Rainbow Six Siege is still stomping the competition with incredible gun play featuring a tonne of new content. In addition to the recent news of a brand new Siege title coming from this years E3 Event. Rainbow Six Siege is now hosting the North Star Battle Pass expansion for players world wide.

“The new operator is now on the first step of the Premium Track of the Battle Pass. When you buy the Premium Track, you will immediately obtain the new operator as well as an exclusive bundle. However, this is not the only way to unlock the new operator. If you do not want to buy the Premium Track, the new operator will become obtainable for 25000 Renown or 600 R6 Credits starting on June 30th.”

The North Star Battle Pass grants players access to a whole tonne of new cosmetic items, gameplay features, new operators and so much more. It’s possibly one of the bigger DLC additions in recent history for Six Siege.

“The Battle Pass’ free track activates automatically. To purchase the Premium pass, click the Battle Pass tile in the Home screen and click the Purchase Premium button in the Progression tab.”

Be sure to pick up Rainbow Six Siege today to give it a try! If you have ever been a fan of any FPS games such as CS:Go, PUBG or Escape from Tarkov then you will love it!

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