League of Legends : Vex’s Burning Questions Answered!

League of Legends Vex will be just one of the many new additions to hit League of Legends later this year! Who's Excited!

League of Legends continue to bolster their already impressive champion pool. This year with the arrival of Vex. Riot have answered a multitude of questions around this mysterious champion addition. Read below for some snippets – Or hover over to the Riot Page for the full details.

When is Vex coming out?

“As long as everything goes as planned, Vex should be coming out in September. We’re working on getting her source of power (aka her shadow) just right in game, which is why she’s releasing a bit after the Sentinels of Light event. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy getting to know the gloomy yordle who holds a special place in our goth kid hearts <3

(In case you missed it, Vex is part of the Rise of the Sentinels story that you can play through in the client right now!)”

Are Prestige skins canon? Does Prestige Ascended Pantheon’s existence mean Atreus is now some kind of super being in the lore?

“Prestige skins are not canon. They’re “what-if” style executions that try to answer the question: What might the biggest, most epic victory look like for this champ in this thematic?

All the Prestige skins do this, but it’s an especially topical question for Prestige Ascended Pantheon, since the Sentinels of Light event is based in core Runeterra canon. The real way the story ends is [[SPOILERS, GO PLAY RISE OF THE SENTINELS!]]. For Prestige Ascended Pantheon, we get to see Atreus kick Ruined Pantheon’s butt and become more powerful than ever before as a result. That kind of self-actualization is a big part of what makes Atreus feel strong, and talks to the core themes that make him awesome. That’s the kind of space Prestige gets to explore.”

Vex is rumoured to join the arsenal of incredible champions in the ever so popular hit MOBA League of Legends this September – Be sure to check it out!

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