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XBox One Fallout 76 Ping Lag Fix

Getting the Best Ping and Reduce Lag With Fallout 76 XBox One

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This is Bethesda’s first Fallout Online Experience. So it’s expected that they may have some teething problems. However the majority of Fallout 76 Lag & High Ping on XBox One may be due to either your Hardware or your connection. The tips below will help fix the issue.

High Ping While Playing Fallout 76 XB1?

Your Ping is an indicator of the connection speed between yourself and game servers. The smaller the number the better.

Running a low ping will allow you to have a much more visual experience with smooth gameplay and next to no input lag.

However if you’re suffering from high ping then you will notice the following: Large Lag Spikes, stuttering gameplay, distorted audio, dropping frames and more importantly incorrect representations of the state of play.

Guide : XBox One Complete Connection Guide.

In this troubleshooting guide we’re going to be talking ways in which you can improve your ping while playing Fallout 76. How you can reduce the risk of disconnections or lag and more importantly how you can reach out to the Bethesda to inform them of the issue.

It’s important to note that this Guide is an XBox One Specific guide. However you may find that similar fixes may help other game consoles.

Bethesda Contact Information.

If you’re experiencing insanely high ping or lag spikes while playing Fallout 76 then there is no harm in informing Bethesda.

Bethesda are the brain behind the incredibly story driven and single player focused games such as Oblivion, Skyrim and Fallout 3 and 4. Now they return with Fallout 76. An attempt at an online Fallout Experience for you and your fellow survivors. Be sure to check out their website for full future details.

Fallout 76 Updates

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“Survive together within this Wasteland full of nightmares and loot”

Reaching out to Fallout 76 and Bethesda on their social hubs such as Facebook, twitter and more. This also gives you an opportunity to inform them of your lag issues you’re having.

The Developers may often explain that their currently dealing with some server side issues. However if this is not the case continue to read some common ways to improve your Ping.

You can also reach out to Microsoft in regards to playing Fallout 76 on XBox One.

Fixes for Fallout 76 Lag.

There are a variety of ways to resolve lag and high ping while playing games on your XBox One like Fallout 76. The majority of these fixes will not require you to purchase any additional products.

If you find any fixes that have helped you or any other gamers you know. Be sure to reach out and we will add it to the user submitted fixes area.

1: Firstly Test your Fallout 76 Connection

There are some great tools online which allow you to get a deeper insight to your bandwidth available, download speed upload speed and more.

The general consensus is the faster your download speed the better your XBox One will perform while playing Fallout 76.

Fix : Test Your Connection Before Playing Fallout 76

You can easily test your connection using the SpeedTest website. This will show you if there are any significant faults on your internet connection.

Be sure to complete a connection test now for your XBox One to reveal the strength of your internet connection.

2: Improve your Internet Provider For Lower Ping.

Has the speed test revealed that your ping is high, download speed and upload speed is low? Then we’ve got answers.

If you’re serious about reducing Ping and fixing any lag issues that you might have to improve your internet provider. There are various different providers all over the world that now offer fibre broadband at a great value.

Fix : Upgrade your Internet To Reduce Ping on XBox One today!

Remember the faster your provider then the less that ping and lag will effect you in the future. This applies to all games on your XBox One not just Fallout 76.

3: Ditch Wireless For Wired Ethernet on XBox One.

Wireless and Wi-Fi Connectivity for your XBox One has it’s benefits. However if you’re serious about getting the fastest bandwidth speeds.

Fix : Wired and Wireless Fixes for XBox One.

Or you become frustrated with dealing with lag while playing games similar to Fallout 76 then we highly recommend you grab an Ethernet cable and connect it to your nearest router.

Fix : Using a Ethernet Cable on XBox One will Improve Connection Speed

A Ethernet Cable is much more durable and is able to provide a stable internet connection which is void of any connection drops.

If you’re using a Ethernet cable with Fallout 76 but you’re still suffering lag spikes and ping spikes then it may indicate a fault with your Hardware.

4: Ensure you close all Apps While playing Fallout 76 on XBox One.

The XBox One operating system is incredible strong. Being able to micro manage multiple applications while delivering Fallout 76. However additional applications and tabs will also slow down your performance.

Applications like Mixer, Youtube Spotify and more will have it’s toll on your internet connection.

Be sure to Quit out of all unnecessary Apps while you’re playing Fallout 76.

5 : Avoid Peak Times When Playing.

If you’re located within heavy residential areas or you share your Bandwidth with multiple users. You may be sharing your Internet connection with other Data hogs.

Other users on your connection will restrict your available bandwidth and thus will increase ping. Also during busy periods of game servers you may naturally find an increase in server lag.

If you want a much more refined experience when playing games be sure to avoid peak times.

6: Is your XBox One Faulty?

If the above fixes have not helped identify the problem then the issue maybe with your XBox One. Sometimes consoles running hot can effect gameplay online.

However if your XBox One is constantly lagging while playing Fallout 76 then simply try the same connection but on a different XBox One Console.

Fix : Replace Your XBox One Console With Your Warranty.

If your Console is the culprit then the good news is you can easily source a repair or replacement with your warranty.

User Submitted Lag Fixes


Dealing with high ping playing games like Fallout 76 on XBox One is incredibly frustrating. Excessive lag spikes, disconnections and stuttering can really break the immersion of the game.

This is why it’s important to seek advice from the Bethesda or reach out to Microsoft Support.

We will continue to update this guide with tips and tricks which may help solve the situation.

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