Fix It: God Wars Future Past Crashing / Freezing Solutions

If You're Having Issues With God Wars Future Past Crashing And Freezing Here's What To Do

So often, games and DLC are released with small bugs and issues, which cause some games to crash and freeze. A lot of the time, this can be down to simple issues with your own console or its compatibility with the game. Sometimes, however, they are common issues and bugs which many other gamers are also experiencing. Whether your game is freezing up on you, crashing mid game, not loading properly, or game-play is lagging/disrupted – we are here to help.

This guide is simply designed to help fix common issues which arise with some games, we are happy to offer any help to those of you who might be experiencing issues. So, if any of the below issues relate to you, feel free to comment below and we shall see if others are experiencing the same problem and if anyone has a solution.

Easy Fixes For Issues which may present themselves with God Wars Future Past:

1: “God Wars Future Past Error Message : Disc is Un-readable”

If during gameplay of ‘God Wars Future Past’ the game crashes with the “Disc Unreadable” error message on your games console then there are a few things which you can do to fix the problem. This solution is only reliable for; XBox One, XBox 360, PS4, PS3, Wii U

Solution: Eject the disc and give it a clean, it is unlikely that a DVD or BLU-ray disc would scratch itself past destruction so the error could be with a dirty disc lens or simply dust on the disc itself. Get a dry soft cloth and move away any dust or debris which the ‘God Wars Future Past’ disc may have. If there is a perfect circular scratch running all the way around the disc then this is a Laser Burn and is a common issue with DVD Discs.

Fixing a Laser Burn: A laser burn will cause your game to crash, freeze and not load the game at all. There is no easy solution to fixing a Laser Burn as the mark travels so deep through the disc it often causes permanent damage. You can try taking it to your local game store if they have a disc buffer which will hopefully buff the mark out. If this fails borrow a friends copy of ‘God Wars Future Past’, Install the game, and then try your damaged disc to see if the game will load. If the game loads once it is installed it will not require the disc so much as you play.

GUIDE : Check out our complete guide on how to fix un-readable discs and laser burns.

If the game does not require a Disc and it runs off a pre installed file which is located on a hard drive (Example: The PS VITA) then the fault may lie with a corrupt installation file. To ensure that this is not the case be sure to try and re-install the game or re-download the game and try again. This will clear up any issues which are connected with a bad install.

2: “God Wars Future Past freezing on loading my save file”

If your ‘God Wars Future Past’ game is freezing on the loading screen just after you load your previous safe then this may indicate that either there is a fault with your hard drive or with the save file itself. It is an annoyance but save files can become corrupt if you turn off your console while it is saving your progress. Once you begin to save or during the auto-save period DO NOT switch the console off. Doing so will result in your save file most likely becoming corrupt, un readable and un fixable.

GUIDE: How To Format Your XBox One Hard-Drive / How To Format Your PS4 Hard-Drive

Solution: There is no real way of fixing a corrupt save file. However some gamers have suggested that if you clear your system cache then it will allow you to load the save file. Also you can attempt to revert back to an earlier save file before your game was corrupted. If you believe that the save file is not the case and it may be your hard-drive. Attempt to transfer the save file by using a memory card to another hard-drive and try to ‘God Wars Future Past’ save on another console.

GUIDE: Complete Guide on Preventing Corrupt Data and Save Files

3: “God Wars Future Past lagging errors and issues.

Although ‘Lag” seems to be the number one problem in today’s online gaming it is not always the blame of the game. Just because your ‘God Wars Future Past’ game is lagging does not mean that your game is faulty. When playing online Lag is the fault of a poor connection to the internet. There are various different factors which may cause you to experience lag while your gaming with your friends.

Solution: If you don’t normally experience lag then there may be an issue with your service provider. You can contact your service provider and they will explain if they are experiencing any kind of faults on your line. Failing this if you are running a Wi-Fi connection you may want to try and use a wired connection using a high speed Ethernet cable. It is most likely that it is another member of your household which is downloading something or visually streaming content from websites such as YouTube and Facebook which will decrease your bandwidth and ultimately make your ‘God Wars Future Past’ game lag.

GUIDE: How To Test Your Internet Connection / Recommended Internet Providers For Gaming

4: “Cant Connect to God Wars Future Past Online / Multiplayer / Server.

If you are faced with a connection issue with any games and you cannot connect to the online features of ‘God Wars Future Past’ then the fault may lie with your connection. Even though you are online are you sure you are not behind a firewall? Or maybe your console or computer is restricting you access to the server due to a safety lock. Another possibility is that your current version of the game is not up to date and is causing an issue.

Solution: First things first, be sure to check that your running the correct version of the game. If you’re game is out of date then it simply may need an update or patch to use again.To do this simply update the game through the games servers and attempt to connect to ‘God Wars Future Past’ again. If this still does not work be sure to remove any firewall which may prevent you from connecting to the server. If you are not behind a firewall and be sure to check the support section of ‘God Wars Future Past’ to see if they are having any issues with their server. If they are having problems and the server is down I suppose it’s time to play the waiting game.

