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Super Smash Bros Ultimate Audio Guide | Switch

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The latest beat-em-up from Nintendo is making waves on the Nintendo Switch. So it’s more important now than ever to use you’re getting the best possible experience from Super Smash Bros Ultimate Audio.

Smash Bros Ultimate Audio Issues for Switch?

The Nintendo Switch is an incredibly robust little console. However have you experienced any issues with Audio? This may include audio cutting out, stuttering or simply not playing.

We have created this troubleshooting guide which may help identify the issue and help resolve it. Firstly though any and all audio issues should be reported to Nintendo.

Nintendo Contact Information.

We have yet to witness any issues with the audio on Smash Bros Ultimate while playing. So if you do have any issues then the best thing to do is to contact Nintendo. Below you will find a link to their contact details.

It is highly unlikely that an audio issue may be of fault with the Smash Bros Ultimate software. It is more than likely a console issue, cable fault or other practical reason.

We still encourage you to follow Nintendo on their social hubs to get the latest regarding any issues that players maybe having.

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Nintendo Switch Audio Fixes & Troubleshooting Guide.

Below we have created an in-depth troubleshooting guide which may help you identify the Audio issue that you’re having. We will also be posting and updating this guide with ways in which you can solve them.

1: Is your Nintendo Switch Dropping Frames?

Sometimes miss conceived as an Audio Issue. If your Nintendo Switch is dropping frames then it may indicate that your console is struggling.

There are numerous reasons why a Nintendo Switch may drop frame rate or struggle to perform. Ensure that your Switch console is not overheating among other things.

Guide : Cleaning your Nintendo Switch to avoid overheating.

Try Undocking your Console and playing handheld. It may help improve performance.

2: Download the Latest Switch Console Update.

Before playing Smash Bros Ultimate ensure that your Nintendo Switch is automatically downloading the Latest available Console Update. It’s important to do this as previous versions may create issues with playing newer software.

Fix : Download the Latest Updates for Smash Bros Ultimate Today.

During this process ensure that you’re connected to the internet and your connection is secure and stable. Breaks during this process may cause corrupt or damaged installation files.

3: Attempt to Replace your HDMI Cable.

Overtime it maybe possible that your HDMI from your Switch dock may have become faulty. This can happen due to wire tears, cuts or being crushed. Simply re-boot your console using a similar wire.

Be sure to source a reliable cable from Amazon or a nearby Hardware Store.

4: Remove your Switch from the Dock

Users have identified that sometimes when the Nintendo Switch is docked then certain issues arise. If you’re worried that your console maybe faulty simply undock your console and try using the Switch Handheld for the time being.

Fix : Source a Replacement Nintendo Switch Dock.

If you have identified that the Switch Dock maybe causing the Audio issue then be sure to source a brand new one from the place of purchase or another online retailer.

5: Damaged HDMI Port On Switch?

Damaged HDMI Port on Switch?

If you’re experiencing any kind of Audio stuttering or glitching with added Visual Issues. Then this may indicate a poor connection from your Nintendo Switch to your TV.

Fix : Source a Replacement for your Nintendo Switch.

Ensure that your Mini-HDMI Port is not damaged, bent or exposed. Sadly if your HDMI Port is indeed damaged then you can reach out to source a repair or replacement for your Console.

You can easily identify if your HDMI Port is damaged by simply disconnecting your Switch from your TV.

6: Factory Reset your Nintendo Switch for Smash Bros Ultimate.

Factory Resetting your console is the final port to call when it comes to attempting to solve your Audio Issues. If after a Factory Reset your audio fault still persists then it is highly likely that your Nintendo Switch is faulty.

Guide : Perform a Factory Reset on your Nintendo Switch.

You can access details in how to Factory Reset your Nintendo Switch via the System Settings. We have created a complete guide with step by step details in how to perform a factory reset. Be sure to check it out.

User Submitted Fixes For Smash Bros Ultimate Audio.


As we discussed above. It’s incredibly rare that any audio issues with Smash Bros Ultimate or the Nintendo Switch is due to a software error. However it may indicate a faulty console. The good news is you’re likely covered or able to source a repair or replacement.

Be sure to reach out to Nintendo for any and all other issues. Also check the below guides which may help more.

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