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Call of Duty MW3 Beta Information & More

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Call of Duty MW 3 Beta has now launched this weekend.  Here we are with all the latest details, features and how to get involved on one of the most exciting game launches this year.


The first of several multiplayer betas for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III will be starting today, October 6. Like in past years, the beta for Modern Warfare III will initially only be available on PlayStation but will eventually open to everyone. Here’s everything we know so far about the beta, including when it starts and how to access it.

Beta dates

There are multiple sets of dates for the Modern Warfare 3 beta, depending on your platform and whether you’ve preordered the game. PlayStation users who preorder get in first, starting this Friday, October 6 at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET. For the second weekend, cross-play is enabled, as PlayStation users will be joined by Xbox and PC players. The full dates are below.

Weekend 1: PlayStation

  • October 6-7 — PlayStation users who preorder can start playing at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET
  • October 8-10 — All PlayStation users can play starting at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET

Weekend 2: Cross-play

  • October 12-13 — PC and Xbox users who preorder, and all PlayStation members
  • October 14-16 — Open beta for everyone, on all platforms, regardless of preorder status
The beta approaches
The beta approaches

How to get in

The Modern Warfare III beta is free and open to everyone. However, people who preorder Modern Warfare 3 will get early access. Those who preorder digitally do not need a beta code; they will be automatically granted access to the beta. People who preordered a physical copy at a retailer should have received a code on their receipt or had it emailed to them.

Additionally, Xfinity subscribers in the US can get a code to access the beta as part of their subscription. It can be found in the Rewards tab of the Xfinity website.

A first look at MW3 multiplayer
A first look at MW3 multiplayer

What’s in the beta?

The beta will include Favela, Skidrow, and Estate. The fan-favorite Rust map will come later, during the open beta phase of the test. The Ground War mode is featured in the beta, too, with players able to test out the Popov Power map.

Modes featured in the beta include Team Deathmatch, Domination, Kill Confirmed (during the open beta phase), and Ground War.

Play the beta this weekend
Play the beta this weekend


Players can reach a max level of 20 during the first weekend of the beta. For levels 1-3, players can choose from three pre-made loadouts, including Demolitionist, Combat Controller, and Rusher. At level 4, players can unlock custom loadouts. The PILA launcher is available as an unlockable, as is the Infantry Vest perk that increases tactical sprint duration. At level 5, players can unlock the Guardian-SC killstreak that emits a “beam-=shaped, nonlethal, areal-denial” effect. You can see the rest of the unlocks below, as written by Activision: