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Is your PC Compatible for Gaming 2018

Is your PC Compatible for Gaming? Check Now!

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The demand for strong hardware for your Gaming PC’s and Laptops is increasing. As games are being developed. So are the standards for a completely immersive experience.

Let alone do games have to look good – but they have to run smooth. Is your PC or Gaming Laptop is compatible with today’s games? Here’s  a complete walk through.

In this guide we will be talking optimum hardware for games, system labs and of course how to improve your gaming experience.

Games Dropping Frames or Freezing on you?

During gameplay if you’ve noticed that your dropping frames or your game is running sluggish. It may be a key indicator that your Gaming Rig is not up for the job.

Something which can help identify this is Checking if your PC is compatible with the game.

Developers will release minimum and recommended specifications for you to be able to play the game on your gaming rig. Failure to meet this criteria will result in either poor performance or an abundance of crashing issues.

Is my PC Compatible for Gaming?

Using Device Manager to Check your Specifications.

If you’re unsure of what your specifications are you can simply check on Windows 10 by completing the following.

1: Visit “This PC” on the Search Bar
2: Click “Properties” 

On this page you will be displayed with your Processor type, Processor Speed, Memory and More.

To check your Graphics Card :

1: Click “Device manager”
2: Once on the screen expand “Display Adaptors”

This will now reveal your current installed Graphics Card. If your graphics card is not listed within the minimum specifications it may be time for an upgrade.

Using System Requirements Labs.

If you’re not tech savvy then then we’ve got you covered. The guys and girls over at System Requirements Lab have developed a website and set of key tools which can not only Identify your computer specifications. But will give you a run down on if you can run a specific game or not.

To add to this they also list key areas in which you can improve your gaming rig.

Visit System Requirements Lab Today!

The tool is a completely free program and is able to be run from the website itself. The process should take no longer than one minute to get your answer.

If System Requirements Labs has informed you that you’re Gaming rig will struggle with particular software then read on for details regarding how to upgrade.

What Hardware makes a Great Gaming Rig?

There are four key components when it comes to building strong gaming systems. So if you’re interested in running certain games on the highest settings. Or alternatively getting annoyed at sluggish gameplay these are the things you need to upgrade.


Is your Processor Compatible?

Regardless of which brand you Choose. Both AMD and Intel have a great catalogue of powerful processors which will make mince meat of today’s gaming requirements.

Guide : Amping up your Frame Rates Completely For Free!

Your Gaming Rig’s processor is the heart of every process completed on your PC. So ensure that you spare no expense when it comes to building your rig.

However a processor alone is not powerful enough to get the frame rate you need.

Graphics Cards

Is your PC Compatible - Graphics Cards

If the Processor is the heart then the Graphics Cards are the eyes of your monster. Allowing you to push up the quality levels of each and every game you play.

Guide : How To Download the Latest Graphic Drivers.

Larger monitor displays will require high resolutions in order to look crisp and immersive. Once again there are a variety of graphics cards in the market which will slay most high-end games.

The problem currently with graphics cards is the sheer price of them. Due to Bit Coin trends they are becoming increasingly more expensive for the casual user.


Is your Memory Compatible?

Although not as important. Some games are beginning to use more and more internal memory [RAM]. This is due to games becoming bigger and bigger.

Games in which render a lot of textures or games which allow you to create worlds within them will depend on your Memory for a lot of key processes.

The good news is 8-16GB of Memory is ideal for most high-end games.

Solid State Drives

Is your Solid State Drive Compatible?

SSD’s are a huge improvement over standard Hard Disk Drives. These beasts are able to boot up your operating system within seconds.

Not only that if your games are installed upon a SSD you will also notice a significant improvement in reduction of loading times.

Solid State Drives can be a lot more expensive than your Standard Hard Drives however in terms of the performance they out. They are worth every penny and we cannot recommend them more.

My Specifications are fine however still Dropping Frames.

You may have the most powerful rig in the world however due to software issues you may find that your software is throttling your hardware performance.

You need to ensure that you’re running the latest graphic card drivers and motherboard bios to ensure that your hardware is compatible with each other.

Guide : Improve the performance of your Hardware for Gaming

Bad or Corrupt Graphics Drivers?

Poor Graphic drivers have been known to slow down performance and provide upsetting results for gamers.

Guide : Ensure you’re running the Correct Graphics Drivers

Your Internet Connection may also be a key factor of why your games seem sluggish. Be sure to ensure that your Internet connection is strong. High Ping and Lag spikes may give the illusion of dropping frames on certain games.

Article : Improving your Performance without spending a Penny! 

If you’re not interested in investing anymore money to upgrade your Gaming Rig then we don’t blame you. Sometimes simple software changes and cleaning of your operating system may result in a performance boost.

Be sure to check out the above guide on some tips and tricks on getting the most out of your Gaming Rig or Laptop.


It’s quite an expensive hobby wanting the latest games to run at 60FPS on Ultra Settings. However if that’s your thing then great! But it’s important to know most developers will release games with the middle man in mind.

More and more games are being optimised for casual gaming rigs and not high end. Fortnite and League of Legends are a perfect example of that.

We’ve got some other great guides that might help you in your conquest to solving any and all Software problems.

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