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SEGA reveal brand new Sonic Feature named Trio of Trouble!

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It seems that SEGA have amped things up in 2023 with their brand new look at TRIO of Trouble.  A short animated feature which includes Sonic and the team back at it.  Be sure to check out the trailer below.

SEGA has released a new animated short film as part of its advertising campaign for the upcoming title Sonic Superstars.

The five-and-a-half minute short is titled ‘Trio of Trouble’, and features the entire main cast of the upcoming Sonic Superstars video game, including returning antagonist Fang the Hunter from Sonic Triple Trouble, and new antagonist Trip, who seems to be more than a little bit in over their bronze helmeted head based on their behaviour in the new cartoon. 

As far as the film’s style goes, it combines the aesthetics of Disney’s classic silent cartoons with the anime-ish style and tone previously seen in the animated opening to 1993 game Sonic CD by Toei Animation. Like other, similar Sonic animation projects from recent years, it was worked on by animator and comics artist Tyson Hesse and animated by Powerhouse Animation Studios. It was also written by fan favourite Sonic writer Ian Flynn, so we’re almost certain it’s going to go down well with the target audience. 

Hesse is credited as a co-director on the new short film, and worked on it alngside its director, Sonic the Hedgehog comics artist and writer Evan Stanley, who also recently worked on art for a (far less animated) short for Sonic Frontiers’ upcoming DLC.

As you might be able to gather, SEGA has been increasing its animation output lately as part of its Sonic marketing pushes, and frankly, we’re there for it. – MCV