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Monster Hunter World Not Loading Fixes | XBox One

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If you have recently purchased or downloaded Capcom’s incredibly addictive Action Epic then you may not be alone. This troubleshooting guide will help you identify and fix any Monster Hunter World Not Loading Issues on your XBox One and Xbox Onb

Monster Hunter World Not Loading XBox One?

We have yet to experience any issues with Monster Hunter World not loading on us on any XBox One Console. However we have created this troubleshooting guide which may help reduce the risk of it happening to you.

It’s important that if you have stumbled upon a loading issue with Monster Hunter World that you reach out to Capcom. Once they recieve the feedback they will be able to start work on creating a fix for the issue.

Capcom Contact Information.

Below you will see the listed Developers details. Remember before reaching out it’s best practice to take further details regarding the non loading fault. Details such as when it happens, what console you’re playing on, if your connected to the internet and more are important.

Monster Hunter World XBox One

Monster Hunter World XBox One News and More..

“Indulge in one of the most action packed hunting games for XBox One”

Be sure to follow Capcom on their social hubs as well as their own website. Altnerative to this. Don’t be afraid to also contact Microsoft with this issue. Some users already may have reported a fault and they may already have a fix.

Common Fixes For Games Not Loading on XBox One.

The below fixes may not directly relate with the fault that you’re having. The good news is that these solutions have resolved similar situations on other XBox One Titles. These tips and tricks are designed to help identify the fault that you may have with Monster Hunter World.

1: Is your XBox One Running the Latest Update for Monster Hunter World?

There are a few things that you can check to try and fix your Issue.

Firstly is your console running the latest XB1 Console Software Update?

Here’s how to check :
Main Menu > Settings > System > Console Info > OS Version

Latest Optimal Update for Monster Hunter World : 10.0.16299.5101

Guide : Downloading the Latest Console Update to Fix Monster Hunter World Not loading.

It is ideal to make certain that your XBox One console is connected to the internet. Alternatively if an Ethernet cable is not available then you can connect wirelessly. Once this is completed you will be able to download the latest Console Firmware for your XBox One.

Guide : Downloading the Latest XBox One Game Updates.

Games can sometimes be released with issues which are resolved at a later date due to patch updates.

2: Are you running the latest Monster Hunter World update?

It is not uncommon for some games to be released with some Game Breaking bugs which may cause your loading issue. One way to eliminate this issue if its a software problem is to ensure that you have downloaded the Latest Monster Hunter World update.

In order to do this boot up Monster Hunter World while being connected to the internet and you will be prompted to download the latest updates. Overtime Capcom will release content patches, updates, fixes and more for their final product.

Guide : Download the Latest Monster Hunter World Update to Fix Not Loading

Sometimes you can force the update within the options of the games. It’s important though you check that your internet connection is active or the prompt wont appear.

If you’re still having problems with Monster Hunter World not loading after updating then it may indicate a Corrupt Update file or a Software install. So we recommend the next step is to start from scratch.

3: How to re-install Monster Hunter World On XBox One to Fix Loading Issue.

It is relatively easy to delete and un-install game files from your XBox One. If you believe that a corrupt or damaged install file is causing your game to not load then you must take action.

Complete the following :

Main Menu > System > Settings
System > Storage
Manage Storage > View Contents
Games > Monster Hunter World > Uninstall

Guide : Formatting and Factory Resetting Your XBox One To Fix Monster Hunter World

Be warned then un-installing games as it is likely that this action will clear your Consoles with any and all additional information it may have. This includes DLC, Game Saves, Cheats and much more.

If your Game Save is Not loading specifically at the same point each time then this does indicate it is likely to be corrupt or damaged. The best way to protect against this is to ensure you’re being smart when using your XBox One.

Fix : Resolve a Corrupt Monster Hunter World save file.

You can simply re-start the game and ensure that in the future you better protect your game saves.

After a Fresh install of Monster Hunter World and your still encountering the problem then more than likely this will be a Hardware fault with either the Game disk or your XBox One itself.

Here’s some key things to look out for.

4: The Monster Hunter World XBox One Disc Not Loading

If you have purchased Monster Hunter World digitally then be sure to skip this section.

Okay so there are a few warning signs that you should look out for on your Monster Hunter World disk. XBox One Discs are protected with a scratch resistent layer.

However this layer can only protect against light wear and tear. Any dents, cuts, cracks or more will render your Monster Hunter World disc unable to read. A poor quality Game Disc maybe causing your Console not to load.

GUIDE : Fix your Monster Hunter World disc today!

We’ve created an intensive guide which focuses on your Monster Hunter World Disk. It will educate you on how to fix the issue, repair your Disk, how to identify Disk Rot and much more.

5: Is your XBox One Over Heating?

If your XBox One is enduring high console temperatures it may cause your console to stall and not load when playing games. This is due to components within the console running hotter than bench marked.

Fix : XBox One Overheating Solution and Cleaning Guide

We have completed a full guide on ways in which you can clean your XBox One. This will not only reduce temperature but also boost performance. Failure to act if your console is overheating may void your warranty with the provider.

6: XBox One Hard Drive Damaged?

Although difficult to isolate and identify however the reason your Console is not loading Monster Hunter World maybe due to a hardware fault with the XBox One.

Have you experienced any signs which may indicate that your Hard Drive is damaged? Maybe certain games have not been able to download or install.

Fix : Ways to Identify a Faulty XBox One Hard Drive

Use this troubleshooting guide to identify if your Hard Drive may be the cause for concern here. The good news is if your hard drive is faulty. Then you will be able to seek a repair or replacement.

7: Games Not Loading Online?

The majority of games these days relay on heavy internet connections. Some games require a consistent internet connection to function like intended.

This may indicate that either your current Bandwidth is struggling or you have a fault on your internet connection. A poor connection will simply stall loading times – especially when playing online.

Fix : Test Your Internet Connection Today!

If you’re experiencing high lag spikes within other games then this may indicate that you need to resolve this with your internet provider.

8: Replace your Monster Hunter World Disc.

If you have purchased Monster Hunter World from Capcom digitally then be sure to skip this section.

Often over looked is the matter that you might just be unlucky and have a dud Monster Hunter World disc. Most retailers will issue an exchange if you explain to them the fault that you’re having

Fix : Getting a Replacement Disc From Your place of Purchase.

Or alternatively you can reach out to a friend or colleague and ask them to briefly use their game disc to help.


If you have tried all of the above issues. Now you can confirm that it is not an update issue or an install error. Then it’s sad to say but it’s likely your console is faulty.

Guide: Console Warranty Explained / Gamers Guide To Online Refunds and Returns

However the good news is the Microsoft support team are incredibly good at offering excellent customer service. So by all means reach out to Microsoft Support for your next step.

Maybe they can benchmark your console and find the issue or simply source you a repair or replacement. Alternatively ensure that you have also reached out to Capcom to inform them of the situation.

If you’re still covered under your retail warranty then you simply can return to the place of purchase and source a replacement!

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