more stored on that device. However poor repair jobs may lead to the item developing more faults.

Examples of Stores that Give Warranties

The majority of online retailers will give some form of warranty or protection for the customer. The below websites have a wide array of information regarding their warranty procedure.

Amazon Offer a tonne of features when it comes to replacements or refunds.

Amazon – Warranty Information
Ebuyer – Warranty Information
SCAN – Warranty Information

Local Stores and Retailers will also Provide a warranty. Gaming stores and Hardware stores like the following will provide you with a minimum of 3 months warranty – up to 2 years.

Currys PC World – Warranty Information
GAME – Warranty Information
CEX – Warranty Information

Cex - Give an incredible Warranty.

Examples of websites where you do not have a warranty or any terms of safety when purchasing items, gaming consoles or hardware:

EBay – You are at the mercy of the seller.
GumTree – You are once again at the mercy of the seller.


As you can see it is in your best interest to purchase your games, hardware, consoles and more from reputable sources which offer a Warranty. Although you may find buying pre-owned or second hand will have its benefit in value.

If you’re having any issues seeking a replacement be sure to reach out.

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