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Football Manager 2019 Audio | PC Steam Guide.

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There are a tonne of reasons on why you may experience Football Manager 2019 Audio issues. This troubleshooting Guide will guide you to the issue and hopefully suggest some options in which you can fix it.

Football Manager 2019 Audio on PC.

In-Game audio can make or break the immersion value of games in modern gaming. The majority of companies will develop their games to have an incredible soundtrack and strong audio tracks.

However it’s not uncommon for Games to have issues with Audio cutting out, stuttering or simply not playing.

So far we haven’t encountered any problems with Football Manager 2019 dropping audio or cutting out on PC or Gaming Laptop. However if you have it’s very important for you to reach out to Sega Sports Interactive.

Sega Sports Interactive Contact Information.

It’s highly unlikely that the final version of Football Manager 2019 would be released with any kind of Audio errors or bugs. However that being said. It can happen.

This is why if you are having any problems with the Audio while playing Sega Sports Interactive’s Football Manager 2019. Then reach out to their support team and inform them of the fault.

Football Manager 2019 Updates

Football Manager 2019 – News, Updates and More.

“The most Popular Football Manager Game is now available on PC & Steam. 2019 Edition”

Try to be as specific as you can with the fault on PC. If possible record the issue and upload the video as evidence. This will help Sega Sports Interactive isolate the issue and possibly provide a fix for you and other players.

Sports Interactive have been long time developers and the team behind the Football Manager Series. You can check their website which contains a tonne of details, updates and more regarding their latest games. Check it out.

Once again be sure to also follow Sega Sports Interactive on their social hubs to ensure that you stay connected to their latest updates and notifications.

Providing Sega Sports Interactive with details regarding your Gaming PC or Laptop May also help.

Troubleshooting Football Manager 2019 Audio

This guide will give you some insight and details regarding some common fixes that might help fix your Audio Issue. So if your games are dropping audio, stuttering or simply not playing then we can help.

This Guide will be applicable to most Gaming PC’s Work Desktops or Gaming Laptops.

It’s important to note that the following fixes and solutions have been created for the latest version of Windows 10. Be sure to update as and when you can.

No In-Game Audio or Music?

If you’re having issues with zero sound or music being played on your PC. It is likely either a software issue or an incorrect setting being applied. Or a fault between your Gaming PC and your Headphones or Speakers.

1: Ensure that your Default Device is Set.

Sometimes Windows 10 can change your Default Audio Device. The Default Audio Device on your PC represents which piece of equipment your Audio out will be played on.

This can include speakers, TV’s, Audible Monitors, Headphones, Headsets and Mixers. So if you’re choice of speaker or output device is correctly installed it will be displayed within the Sound Options on Windows 10.

To Access the Sound Options Simply :

1: Right Click the Sound Icon on Your task Bar
2: Click “Sounds”
3: Toggle “PlayBack”
4: Select your Output Device – Right Click “Set as Default Device”

If this has been completed and you’re still not hearing any sound for Football Manager 2019 then it may indicate that your Output device is faulty.

Fix : Source a Repair or Replacement For your Headphones.

The Good news is if you purchased your Headphones or Speakers from a Retailer then it will be covered by a warranty. This makes you eligible for either a repair or replacement. Get Digging for that proof of purchase!

2: Ensure the Correct Audio Drivers are installed.

This is only really applicable if you’re using an internal or external sound card. If you have installed a sound card to provide more features for audio settings. It’s important that you download the correct Drivers.

You will be able to source the drivers from the support page of your Sound Card Brand.

Fix : Download the Latest Audio Drivers for your PC or Laptop. 

If you have not installed a Sound Card then the Latest Windows 10 Update and Motherboard Updates will feature sound drivers which are more than capable of playing Football Manager 2019 Audio.

Audio Stuttering and Skipping Segments.

Audio is pretty black and white when it comes to working correctly. It either works perfectly fine or not at all. Continuous Audio Skipping or audio cuts are more likely a side effect of hardware issues.

If you have experienced Football Manager 2019 or any other games skipping or cutting out audio during gameplay on your PC. Then be sure to try the following Troubleshooting tips that may reveal the fault.

1: Ensure your Running the Latest Football Manager 2019 Update.

More Often than Not Audio Glitches are usually resolved by downloading patches or updates provided by Sega Sports Interactive. So it’s important to ensure that you stay up to date.

Fix : Download the Latest Football Manager 2019 Update.

Updates like this are the reason you should reach out to Sega Sports Interactive to inform them of any more audio issues or faults.

If you’re running the latest update then move onto the next step.

2: Games Dropping frames causes Audio to Stutter.

A very common occurrence is Games Dropping Frame Rates on Gaming Rigs or PC’s. When Frames are dropped this will distort the gameplay and sometimes along with that the audio.

This then presents the gamer with a series of audio effects which involve breaking, cutting or complete audio drops. This is clearly not intentional and requires to be resolved.

Fix : Improve your Football Manager 2019 Frame Rate Today.

We’ve created a comprehensive guide which will allow you to bolster your frame rate and gaming performance on your Gaming PC or Laptop. This will relate to all games and not just Football Manager 2019.

Another thing you can do to amp up your Frame Rates is to ensure that your Hardware Specifications meet the requirements of Football Manager 2019.

Guide : Ensure your Gaming Rig or Laptop is Compatible with Football Manager 2019.

If your gaming rig is suffering to provide for the requirements this will result in frame drops.

3: Is Lag Causing Your Audio Stutter.

Similar to Frame Rates High Ping and Lag Spikes during Gameplay can cause any games like Football Manager 2019 to stutter. The reason behind this is due to the connection to the server being lost. 

You’re playing catch up to match your server state with your fellow gamers. This may cause an influx of sound effects and distortion.

Sometimes people overlook their internet connection being a key issue when it comes to audio issues. So it’s important that you ensure your Connection is stable and strong.

Fix : Test your Internet Connection to Resolve Audio Lag.

This guide will help you test your internet connection and recover certain details regarding Download Speed. Upload Speed and Ping.

If none of the above steps have helped resolve your issue then move on.

User Submitted Audio Fixes.

We have yet to encounter any major issues with Football Manager 2019 Audio.

However We will continue to update this Guide for any and all solutions that we may find with Football Manager 2019’s audio. If you happen to come across any valuable fixes that may help be sure tor each out to us and we will update this guide.


In our experience Audio issues are often fixed by hardware changes. It maybe a faulty headset. Damaged Wire. Or simply in-correct settings on your Gaming Rig.

Meanwhile it is still vitally important to report any audio bugs or errors to Sega Sports Interactive. Overtime they will release patches and fixes that will likely resolve your issue. It’s important to stay patient.

Football Manager 2019 Updates

Football Manager 2019 – News, Updates and More.

“The most Popular Football Manager Game is now available on PC & Steam. 2019 Edition”

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