Possible Death Stranding Release Date Leaked?

Death Stranding rumours are now afoot - it seems a release date has been revealed for the highly anticipated action adventure game.

Death Stranding Release Date Rumoured.

It turns out that a possible release date for the long awaited Death Standing has been revealed for the 8th of November 2019. However it is precisely just that at this moment a rumour. However it’s likely a release before Christmas would benefit the developers of Death’s Stranding.

News From IGN

“A now-removed post on the official Taiwanese Facebook page has suggested that the release date for Death Stranding is November 8, 2019.

The post was noticed and screen grabbed by Twitter account NanoGuidingStar, and brought to wider attention by famed games Twitter account Nibel. A second source provided another screen grab of the post, this time from a mobile account. The post has since been deleted by the PlayStation account, and so there is currently no way of verifying if this is a genuine leak or a hoax. As such, this should absolutely be considered a rumour for now.”


Death Stranding may join other popular titles this year such as Borderlands 3, Star Wars Fallen Order, Fifa and hopefully new entries into the Call of Duty Franchise.

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