Dark Souls Remastered Dropping Frames [FPS] on PC

A complete guide on ways to improve Dark Souls Remastered Frame Rate.

Dark Souls Remastered Dropping Frames PC
Dark Souls Remastered Dropping Frames PC

Dark Souls Remastered is now available for PC Users on Steam. If you’ve had problems with your gaming Rig Dropping Frames or you’ve noticed that the game is running quite slow. You might have a frame rate issue. Follow this guide on some ways in which you can bolster your performance.

There are a variety of different reasons on why Dark Souls Remastered might be dropping frames or providing you with low FPS. Not all of these reasons are the fault of the development team.

Games these days are optimised best they can be to run on a variety of different PC Rigs and Gaming Rigs. However if you’re Gaming rig is having problems then it may indicate an internal hardware or software fault.

To identify whether or not your PC or Windows 10 maybe effecting Dark Souls Remastered then simply follow the easy fix guide below.

Dark Souls Remastered Fix Guide Contents :

Processor Faults and Fix for Dark Souls Remastered.
Dark Souls Remastered Graphic Card Troubleshooting.
Sufficient Hard Drive for Dark Souls Remastered?
Software Confrontation while playing Dark Souls Remastered

Fix : Processor Throttling Frame Rates for Dark Souls Remastered?

Most recent Hardware has been optimised for completing heavy processing tasks while staying at a consistent, safe and reliable temperature. However you may find with older processors and dated rigs that your Processor might be overheating.

To check if your Processor is overheating while playing Dark Souls Remastered Simply complete the following.

Processor Fix Guide

Visit Core Temp
Download the Software Tool to retrieve stats regarding your current hardware performance.

Although not required a healthy temperature for your Processor to be running while playing Dark Souls Remastered is anywhere between 35*c to 55*C.

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A Processor which is overheating maybe throttling your gaming rigs performance and may result in your games dropping frames, running sluggish and ultimately crashing on you.

If your Processor is showing high temperatures then move on and try some of the following methods to fix the issue.

Arctic Paste Applied?

If you have identified that your Processor is running hot its vital to solve and fix the issue as soon as possible. Overheating on a processor can not only provide you with a vast collection of issues and PC faults.

It can also cause long term hardware damage on both your processor and motherboard.

You may need to apply some Thermal Paste or Arctic Silver to your processor. This can easily be done by purchasing a small kit off Amazon or another hardware retailer.

To apply Thermal Paste be sure to follow the guide and manual that comes with the paste kit. However be sure not to apply too much and ensure you clean any previous paste before applying.

Once the Thermal Paste has been applied to your Processor. Firmly attach the CPU Fan and lock it into place on the motherboard.

Motherboard Firmware Updated?

Processor temperature running fine however still finding your having a high CPU Usage while playing Dark Souls Remastered then your Motherboard Firmware maybe out of date.

It’s important to ensure that your Motherboard is running on a strong foundation which supports the processor that you’re using.

GUIDE: How To Test Your Internet Connection / Recommended Internet Providers For Gaming

You can easily update your Motherboard Drivers by identifying which motherboard you’re using and using a google Search for popular and latest drivers.

Ideal Processors for Most PC Games

If you’ve tried the above solutions however have thus not found a fix for your frames dropping then it maybe time to upgrade your Processor.

FIX : Do you meet the requirements for Dark Souls Remastered? Check Today!

Before upgrading or purchasing a new Processor be sure to finalise what Processors are supported by your Motherboard. If you purchase the wrong Processor then it may not fit within your current motherboard.

Ideal Processors for Running Dark Souls Remastered :

I9-7980XE I9-7960X I9-7940X I9-7920X I9-7900X
Ryzen 1950X I7-6950X I7-7820X I7-7900X RYZEN 1920X
I7-6900K RYZEN 2700X I7-8700K RYZEN 7 2700 RYZEN 7 1800X
RYZEN 1900X I7-8700 RYZEN 7 PRO 1700X RYZEN 7 PRO 1700 RYZEN 5 2600X
RYZEN 7 1700X I7-7800X I7-6850K RYZEN 7 1700 I7-6800K
I7-8700T RYZEN 5 2600 RYZEN 5 1600 I5-8500 I7-7740X
RYZEN 5 PRO 1600 I7-7700K I5-8400 I7-6700K I5-8600T
I7-5775C I7-5775R RYZEN 5 PRO I7-7700 RYZEN 5 1500X
I5-8500T I7-6700 I5-7640X RYZEN 5 2400G I7-7700T
I3-8350K I5-7600K I7-6700T I7-6700TE I5-7600
RYZEN 5 1400 RYZEN 3 PRO 1300 I7-5675C I5-7600T I5-5675R
I5-6600K I5-6600 RYZEN 3 1300X I5-5575R I5-7400
I5-6402P RYZEN 3 2200G I5-6600T I5-6500 I5-7500T
RYZEN 3 PRO 1200 AMD FX 6330 RYZEN 3 1200 I5-6400 I3-7350
I7-4770TE I5-6500TE I3-6500TE I3-7320 I5-7400
I3-7300 I5-6500T AMD PRO A12-9800 AMD PRO A12-8870 I3-6300
PRO A10-8850 I3-7100 A10-8770 A10-9700 A10-8750B
A10-8850 I5-6400T ATHLON X4 880K A12-9800 I3-6098P
A10-9700 I3-6100 A10-7870K A8-8650 ATHLON X4 845
I3-7300T ATHLON X4 870K PRO A8-9600 X4 950 G4620

Fix Graphics Card from Dropping Frames with Dark Souls Remastered?

