Red Dead Redemption 2 Lag and High Ping may effect simply more than your online play. If you’re connection is weak or you may have another issue which may be raising your Ping. We’ve created this troubleshooting guide which will help identify the error and fix it.

High Red Dead Redemption 2 Ping on PlayStation 4?

It’s the bane of gamers all over the world. Ping is the universal term to describe the speed in which your PlayStation 4 is connecting to the game servers and more. 

During GamePlay all sorts of location details, character placements and much more are transmitted between the player and game. If your ping is high you will endure breaks within your connection, frame drops, frame skips and much more.

Fix : Ensure your PlayStation 4 Is Connected Properly.

The below guide will be giving you detailed hints in how you can fix your high ping or lag spikes while playing Red Dead Redemption 2. We will also be talking ways in which you can bolster your performance and reduce your ping numbers.

Below you will see details regarding how to contact Rockstar to inform them of any excessive Red Dead Redemption 2 issues.

Rockstar Contact Information.

It’s important that you reach out to Rockstar to inform them of any issues. It may simply be a server side issue that the development team are aware of. Your Feedback can help.

RockStar have delivered other great titles including Grand Theft Auto 4, GTA V and Red Dead Redemption 1.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Release Date

Red Dead Redemption 2 Updates, News, DLC and more.

“All the Latest Updates, News, and Details Regarding Rock Stars Behemoth Game”

You can also contact Red Dead Redemption 2 and Rockstar on their social hubs such as Facebook and Twitter. If you believe your issue of lag is a hardware related issue then feel free to open up to Sony Support regarding the fault.

Reduce Red Dead Redemption 2 Lag PS4:

Below you will see a variety of ways in which you can resolve your Lag and High Ping issues while playing games on your Sony PlayStation 4. Most of the fixes will not require you to make any extended purchases.

If you find that the below solutions do not help then we do encourage you to contact Rockstar.

1: Test your Red Dead Redemption 2 Internet Connection on PS4.

There are a variety of different ways in which you can test your internet connection. This will give you a much more in-depth look into what’s going wrong or right with your connection.

Firstly you can test your internet connection via your PlayStation 4 Settings. However we encourage you to test your Connection using SpeedTest first.

Fix : Test your Connection Now With Red Dead Redemption 2.

The SpeedTest website will reveal details regarding if your line is suffering a fault, download speed, upload speed and much more. You will need a local Laptop, Mobile device or tablet to complete this step.

2: Changing Internet Provider on your PlayStation 4.

If you’re ping speed is running high or your download speed and upload speed is a little lack lustre then it maybe time to improve your Internet Provider.

Yes it may cost money to upgrade however there are a tonne of options for you on the market to improve your latency and reduce your lag.

Fix : Upgrade to the Cheapest Powerful Internet Connection Today.

If you’re taking Red Dead Redemption 2 Seriously then its important to be playing with the smoothest connection possible. So ensure that all background applications which may be leeching your bandwidth or performance are turned off.

3: Change your Wireless Connection for a Wired – Playstation 4.

Wireless Connection is most definitely easier on the eyes. You no longer have to deal with extensive cables around your room or house. However the major downside to running a Wireless Connection on your PlayStation 4 is the risk of weak Internet.

Ensure you have everything ready to allow your Wireless Signal to run fast between your Router and your PlayStation 4. Use the Connection Guide below for some tips and tricks.

Fix : Connecting your PlayStation 4 to the Internet.

If you’re still having problems with the Wireless Internet creating drag on your Console then ditch it and grab an ethernet cable.

Ethernet cables are superior in almost all ways when it comes to providing speed and efficiency for playing online with games like Red Dead Redemption 2.

Guide : Using a Ethernet Cable for your PlayStation 4 Will Reduce Lag.

If you’re using an Ethernet but your connection is still poor then this may indicate a fault with your PlayStation 4 hardware.

4: Close all Applications while Playing Red Dead Redemption 2 on PS4.

Sometimes Applications can run in the background while your playing on your PlayStation 4 Console. Also any other applications which maybe running on your mobile device, tablets, laptops and more may also cause harm to your connection.

Every application which connects to the internet will take it’s fair share of bandwidth. In turn this will hike up your ping. This will lead to lag, frame skips and much more.

Applications like Youtube, Spotify, Twitch and more will certainly take its toll on your connection speed.

5 : Be Wary of the Time of Day.

If you share your household with various other internet users then be sure to keep in mind the time of day. Servers can become congested and other users using your internet can create issues with your available bandwidth.

If you’re unable to resolve your ping issue or lag spikes then be sure to try at a quieter period within the day for better results.

6: Faulty PlayStation 4 Creating Lag?

Sadly if none of the suggestions above have resolved your Red Dead Redemption 2 High Ping issue then it is likely that your PlayStation 4 maybe faulty.

There are a wide array of reasons why this may be. This includes consoles running hot, damaged ethernet ports and much more.

Fix : Source a Repair or Replacement for your PlayStation 4.

It’s important to reach out to your point of purchase in order to seek a repair or replacement. The process is relatively easy and can be quite quick. 

User Submitted Lag Fixes


Having issues with High Ping while playing games similar to Red Dead Redemption 2 is annoying. We understand your frustration and we want to help. It’s important that you now reach out to Rockstar or alternatively you can contact Sony support.

We will continue to update this guide with any user submitted guides on how to resolve the issue.

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