Is your XBox One X, One S, or Xbox One One Overheating? We’ve created this guide which will give you details regarding how to clean your console and reduce temperature. We will also be talking about ways in which you can bolster the performance of your console.

Depending where you are in the world. Console temperature may effect you more than you would think. The developers over at Microsoft have crafted the XBox One to endure heat and with great ventilation in mind.

Sadly Despite the Design of the Current XBox One Consoles your console can still overheat due to poor console care. Usually a overheating console may indicate a fault with the console.

Why is My XBox One Overheating?

If your XBox one is overheating you will notice that games will become sluggish, drop frames and in some situations straight up freeze and crash. Usually this will follow with the console needing a restart before playing again.

XBox One Overheating GuideIf you’re console is running hotter than it should be then prolonged duration of this may cause significant damage to your console.

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All XBox One consoles have been designed with air intake and outtake in mind. If these ports and grills become blocked, clogged or have evidence of dust and particles within them. This can block the air-supply and render the built in fans useless.

That’s why it’s important to ensure that you clean your console regularly to prevent future damage.

Which XBox One Do you have?

Different Versions of the XBox One handle air flow differently. It’s important to identify which console you have and clean the console appropriately.

Below we have listed guides on cleaning each of the available consoles.

**Important** Ensure that the console is disconnected and turned off before attempting to clean the console.

XBox One X

XBox One X Overheating?The XBox One X is the later of the Current Consoles developed by Microsoft. It’s able to reach a higher frame rate and performance than previous consoles. Offers players full 4K HD, HDR enabled and stores an incredible amount of storage space for your games.

Your XBox One X also has a sleek and robust cooling system built in which will prevent your console from overheating. However To clean the XBox One X there are 2 primary area’s you need to check out.

XBox One X Rear Exhaust Grill

XBox One Rear Intake.On the Rear of the XBox One X you will see an exhaust grill. Primarily this is designed to let a substantial amount of heat to leave the console.

Ensure that these grills are clear of all debris and dust. Use a soft cleaning brush and a can of Compressed air to dislodge the effected area.

XBox One X Side Panels.

XBox One X Side GrillAlthough not as obvious as the rear grill. Along the sides of the XBox One X you will notice small circular holes. These areas allows for heat to disperse quickly from within the console.

If these side panels are compromised with dust particles and more. Be sure to blow the effected area with some compressed air.

XBox One S.

XBox One Slim Overheating GuideConsidered the “Slim” version of the XBox One. The slim features a much sleeker and smaller design than its predecessor. The XBox One S did not feature any performance improvement from older models however storage size was upgraded on some models.

The XBox One S features three areas in which need to be maintained. These grills allow for air to move freely in and out of the console.

1: XBox One S Top Fan

XBox One Slim FansAlong the top of the console you will see a large circular area through the grills. This has been designed for the internal fan. This fan is incredibly effective at dealing with high temperatures.

If the Fan intake is clogged with dust or particles. Overtime the console will begin to run hotter.

You can easily dislodge the effected area by using a soft brush and compressed air to blow the area. Ensure the console is off before doing this.

2: XBox One S Rear Grills

XBox One Slim - Rear GrillSimilar to the XBox One X – The S features a rear grill allowing for air to escape. Ensure that each of the holes are free from any obstruction to promote good airflow.

3: XBox One S Side Panels

XBox One Slim Side GrillThe Side panels also allow for air to freely move throughout the console. Similar to the rear grills a small soft brush and some compressed will do the job in removing any obstructions.

Original XBox One.

XBox One Original Overheating.The Original XBox One. Due to its current age these consoles are more likely to run hot and overheat. The likelihood of this is increased if you have purchased your console pre-owned.

The XBox One features very large grills which allowed for air to flow throughout the system. Similar to the XBox One S this console features 3 areas in which you need to ensure are free from any debris or dust.

XBox One Top Exhaust Fan.

XBox One Top Overheating.The fan featured within the XBox one is a Beast. It’s notorious for becoming loud over time especially while your console is hard at work. The Grill featured a slanted design which makes cleaning it a little more time consuming.

Simply get a small soft thin brush which is able to fit between the gaps. Be sure to partner this with a Can of Compressed air to dislodge any heavy areas.

XBox One Side and Rear Panels.

XBox One Original Side Panel.Larger than the XBox One S. The side panels of the XBox One can easily be cleaned using a smaller brush and some compressed air.

This is also true for the Rear Panels. If you’re interested in a some good cleaning equipment be sure to check out these available console cleaners and High Power – Compressed Air.

Example of Dust Build up on Console :

XBox One Dust.As you can see from the picture above. Overtime dust particles and all sorts of nasty will begin to obstruct and find it’s way within your XBox One.

It’s important to clean your console regularly to avoid any issues. Remember a overheating console will overtime cause significant damage to the hardware within.

Other Ways to stop Overheating.

Ventilation Check.

It’s very important that you place your XBox One console regardless of the model in an area in which has sufficient air flow.

Try to avoid areas such as closed cabinets, closets, home-made tv stands.

Your Console requires open space to the rear and sides of the console. If at any point you obstruct your console it will not have access to any cool air. This will in turn make your console run hot reducing your performance.

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Don’t Cover the Fans.

This may seem like an obvious step. Ensure that you’re not covering the fans with any kind of heavy objects or plastic which may prevent air flow. This is a perfect way to burn out a console if the issue isn’t found straight away.

Avoid Direct Sunlight.

If its a particularly warm day and you have direct sunlight hitting your console through windows. This will provide warm spots on your console. Ensure that your XBox one is in a Shaded area of your living room or bedroom.

Take a Break.

Sometimes excessive use of a console may cause it to overheat. Lengthy periods of time in which you’re gaming, installing, downloading and more will cause the console to run hot.

If you find that your XBox One console is warm to the touch then it’s suggested that you take a break and let the Console cool down.


It’s imperative that steps are taken to avoid your XBox One console overheating than trying to deal with a damaged console.

If you have damaged your console or you believe that the overheating is a fault of the console it self. You maybe entitled to a repair or replacement by the provider.

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