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Ways in which you can resolve Battle for Azeroth Downloading Issues.

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For all the details you will ever need if you have encountered World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth Not Downloading via the Battle.Net App. Be sure to use the guide below to help identify the issue.

Battle for Azeroth Not Downloading or Installing?

If you’re having problems not downloading or installing any of the later games available for PC and Windows 10. Then it’s important to reach out and troubleshoot the issue to help resolve it.

Battle for Azeroth

World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth News & Trailers.

“World of Warcraft are finally releasing their Latest Planned Expansion”

There are various reasons why this may happen so we’ve created this guide to help seek the fault and resolve it. However first things first.

If you have encountered any bugs or issues with Battle for Azeroth not downloading or installing on your Gaming PC Then you should reach out to Blizzard.

Blizzard Contact Information.

It’s imperative that gaming companies like Blizzard are informed of any and all issues when it comes to Battle for Azeroth not downloading or installing.

They wont be able to provide a solution or fix patch if users are not informing them of the fault.

It’s important to be as descriptive as possible in terms of the fault that you’re having when you contact them. This includes hardware specifications, operating system and details of the fault.

World of Warcraft has been Blizzards Child for some time and will Battle for Azeroth be it’s last ever expansion? Unlikely but you can be sure to check out any and all updates for the game over at Blizzards Website or Battle.Net.

Dont forget to follow Blizzard on their social hubs such as Facebook and twitter as they will continue to update these to inform players of any Updates on PC and more.

Common Solutions to Games Not Downloading

Until you receive a response from Blizzard you can attempt the common solutions that are found below within this guide. These fixes have been gathered by our experience with other similar titles to Battle for Azeroth.

So if you’re having issues with Games on PC Not Downloading. Or you have had an issue with Battle for Azeroth not downloading then follow the steps below.

1: Ensure your Connection is Stable To Download.

When games fail to download via their game clients such as Steam, Battle.Net, Origin and more. It’s often the fault of the Internet connection and users line more so than the game.

We’ve experienced no issues with downloading Battle for Azeroth online. So it’s important you check your internet connection to reveal any faults.

Fix : Test your Internet Connection Now.

A unstable, slow or faulty Internet connection can cause for downloads to stop before completion. This can also cause you to download corrupted files. You can avoid this by ensuring that you’re connected to the internet by an Ethernet cable among other things.

Be sure to check our connection guide for more tips to secure your connection.

2: Ensure you have Enough Storage Space.

Sometimes overlooked. Gaming can be pretty expensive with games becoming bigger and bigger. Some games come with a large storage requirement for PC. 

Have you checked to ensure that you have sufficient storage space for your Game on your Hard Drive? It is not recommended maxing out the available space on your Hard Drives for PC or on your Laptop.

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If your Solid State Drives [SSD] or Hard Drives [HDD] are full you will encounter drag and speed issues when playing games or using the desktop. Games will sometimes stop downloading if the Hard Drive is maxed out.

3: Battle for Azeroth Servers Offline?

It’s very important to stay close to the server status of Battle for Azeroth and Blizzard. Sometimes servers will have routine down time to ensure their maintained and running at optimum efficiency.

Sadly if the Battle for Azeroth servers are offline you may not be able to complete your download until they become available again. If your download is through a gaming Client similar to Steam, Origin or Battle.Net then this is unlikely the case.

4: Disable the Firewall for Battle for Azeroth.

Sometimes Games may not Download on your PC, Gaming Laptop or Desktop if your firewall is preventing access to Battle for Azeroth.

In Windows 10 you can simply turn off your Firewall to ensure that you are able to receive the data.

**Warning** Be sure to not leave your Firewall turned off for any excess amount of time as you will leave your system vulnerable.

If you have completed the download be sure to re-open the Firewall and open all the necessary ports to play and enjoy Battle for Azeroth. Reaching out to Blizzard will give you insights on what ports to open.

Fixes for Battle for Azeroth Not Installing?

After Download has been complete for your Games you will need to install them to a certain directory within your PC. If your PC is refusing to install or stopping mid way then it may indicate some more problematic faults with your Hardware.

We have tried to isolate the issues below with our troubleshooting guide.

Remember it’s still suggested that if you’re having any problems with Battle for Azeroth to contact the Blizzard support team.

1: Compatible Hardware.

Requirements for Games are growing and growing. However the more detailed and smoother games will require much more robust hardware than some other casual games.

If Battle for Azeroth is not installing on your PC or Gaming Laptop then this may suggest that your Hardware is not compatible and you do not have the required specifications to play it.

Fix : Is your Gaming Rig Compatible With Battle for Azeroth?

The Majority of games these days do require a strong graphics card, fast processor and ample memory to install and play. Failure to meet this specifications may result in Battle for Azeroth simply not working.

It maybe in your best interest to upgrade your Gaming Rig to Ensure it is able to conquer Battle for Azeroth.

2: Sufficient Space for Battle for Azeroth?

It is common for games to inform you that you do not have the required storage space to install them to your PC. Although sometimes you may be able to force the action which will result in the install failing or stopping.

It’s important that if you’re interested in running Battle for Azeroth with the best performance you should install it to an available Solid State Drve [SSD].

Advice : How to Protect Your Battle for Azeroth Data.

An alternative to this is to install your games to a dedicated Hard Drive [HDD] which is not carrying your operating system. This will speed up loading times during your gameplay.

3: Download the Latest Windows 10 Updates.

It’s important to stay up to date with any and all updates which become available for your PC or Gaming Laptop.

Windows will release patch updates, compatibility fixes and more over time and this maybe required to run Battle for Azeroth. This includes the Updating of Direct X if it is Required by Battle for Azeroth.

Fix : Download the Latest Windows 10 Updates Today.

Sometimes during Installation certain pop ups will appear in which certain frame networks need to be installed into your Rig. Ensure that all of these are installed correctly.

4: Hard Drive Damaged or Corrupt.

If you have successfully tried all of the above troubleshooting fixes but your games are still failing to install on your PC. This then may conclude that your Hard Drive or Installed SSD is faulty.

If your Hard Drive is corrupt or damaged then it will not be able to correctly write new data. This includes downloading, installing programmes, saving game files and much.

Fix : Repair or Replace your Faulty Hard Drive to Install Games.

Sadly a damaged Hard Drive is quite problematic and should be resolved immediately to avoid any more data loss or corruption.

The good news is you can easily diagnose a faulty Hard drive using HDTune among other programmes. Be sure to check out our Hard Drive Health Guide in which details a tonne of useful information regarding faulty Hard Drives and more.

User Submitted Fixes for Battle for Azeroth Not Installing/Downloading

Overtime we will be updating this guide with any user submitted fixes that may help resolve the problem that you’re having.

Battle for Azeroth

World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth News & Trailers.

“World of Warcraft are finally releasing their Latest Planned Expansion”

If you have encountered any Fixes that may apply to this situation please be sure to reach out to us.


Once again it’s imperative that if Battle for Azeroth is not loading or downloading on your PC then you should contact Blizzard and inform them of the issue. This will help provide them with the necessary details to fix the issue.

Until then be sure to check out these other PC Hardware Guides that might help.

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