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Boosting and Improving your Super Smash Bros Ultimate FPS.

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Join the Fray with your Favourite Nintendo Characters in the Latest Brawler from Nintendo. However competetion is strong so you need to ensure that if you’re playing online or locally. Here’s some ways in which you can improve your Super Smash Bros Ultimate FPS.

Smash Bros Ultimate Frame Rate Drop Console Fix Guide

How can you tell if Smash Bros Ultimate is dropping FPS for your Nintendo Switch?

Well to the untrained eye not so easy but if you feel that your game play is stuttering. Or sometimes can seem a little chunky and slow then its likely your dropping frames.

Most Consoles of this generation support at least 30 FPS Minimum. The Playstation 4 Pro and XBox one X can power up to 60 FPS on some games.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate News

Super Smash Bros Ultimate | Switch | DLC, Trailers and More..

“Super Smash Bros Ultimate is looking to be one of the biggest Fighting Games of 2018”

Smash Bros Ultimate Nintendo Information.

The very first Super Smash Bros was released by Nintendo Back in 2001. It was a complete eye opener to fans of all Nintendo Characters. This charming world in which your favourite playable characters duke it out in weird and wonderful ways. Nintendo are pushing that to the limit now with their latest roster of characters in Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

At Chaos Hour we have not yet encountered any issues with Smash Bros Ultimate running sluggish or dropping frames. However if you have – be sure to reach out to Nintendo and inform them of the situation.

When contacting Nintendo be sure to give them details regarding the FPS Issue your having on switch.

Follow Nintendo on Facebook and Twitter so you can stay current with any and all press releases they may make.

Boosting Smash Bros Ultimate Frame Rate on Switch.

The Nintendo Switch is an incredibly fun and gorgeous console. Some users have complained it cannot reach the potential output of the XBox One or Playstation 4.

That argument is null and void when the Switch is able to deliver a strong 24-30 FPS consistently.

However if you feel that your Nintendo Switch is dropping frames or performing slow. Then be sure to try the following solutions to improve your FPS.

1: Update Your Switch for Smash Bros Ultimate

The Nintendo Switch is an incredible Robust console for what it is. But it’s only going to be as good as the amount of care and content that you and the Nintendos give it.

Nintendo release an abundance of firmware and software updates to ensure that games run smooth and without cause for concern. However if certain games are struggling like Smash Bros Ultimate on frame drops then it may require a console restart or update.

Guide : Updating Your Switch Console To Fix Frame Drops

Thanks to the Switch though updating the console is super easy and in most cases automatic as long as you have a stable internet connection.

2: Ensure Smash Bros Ultimate is on the Latest Update To Fix FPS

Overtime Switch Nintendos will release software updates in order for Smash Bros Ultimate to remain stable and optimised. It’s imperative that if you have run into any problems. Before you reach out ensure you’re running the latest Update for the Game.

Sometimes games will have an option in which you can Force an Update. If no option exists then when you boot the Switch up and before you play Smash Bros Ultimate. It will ask you if you wish to update.

GUIDE : Formatting and un-installing software on Switch.

If you’re running on the Latest Smash Bros Ultimate Patch and your FPS is still dropping then it maybe a corrupt install.

You can easily resolve this by un-installing and then re-installing. Alternatively you can attempt a Factory Reset. We have a comprehensive guide on how to do that.

3: Is Your Switch Running Hot and Dropping Frames?

Although the Switch is smaller and much more nimble than it’s mainstream competition. The Switch may still suffer overheating problems while your playing Smash Bros Ultimate.

We suggest you keep gaming time broken up with sufficient breaks. If your console is still running hot it may indicate that your Switch is overheating.

Guide : Overheating Switch causing Frame Drops

The Nintendo Switch has been designed with significant in-takes and out-takes to allow warm air to pass through the console. If any of these ports are clogged with debris or dust you risk damaging your console.

Please check out our intensive Cleaning Guide so you can give your Switch some tender loving care and to fix any frame drops caused.

4: Latency Fix for Smash Bros Ultimate on Switch While Playing.

When Playing online with your friends and family. Or even when playing competitive games like Mario Kart and Splatoon you may encounter frame drops.

However when playing online this maybe a latency or lag issue with your connection.

Sometimes poor connection to the internet or slow download and upload speed can create lag. Lag will then cause your Smash Bros Ultimate to stutter, drop frames, pause and worse.

Guide : Test Internet Connection for Smash Bros Ultimate on Switch

To Identify if Lag is causing you to drop frames we highly recommend trying to play Smash Bros Ultimate offline. If no issues present them self then be sure to check your internet connection.

5: External Hardware Dropping Frames with Smash Bros Ultimate on Switch

If you have connected your Switch Dock up to a Capture Card or Capture Device so you can both Stream and Record Smash Bros Ultimate. You may run into problems if your capture device hardware is not up to the job.

Sometimes if you’re recording you may be creating extra pressure for your Switch if your Capture Device does not feature any on-board encoder.

Guide : Budget Capture cards for Smash Bros Ultimate on Nintendo Switch

To fix if you’re frame rate drops are caused by your Capture device then simply plug your Switch Dock Straight into your TV Unit.

Alternatively to this you can simply un-dock your Switch and use it as a handheld to identify any FPS Drops.

6: Repairing your Nintendo Switch to Resolve Frame Drops

If you feel that you’ve tried all of the above Fixes and you truly believe your Nintendo Switch is faulty. An important question to ask yourself now is… are you covered.

Guide : What does your Nintendo Switch Warranty Cover?

If you’ve purchased your Console from a high-street retailer or online then you’re probably covered. Simply visit the point of purchase and inform them of the frame issue.

They will either then seek to repair, replace or refund the item as per their terms and conditions.

User Submitted FPS Fixes.

Like we expressed earlier – We have yet to have any issues or faults with Smash Bros Ultimate dropping frames. However if you have feel free to reach out and we may be able to provide a fix.

Also be sure to reach out to Nintendo with any fixes you find.


Have any of the above tips or common fixes solved your problem?

If not then you still have a fair few options. One thing you must understand. Sometimes games can be released with certain optimisation issues when it comes to playing them on consoles.

Unless the Nintendos action this issue then sadly that is the nature of the beast when it comes to console gaming. However you can inform the Nintendo by reaching out to them on their social networks.

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