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The Best Convention Etiquette for MCM October 2023

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That’s right – We’re just over  ten days away from the UK’s biggest Comic Convention.  So we’ve decided to list some of the things that you should do… And of course the things you should avoid when preparing to go to a convention.

Before we begin – You can find all details regarding MCM October 2023 at their Website.

When is MCM London 2023

MCM London – Comic Con is dated to begin on the 27th of October 2023.  It will be housed in London ExCEL arena and span multiple halls.  This event hosts over thousands of guests worldwide with a wide array of gaming, comics, guests and much more for everyone to enjoy.

MCM London 2018 Dates October


We highly encourage visitors to pick up a weekend ticket if possible as you get a tonne of benefits and a much more refreshing experience. Also the Friday is probably one of the quieter days when it comes to exploring the halls of MCM London.

Do’s and Dont’s of MCM London.

It’s important that at such a large event you remain respectful of the artists, the shops and vendors and again the exhibitors. But also make sure that you prepare yourself well to ensure that you get the best experience.

Below we have listed a pretty comprehensive list of the Do’s and the ‘Do Nots!’ when it comes to MCM October 2023.

Things to Do for MCM London 2023.

Ensure that you Take your ID & Bank Cards.

It happens all too often when visitors forget any reliable ID or Cards in which they can make purchases. It will only take moments but ensure that you have everything you need to get the most out of the retail options available at MCM London.

Draw Out Cash Before the Event.

Some Vendors, Merchants and Stalls may only Trade in Cash. Yes there are some available Cash Machines within the Venues. But on the Saturday especially – There are Queues for Days!

Streamers Connect at MCM LondonDon’t let it take away from your enjoyment being stuck in a Queue for a Cash Machine that may inevitably run out of money before you get your turn!

Pack Munchies & Sandwiches.

Walking around the halls of MCM London 2023 can be a little exhausting. So it’s important that you pack some munchies and treats for you and your family. Not only will this keep your energy levels up.

But it will dramatically reduce costs of paying for food or drinks while at the event. Some of the options can be a little pricey at the event.

Want Something Signed? Take it With you.

If you’re looking to get something signed then always be sure to remain respectful and don’t be an entitled prat. However if you don’t want to pay over the odds then there is no harm in taking something with you to get it signed.

MCM London Square Enix 2018Remember try not to ask too much of the Artist or the Special Guest. Keep the items you want to get signed small and brief.

Arrive Early.

First come first Serve has never applied more at this event. Over the course of the day the halls will become busier and busier and if you’re not one for being confided in a close environment. You may benefit from arriving early before the rush of people engulfs the halls of MCM London.

We once again encourage you to pick up a weekend Ticket so you don’t feel pressured to explore all of the halls within the one day.

Things to Avoid Doing in MCM London 2023.

Assume Cosplayers Want you Touching / Taking Pictures of Them.

Cosplayers spend a lot of time, money and energy within their Cosplay Creations. Yes i’m sure they look incredibly cool however remember to ask permission before taking a picture with them.

Also ensure you never touch their costumes without their prior authorisation. This is a quick way to getting yourself chucked out from the event.

Take stuff or touch the stalls.

Try to look with your eyes and not your hands when you’re considering to buy something. Vendors hate it when customers pick up items then walk away to seek permission or additional opinions before buying the goods.

Square Enix at MCM London 2018If you want it – Buy it there and then.

Don’t Rush Things.

The Halls will become busier and busier as the day goes on. We appreciate that you may have a agenda to follow. However so do others. Be sure to remain respectful of your personal space and try not to bump into others with your urgency.

We heavily encourage you to pick up a weekend ticket so you have an increased time to enjoy the entire event.

Expecting Too much From Artists & Stalls.

When purchasing items, asking for signed goods, requesting commissions or more. Ensure that you don’t lay on too high an expectation. Artists will only be able to sketch what is within their time frame.

Be realistic with what you want and what they can oblige with. Be sure to ask questions which may help you get a better result than what you may have had by assuming they know exactly what you want.

Conclusion : Have fun!  But look out for your family and others!

This is some fine Life Advice here. But simply Respect others, don’t rush around, take your time and be mindful of your personal space. Don’t be entitled and remember that everyone else is trying to enjoy their time too.

MCM London 2018

Significant abuse to the safety procedures of MCM London can land you to getting kicked out of the event. Let’s try and ensure that does not happen right!

For more details you can check the Website for a list of Details regarding this.