Kirby Krackle Spotlight Overview

With Geek-Music on the Cultural Rise, Kirby Krackle continues to lead the way with Energetic live shows, emotionally resonating songs and more.

Today we’re checking out crazy, riff burning, emotional tearing and super talented Geek-Rock band ‘Kirby Krackle’. Kirby Krackle are based in Seattle and has been a work in progress for the last 7 years and possibly more. That hard work has certainly payed off because now Kirby Krackle is an international touring rock-band whos main focus is anything geek or nerd related. Featuring the song writer Kyle Stevens whom is also running a patreon currently in which you can gain 2 Exclusive songs for simply signing up $2.

Kirby Krackle has managed to create a following across several social media websites such as Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and more which has allowed them to spread their influence world wide. They do a variety of rock shows as well as comic convention shows. They can usually be found in the after party for most shows. If you’re un-aware of them then you’re in for a treat because they have an epic discography for past titles in which you can listen to and below I will list my favourite albums for you to enjoy!



  • Back To The Beginning
  • One Of The Guys
  • Up, Up, Down, Down
  • Naked Wii
  • Villain Song
  • Marvelous Girls
  • Teabagged
  • Another New Crisis
  • Counting On You
  • Zombie Apocalypse
  • Tony Stark


  • Vault 101
  • On And On
  • Secret Identity
  • Roll Over (Feat. GMK The Great)
  • Henchman
  • Ring Capacity
  • Can I Watch You?
  • Take It From Me
  • Great Lakes Avengers
  • Dusty Cartridges & Long Boxes
  • Going Home


  • The Day My Powers Arrived – (A Young Mutant Discovers His/Her Powers)
  • No Spoilers, Please – (A look into spoiler culture…what if we didn’t know all the answers?)
  • Geek Culture Is Dead – (It’s not dead, it’s just changed…what happens when the culture you’ve loved your entire life receives the attention of the entire world? )
  • Dancing Baby Groot – (A tribute to everyone’s favorite Dancing Baby Groot)
  • We Had A Good Run – (Ok aliens…it’s time for you to come save us from all the stupid people now. Please?)
  • I Was Made To Haunt You – (An annoying ghost decided to have way too much fun…)
  • Mutate Baby! – (Gotta keep evolving!)
  • The Yellow King – (Tribue to the first season of HBO’s True Detective)
  • Reverie – (A celebration of life well lived everywhere)
  • Your Titan Is Ready – (A tribute to the game Titanfall…only this time from the Titan’s perspective)
  • Frank The Pocket – (He’s Pocket that only wanted his entire life to belong. Now he has a cool song, too!)
  • Shooting Star – (You’re an amazing unique star in a universe full of them…love that about yourself)


“KK has released six independently released albums in as many years (Kirby Krackle 2009 – E For Everyone 2010 – Super Powered Love 2011 – Live In Seattle 2012 – Sounds Like You 2013 – MUTATE, BABY! 2015) and a multitude of singles while the band additionally continues to create musical content for industry giants such as Mondo, Cards Against Humanity, and Disney / Marvel including a yet-to-be announced project in partnership with Marvel Animation to be announced in 2016.” – Kirby Krackle

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