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Rage Blade Tournament #1 Registration

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We’re officially now hosting our first ever RageBlade Tournament for players and viewers to enjoy. This tournament unlike other game modes will be a brutal and chaotic Free-For-All which will not only feature fast and furious games but will also be host to a numerous amount of viewers competitions and challenges. If you’re a Little confused! Don’t worry – Read below for our exclusive guide on how it plays and what’s in it for everyone!

Tournament Rules 


This tournament will feature a 5v5 game on Summoners Rift within League of Legends. for The players that want to sink their teeth in? Well it’s easy – the aim of the game is to come out of the game with the highest universal score among the game. That’s right – this means any kills, assists, towers, inhibitors, epic monsters and more count to your positive total score.

We want to see some big fights. Like real big fights so deaths will not have a negative impact on your score. Also certain handicaps will be issued to the team whom maybe suffering a gold dis-advantage to keep it fair for everyone and to avoid anyone snowballing too hard.

Each group will feature 10 players and within that group their can only be two winners. The winners will receive points Riot Points for their victory’s.


Don’t worry – if you’re choosing to sit this one out then we have a host of competitions for you to get involved in while the fighters clash it out. You will be able to partake in all of these events so you yourself can earn some riot points and much more!

These viewer competitions will be highly interactive and be aimed for the general audience. Competitions will be announced during the stream so be sure to keep an ear out.

How To Register

To Register your interest in the tournament simply create an account with ChaosHour and post below with your EUW summoner name. We will then add your gamer tag ready for the event. Please be sure to be ready 10 minutes before the event as if you’re not available another player will step up.

Once registered this web-page will be updated and you will be able to see the group standings below.

Group Standings

KartDude Unregistered
Lloydwyn LiAuNLeXNON
PepsiAverage PriimalHunter
roflolmaopmp UnRegistered
Ros UnRegistered


Lloydwyn Unregistered
Shringan182  UnRegistered
 AshM8  UnRegistered
 Smickles  UnRegistered
MrMeepSeeks  UnRegistered



The Tournament will be streamed Live from ChaosHour and can be watched either at or on our twitch channel The event will be held on Sunday 18/03/2018 and will begin at 6:30 London GMT time. 

See you on the Rift.