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Refunds for Games and Consoles

How To Guide for Refunds for Games and Consoles

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Having trouble getting a refund for games? If you have a product which is truly testing your patience. Maybe it’s faulty or its consistently not working for you. Perhaps the game isn’t what you expected it to be. The good news is you’re probably entitled to a refund for your games and games consoles.

There are a few important topics to talk about when seeking a refund for your Game or Games Console. This includes hardware such as accessories, keyboards, mice and headphones.

In this guide we will try to simplify the situation and put at ease some anxieties that you may have when it comes to getting a refund for a fault or in-correct product.

Also we would love to hear from you if you’ve experienced any poor customer service when it comes to obtaining a refund from any digital or physical service. So be sure to comment below of your experience.

Don’t Forget Your Warranty.

It’s important to note that most products whether you have purchased it brand new or pre-owned will come with a protective warranty of some kind.

This entitles you as a customer to get a repair or replacement for a faulty item.

Guide : How to get a Repair or Replacement for your Faulty Games or Consoles.

We’ve got a complete break down with details regarding your warranty and how to obtain a replacement so be sure to check that out.

If you’re not interested in a repair or a replacement. Or perhaps you’ve already had a replacement and you’re now seeking a refund – continue reading.

Your Rights for a Refund.

It is your statutory right to obtain a refund for any items and products if a fault develops. However stores will provide you with refund policy’s which they will adhere to – to reduce risk of profit loss and encourage good customer service.

“You must offer a full refund if an item is faulty, not as described or doesn’t do what it’s supposed to.” – Gov.UK

For Citizens within the U.K there are some pretty helpful tips when it comes to trading standards on Gov.UK.

There are certain events when a Retailer does not have to refund an item and these are if the customer :

  • Knew an item was faulty when they bought it.
  • Damaged an item by trying to repair it themselves or getting someone else to do it (though they may still have the right to a repair, replacement or partial refund)
  • No longer want an item (eg because it’s the wrong size or colour) unless they bought it without seeing it – Source Gov.UK

What is a Refund Policy?

To further promote good customer service stores will promote a refund policy which will give the customer certain privelages at different stages.

For example some Retailers such as GAME will return most items for a full refund as long as the products remain Sealed and unused.

Game Vs CEX 2018

CEX a second hand retailer will refund a fault for any amount of time up to 6 months. However the customer is offered a repair or replacement before this step is applicable to the customer.

Can you Skip a Refund Policy and go Straight for a Full Refund?

You maybe hard pressed at times to simply demand a refund without giving the retailer an opportunity to resolve the situation.

GUIDE : The easiest way to source a Repair or Replacement from Retailers.

Sometimes managers will authorise this as a good-will gesture. If you reach out to the customer service departments of large retailers then they may also authorise a refund.

A Refund To Voucher.

If the item is un-wanted, purchased in-correctly or you simply dont like the item. You maybe offered a Voucher refund for your games or consoles.

This is an in-store credit voucher which must be spent within the store. The reason why retailers do this is to eliminate profit and loss.

When you purchase an item you effectively take that item off sale for the retailer and their other customers. If you then decide that you don’t want it. Effectively you have rented the item.

What you will Need to Obtain Refunds for Games and Consoles.

To be eligable for a full refund of a product. Regardless if it is a voucher refund or refund to cash. You will need to provide the retailer with some necessary details.

Here’s what you need.

Original Payment Method (Cash / Card / Voucher)
Original Receipt and/or printed duplicate*
Faulty item with original packaging if possible**

*If you cannot find your original receipt then the outlet may be able to re-print it for you. If not then your credit/debit card bill will be proof enough for them. Most outlets will need to match your transaction number with their system in order to process a refund.

**Sometimes you may be required to provide the original packaging however once again this is heavily dependent on the store policy.

Refunding Digital Downloads.

Lately more and more products are becoming digital downloads. The problem with this is if an item is faulty then you may have to wait until a fix is provided or a patch is released.

More often than not game developers will gladly refund users if their experiencing faults with their products.

If your gripe with the product is simply that you don’t want it. Or perhaps you have misgivings by buying it in the first place. Then strictly speaking you are not eligible for a refund for a digital product once used.

Some users argue that this is the one key advantage to buying physical products over digital. As you can re-sell and pass on physical products where as digital games you cannot.

Refunding Games on STEAM

Valve’s Biggest Gaming Client – Steam are very forth coming and generous when it comes to Refunds. If you’ve recently purchased and downloaded a game but you’ve realised its not worth the hype.

You can choose to get a refund as long as certain peramiters are maintained.

If you have under 2 hours of game-time and you have reported the issue within 30 Days of purchase then STEAM are more than likely you refund you. This will allow you to source a more ideal product.


We will be updating this guide overtime with even more advice and tips when it comes to getting a refund for your fault or unwanted items. We will also be featuring refunds on other digital platforms.

Ultimately we always encourage our users to read up on reviews or previews on games before purchasing. Check out Video reviews of hardware and accessories before taking the plunge.

Generally good research will promote more enjoyment with future products.

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