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Protect Your Game Saves

Protect Your Corrupted Game Saves.

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Data loss can be frustrating and upsetting. Realising that you have lost hours of gameplay time due to a corrupt gave same. We’ve created this guide in which we’re going to be detailing ways to protect yourself from future corrupt game saves.

We’re also going to be talking about proper care which you can take while playing games. Ways in which you may be able to repair the data and what to do in the event of a corrupt hard drive.

What happens when a game save becomes corrupt?

With the strengths of modern gaming. Developers aim to make auto-saving a consistent thing in all of their games. Not only does this reduce task for the user but it also safe guards your game data.

Developers and coders work tirelessly to ensure that the likelihood of your game save being corrupt is pretty slim.

Some games now have the ability to return to a previous save file if a game save becomes corrupt.

However the best solution when it comes to dealing with a Corrupt Game Save is to simply protect yourself from it ever happening again.

Ways to Avoid Game Saves becoming Corrupt.

We’re going to list some common reasons on why game saves become corrupt and how to avoid it.

1: Don’t Turn your Console or Gaming PC off while playing.

To some this is an obvious step. More so than this game developers will actively have a warning for this while you play. However it’s imperative that you do not turn off your console or gaming PC while you’re playing.

To add to that if turning the device off is inevitable ensure that you do not turn it off while the game is saving. During this time data is being written to the hard disk and any break in communication will result in damaged data.

This will lead to your Game Save producing anomalies or simply not loading due to it being corrupt.

Always ensure that your Save is complete before turning off your device or closing the game.

2: Do not Eject the Game Disk while playing.

Similar to the issue above. If you eject the game disc while you’re game is playing it may interfere with a consistent state of play in which the game is saving to your Hard Disk.

If you press the Eject button you will force closure of the game and may further damage the save file if not your current hard drive.

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It’s always advisable to return to your Operating System or Consoles Dashboard before ejecting your Game Disc.

3: Ensure your Internet Connection is Stable.

A lot of online games now require consistent internet connection to save the data. It’s important that if you’re having any problems with disconnections, lag spikes or high ping. Then you may want to test your internet connection to ensure there’s no faults.

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Some games will not be able to save key data if your internet connection breaks. This may lead to lost game time and having to return to an earlier state of play.

4: Replace Faulty Hard Drives when Necessary.

If you have previously experienced that your current Hard Drive in your games console or within your Gaming PC is beginning to fail.

Now is an important time to source a replacement or use an alternate hard drive.

Is your Hard Drive Corrupt or Damaged?
Is your Hard Drive Corrupt or Damaged?

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Sadly once a Hard Drive is faulty there’s no real fix except for sending it for repair. If you have good reason to speculate that your Hard Drive is faulty. Stop using it at once.

5: Save your games Often.

Some games will have the ability to force a Game-Save. It’s important to save often and frequently. Especially when playing story driven single player games.

This will not only allow you to revert back to an earlier save but it will also reduce lost time in the situation of a Corrupt Game Save.

How to Recover Corrupt Game Saves.

We have yet to experience a 100% solid way of recovering game data or saves. However we will be trying new programmes which are on offer.

Please be sure to do your research before committing to buying a software package and attempting to recover your damaged game saves.

If your Games Console is Faulty or Hard Drive is Damaged?

If your gaming rig or console is continuing to create corrupt data and it is destroying your game play. We highly recommend you source a replacement or repair.

Action : Replace or Repair your Console Today With your Warranty.

The majority of Consoles and Computer Equipment will come with a standard warranty. This warranty will allow you to source an exchange from place of purchase.

Be sure to check our manufacturers warranty guide for more details.


Sadly there are a lot of factors which come into play when trying to identify what causes your Game Saves and Data to become Corrupt.

The only advice we can truly give is to avoid giving your hardware any reason to become corrupt. Follow the tips and tricks above and we hope you never have to endure data loss.

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