As the Gaming and Creative Arts market is constantly evolving. So is the need for high powered hardware in the form of Graphics Cards. The Latest Graphic Drivers provide the necessary edge to your Gaming Desktop or Laptop to play the latest and best Games.

Here’s how you can Download the Latest Graphics Drivers.

What do the Latest Graphics Drivers Do?

Overtime AMD and NVIDIA will release further support for their hardware. This firmware and software helps improve the foundations of your graphics cards. This will significantly improve performance over time and help reduce risk of crashing of freezing.

The good news is. Downloading drivers for your Graphics Cards is easier than ever. Firstly you must identify which Graphics Card you have.

How to Identify Your Graphics Card

There are two ways in which you can identify your Graphics Card. Firstly you can use “This PC and Device Manager”.

How to Access Device Manager :

1: Search ‘Device Manager’ in Search Bar
2: Click “Display Adapters”
3: This will result in a list of possible graphic cards you have available. Remember sometimes it may also show you’re onboard Graphics card.

A more Robust way of checking your Computers specificaitons is to use System Requirement Labs. Not only will this tool tell you what hardware you’re running but it will also provide you with an insight on what you should upgrade to play certain games.

Guide : This tool will tell you which Graphics Card you’re Using and more!

We have got a complete guide on how to use this tool set and the advantages that comes with it. So Check it out!

Once you have identified your Graphics Card now you can find the Right Graphics Driver to do the Job.

Downloading the Right Driver for the Job.

NVIDIA Graphics Cards

NVIDIA : Latest Graphic Drivers.

If you’re packing a NVIDIA Card then downloading the latest drivers is incredibly easy. Firstly simply visit their Download Support Page which can be found here.

NVIDIA Download Drivers Website

On this website you need to fill out the support forms and help NVIDIA identify which Graphics Card you have. It’s important that you download the correct drivers for your Operating System.

Sometimes running 64Bit Drivers on 32Bit Operating System can cause faults.

Here are the more recent Graphics Cards which NVIDIA cater support for.

GeForce 1080 TI GeForce 1080 GeForce 1070 TI GeForce 1070 GeForce 1060
Geforce 1050 Ti Geforce 1050 GeForce 1030
GeForce 980 Ti Geforce 980 Geforce 970 Geforce 960 GeForce 950
GF GTX 780 Ti GF GTX 780 GF GTX 770 GF GTX 760 TI GF GTX 750 TI
GF GTX 750 GF GTX 745 GF GTX 740 GF GTX 730 Other 7 Series
GF GTX 690 GF GTX 680 GF GTX 670 GF GTX 660 TI Other 6 Series

Once the System files have been downloaded. Simply run the Drivers .exe and the installation file will do the rest. Ensure that you have a stable internet connection during this process.

Any break during the installation may create issues in the future and may render your Drivers in-effective.

If after installation of the new drivers you’re still having issues with your PC, Gaming Rig or Laptop dropping frames, crashing games. Then simply reach out to the Developers of the Game and NVIDIA for Support.

AMD Radeon: Latest Graphic Drivers.

Major Competitor to NVIDIA is AMD. AMD feature the Radeon Graphic Cards which are incredibly versatile, robust and provide most users with outstanding results when it comes to gaming.

Despite the brand differences the ability to download the latest Graphic Drivers is pretty much the same. You will need to visit their Graphic Download Driver Page.

AMD Radeon Graphic Card Drivers Download Page.

On this download page you will have the ability to automatically detect the graphics card that you’re using and they will present you with the ideal driver. Alternative to this you can manually input the device details.

Ensure that you select the correct operating system to avoid future issues.

AMD Radeon Cards Available Drivers:

Radeon RX 5xx  Series Radeon RX 4xx series
Radeon Pro Duo Radeon R9 Fury Radeon R9 Nano Radeon R9 3xx Radeon R9 2xx
Radeon R9 290x Radeon R9 290 Radeon R9 285 Radeon R9 270x Radeon R9 270
Radeon R7 3xx Radeon R7 350 Radeon R7 2xx Radeon R7 260x Radeon R7 260
Radeon R7 250x Radeon R7 250 Radeon R7 240 Other R Cards


Once you have downloaded the setup file run the .exe and ensure that your Internet connection is stable throughout the process. Any breaks with your connection may result in a corrupt driver download and only frustrate you further.

Guide : Ensure you’re Internet Connection is Stable During Download

Once installed you should see a significant boost to performance and will be able to enjoy a much more stable foundation for your Graphics Card. This should allow you to play the more recent games bug and crash free.


Downloading the latest Graphics Card Drivers has never been easier. Regardless of the brand you choose.

It’s imperative that you check frequently when new gaming titles are released. If after downloading the latest drivers you’re still having problems with your games crashing, freezing, stuttering or dropping frames.

We highly encourage you to reach out to the developers of the game and the Graphic Card Providers and maybe they will be able to source a solution.

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