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Ninja Fortnite 12 Hour New York Stream

Ninja Attempting 12 Hour New Years Eve Stream from Times Square.

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It’s without a Doubt that Ninja – Popular Streamer of the Game Fortnite is one of the most iconic Gaming Celebrities of this Generation. However Ninja is pushing that boundary one step further with revealing his New Years Eve Plans.

Ninja is attempting to run a 12 Hour live stream from Times Square on the Eve of the New Year this 2018. This is in collaboration with several companies whom are further pushing the spot light on this event.

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Streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins is hosting a 12-hour Fortnite livestream from Times Square, New York, this New Year’s Eve.

Announcing the news via social media over the weekend, Ninja confirmed the show would kick off at 4 pm Eastern Time (1 pm PT, 8 pm GMT) and run until 4 am local time (1 am PT, 8 am GMT).

“When I started in gaming, I never thought that something like this would be possible,” Ninja said (thanks, VG24/7). “[New Year’s Even] has always been fun for gamers because it’s a night where you have a widely accepted excuse to stay up and game, but there’s never been an event in the mainstream that’s actually built around that tradition. This is just my ultimate NYE Fortnite LAN party with some of my best friends and a few surprises that I hope we as a community can have a lot of fun with.”

“This is going to be a NYE in Times Square like you’ve never seen before,” Ninja added.

Ninja is Twitch’s first 10-million-plus streamer, thanks in no small part to Fortnite. Hitting the 10 million milestone was “seriously ridiculous” and put gaming’s biggest name in a league all of his own, with no competitor coming anywhere close to these extraordinary numbers. MCVUK


It’s insane. Honestly that Gaming has got to this point. However the success of this event will pave the way for more unique and quality events just like it. We truly wish Ninja Luck on this task ahead.