5: “God Wars Future Past DLC Code Not Valid / Already Been Redeemed”

If you managed to pre order ‘God Wars Future Past’ or bought the limited edition or collector’s edition and the codes do not work then it may be a minor fault with the game itself or possibly the fault of the place of purchase.

Solution: If you purchased a retail copy of ‘God Wars Future Past’ and the code was not valid there are a few things that you could do. If the game was sealed and the code is saying that it is not valid then be sure to double check that you have entered the correct code. If after checking it is still not working simply e-mail the customer support team for the game and they will be happy to help you. However you will need a picture of both the game and proof of purchase. If the code has already been redeemed and you are not able to get your extra content or online pass working then please be sure to check out our DLC Code Guides which will give you a variety of different solutions to fix the problem.

GUIDE : Soutions For DLC Codes That Do Not Work

6: “No Sound In ‘God Wars Future Past’.”

Problems with sound are very rarely the fault of the game disc and can be fixed in numerous ways. If you are having any problems with sound when playing ‘God Wars Future Past’ then there are a few steps you can take to ensure that the problem is not a user error and it maybe a fault with your game disc.

Solution: To fix sound issues with ‘God Wars Future Past’ then be sure to check all of the connections between the TV and console. If the connections are okay then you can try and replace any wires which you may believe have become damaged. If you have replaced the wires and you are still unable to hear anything from the game then it may be a fault with the game disc. As long as it is still under warranty then the retailer will be happy to change the game for another copy.

7: Is My Games Console or PC Faulty? What Can I Do?

If you have attemped all of the relevent fixes above and you’re still having issues with your game then there is a chance that your console maybe faulty. Faulty consoles are a nightmare to deal with but once you have the right mindset and the correct knowledge then it isnt such a bother.

Solution: If you strongly believe your console is faulty then be sure to check to see if you’re still covered. Most consoles come with a standard manufacturers warranty. This entitles you to a repair or exchange on the console from the place in which you purchased the console. Sometimes the developers can also help wtih a replacement console. As long as you are within your warranty time then feel free to contact the provider. If you purchased the console online then it is even easier to seek a replacement.

Guide: Console Warranty Explained / Gamers Guide To Online Refunds and Returns

Playstation 4

1: ‘God Wars Future Past’ trophies not unlocking.

Sometimes Trophies may not unlock while completing that epic boss battle or racing for the fastest time. If you ever encounter this fault with ‘God Wars Future Past’ we recommend you restart the console and check for any updates which may be available via online. Double check that your connection with Playstation Network is fluid and without fault. Some games require you to be online for certain trophies to unlock.

Solution: Sometimes trophies can be effected by a multitude of issues such as running the latest update of the game, connection issues with the internet or simply a sly bug still running within the game in which the developer has yet to fix.

GUIDE: How To Fix Playstation 4 Trophies Not Unlocking

2: Playstation 4 Turning Off and Crashing During ‘God Wars Future Past’

Sometimes when a console crash or simply turns off it can be various issues. However the major culprit is overheating. Consoles run hot for lengths of time and without the correct treatment can cause crashes and sometimes permanant damage. If you experience this while playing ‘God Wars Future Past’ on Playstation 4. We have a few tricks that might save the day.

Solution: Before anything be sure to connect to Playstation Network and download any current or new updates for both the PS4 and ‘God Wars Future Past’. Follow our overheating guide which will allow you to clean your console and remove any debris which may be causing the fault. If this fails to work it may be a damaged save file or hard drive information. Begin a brand new game on ‘God Wars Future Past’ or alternatively you can do a complete system restart in order to fix any hard-drive issues.

GUIDE: Overheating Playstation 4 Cleaning Guide / How To Factory Reset A Playstation 4

3: Playstation 4 Wont Update ‘God Wars Future Past’

It is important to run the latest update of the games available today. Developers will release updates over time which will help with bugs and fixes, crashing errors, balance issues and also add additional content. Sometimes due to client in-compatibility you will not be able to play online and use some specific features.

Solution: Ensure that your Playstation 4 is connected to the internet. This will allow for it to automatically download the latest update for ‘God Wars Future Past’. If the game has no automatic update feature available then more than likely you will find it in the game settings. If your Playstation 4 will not update then please be sure to check your internet connection.

GUIDE : How To Get The Latest Updates and Patches

Other Errors And Issues :

“My copy of ‘God Wars Future Past‘ is crashing on the load screen.”

“My copy of ‘God Wars Future Past’ is freezing.”

“My save game of ‘God Wars Future Past’ is corrupted and I can’t find my data.”

“I am experiencing glitches in ‘God Wars Future Past’, how do I Patch it?”

If any of these problems seem familiar to you, then please comment below! We won’t be able to release an update or patch, but the more people who make us aware of these issues, the easier it is for us to notify developers of common issues, or at least find ways to help you counteract them.

So if you are having trouble with ‘God Wars Future Past’ regardless of platform (e.g Xbox One / Xbox360 / PS4 / PS3 / Wii / PC / 3DS / Vita) then post the issue below and tell us about the problem. Also if you have managed to fix certain issues then please be sure to post below with how you fixed the problem.

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