FIX : Damaged Switch Cartridge

A complete guide detailing your options when it comes to your Switch Cartridges being damaged.

Damaged Switch Cartridge
Damaged Switch Cartridge

Today we’re going to be talking about Everything when it comes to protecting your games and data on your Nintendo Switch Cartridges. We’re also going to be talking how to repair or replace damaged Memory Cards. So if you’re having issues with Damaged Switch Cartridges then you’re in luck.

The Nintendo Switch utilises small Game Cartridges similar to that of the Nintendo DS and 3DS. Some gamers may say this is a step back from the Wii U using Blu-Ray Disks. However selling games in this format is incredibly convenient for the customer.

The Cartridges are able to hold an impressive amount of storage, they are hard to damage and are great for playing the Nintendo Switch on the Move. The only down side to them is they do become damaged then you don’t have that many options.

Is my Switch Game Damaged?

There are a few key indicators to tell whether or not your Nintendo Switch game is Damaged. However we will be sure to list the faults that they provide below and hopefully we can help identify the cause of the problem to fix it.

1: Your Games will Drop Frames.

Overtime if your Switch Cartridges have any faults then this may become apparent with your console beginning to drop frames. To add to this your Games will begin to stutter and lock up during key loading screens.

This will usually revert to crashing and your Nintendo Switch crashing to the home screen. This can be incredibly frustrating for any gamer.

Sometimes this can happen while your Nintendo Switch is saving and may cause your Game Saves to become corrupt.

2: “My Switch Software Closed While Playing”

Sometimes while playing you may experience a prompt which explains why your Software has closed. This is due to connection being broken between the game and the Console.

After this prompt disappears your Switch will revert back to the home screen losing all progress throughout the game.

This indicates that your pins on your Cartridge may be faulty.

3: Experience Freezing & Crashing While Playing Switch.

You will notice that overtime you will be much more susceptible to your Nintendo Switch locking up and crashing on you. More often than not after your consoles freezes it may repair it self to resume game play.

However users have reported that the majority of the time the Switch will just simply crash and revert back to the main menu.

This indicates a fault with either the Cartridge itself or possible your Console.

Why is My Nintendo Switch Game Damaged.

Before resolving any situation in which your Game Cartridges are damaged we need to identify why your Games are experiencing issues or faults.

1: Your Game Cartridge is Not Clean or Damaged.

The most notorious culprit when a Nintendo Switch game becomes faulty is due to poor care of the game it self.

If you look closely at the picture above you will see the gold pins are the connectors which send data to your Nintendo Switch. If you see any anomalies, cuts, dents, scratches or cracks within this area it is likely you Cartridge is damaged.

Fix : Sourcing a Refund for your Damaged Game.

Also ensure that there’s no dents within the structure of the game cartridge itself.

If you have found damage is apparent in this area then you should seek a repair or replacement immediately. Luckily enough if you purchased your games online or from your local retailer you will be able to source a repair or replacement.

Ensure that you cause no accidental damage to your games though as this may void your warranty.

2: Is your Switch Game Cartridge the correct Region?

If your Game is not from the Region in which you’re playing you may be having an issue with your Switch being region locked. Remember you need to purchase games which are playable for your Consoles and Region.

If you have purchased a game which is not for your region then you are able to simply source a replacement or ask for a refund.

Ensure that when you do buy games that the sellers provide a warranty which protects you from this. Most second hand retailers like CEX gladly refund on any issues like this.

3: DAMAGED Nintendo Switch Pins

As you can see from the picture your Nintendo Switch should feature 10 clearly visible gold pins. These pins are perfectly aligned with more pins featured behind those.

When inspecting your device if you find that some of your pins are broken, damaged or bent. This may suggest that your Pins are causing the fault with your games.


Do not try to fix this yourself or simply bend the pins back into place.

It’s important at this time that you should resort to your current Warranty on your Nintendo Switch. Possibly reach out to Nintendo.Support to help you with the situation.

In most cases if your Nintendo Switch or any console has bent pins or connectors then a Repair is most likely needed.

Guide : Repairing your Nintendo Switch through your Warranty.

If the Pins are showing no visible damage then it maybe a case that there are dust particles which are creating a problem for your Switch. Be sure to use some compressed air and spray lightly. This will allow for the dust to dislodge and may hopefully improve connectivity.

We have created an in-depth cleaning guide for your Nintendo Switch to ensure that your console is kept within good care.


Sadly unlike Blu-Ray Discs and DVD’s once a Game Cartridge is damaged then its unlikely any substantial repair will be on offer.

So it’s all the more important to ensure that when you buy your Switch Games. You buy them from a source which features a warranty on purchase.

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