The Graphics Card is known as the true power house when it comes to PC Hardware to power your beautiful gaming experience. If you’re Graphics card is not up to calibre then it may struggle.

This will result in your GAMEPLAY performance being slow, sluggish and running at a low FPS. (Frames Per Second).

However if your Graphics card not only matches but also beats the Recommended Minimum/Recommended Requirements for Dark Souls Remastered then it may indicate a software or hardware issue with your GFX Card.

Try the below fixes to identify whether or not your Graphics Card is creating your issue.

Sufficient Power Supply?

More than likely if your Power Supply (PSU) Is not up to scratch then it’s likely your Graphics card will not even boot or load your Games.

However an PSU which is struggling to deliver the optimum Voltage maybe a cause for concern.

Cooler Master have an incredibly strong PSU tool which will inform you of what power supply you should be running within your PC Rig. This is handy as it will easily allow you to narrow down whether or not your Graphics Card maybe struggling to perform.

If your GPU is getting enough Juice then it may lead to either your Graphics Card having a Software error or a full on Hardware Issue which needs repair.

Download Latest Graphic Drivers for Dark Souls Remastered

Often Overlooked – Especially when most times Windows 10 will automatically download viable Graphics Drivers for your GFX Card to be used on Dark Souls Remastered.

FIX : Do you meet the requirements for Dark Souls Remastered? Check Today!

However you can quickly update to the latest Graphics Drivers which are available to you which may resolve your frame rate issue.

Downloading Nvidia Graphics Card Drivers for Dark Souls Remastered.

There are available Graphics Drivers for each of the following GFX Cards available via Nvidia’s GAME Ready Driver. It supports the following Graphics Cards.

The Graphics Cards Supported : 

GeForce 1080 TI GeForce 1080 GeForce 1070 TI GeForce 1070 GeForce 1060
Geforce 1050 Ti Geforce 1050 GeForce 1030
GeForce 980 Ti Geforce 980 Geforce 970 Geforce 960 GeForce 950
GF GTX 780 Ti GF GTX 780 GF GTX 770 GF GTX 760 TI GF GTX 750 TI
GF GTX 750 GF GTX 745 GF GTX 740 GF GTX 730 Other 7 Series
GF GTX 690 GF GTX 680 GF GTX 670 GF GTX 660 TI Other 6 Series

These are not the only Graphics Cards that the Nvidia Game Ready Supports however is the most recent.

We highly Encourage you to upgrade your Graphics Card to a recent Model. To get the best performance.

Download AMD Radeon Graphics Drivers for Dark Souls Remastered.

If you’re Running an AMD Graphics Card then you will be required to download similar drivers however from a different source.

You can download all of the recent Graphics Drivers for AMD From their Support Website.

The Graphics Cards Supported : 

Radeon RX 5xx  Series Radeon RX 4xx series
Radeon Pro Duo Radeon R9 Fury Radeon R9 Nano Radeon R9 3xx Radeon R9 2xx
Radeon R9 290x Radeon R9 290 Radeon R9 285 Radeon R9 270x Radeon R9 270
Radeon R7 3xx Radeon R7 350 Radeon R7 2xx Radeon R7 260x Radeon R7 260
Radeon R7 250x Radeon R7 250 Radeon R7 240 Other R Cards

AMD Drivers for much older cards are also available for you to download. Be sure to find the specific Graphics Card you have via Device Manager and Download.

Once again if you’re running an Older Radeon Card we do recommend to upgrade to something more recent to ensure a smooth frame rate.

Hard-Drive Fault Causing Dark Souls Remastered to Drop Frames?

If your playing Dark Souls Remastered Via Steam, Windows 10, UPlay or some other software handler you may have maxed out your allocated Hard Drive Space.

Games these days take a significant amount of Hard Drive space and if you’re Hard-Drive is near full you will experience disk read drag and other anomalies.

Hard-Drive Full or Close to Max Allocated Space

More often than not if your Hard Drive is the problem you will experience slow load times. However it has happened on other games in which a full hard-drive can cause frame rate drops.

It’s generally good practice to clean your hard-drives of any un-used software or large installation files from time to time.

Free up Hard-Drive Space to improve Frame Drops for Dark Souls Remastered.

Simply Visit Control Panel and begin to un-install un-necessary software which is hogging your Hard Drive Space. Alternatively you could look to improve your Storage Situation on your gaming rig.

HDD vs SSD for Dark Souls Remastered

Hard Drives still rely on a disk which can be quite slow compared to the new high-end Solid State Drives which are now available.

Although not recommended  you can install Dark Souls Remastered on the same Solid State Drive that you’re Windows Operating System is installed on.

Guide : Ensure Dark Souls Remastered is running latest Update to help with FPS.

This will grant you significantly slower load times as well as a reduction in pressure on your hardware.

We highly encourage you to purchase a separate Solid State Drive for all your gaming and creative programmes.

This will ensure that Windows 10 is still running smooth for Dark Souls Remastered.

System RAM Creating Sluggish and Slow GAMEPLAY?

Games since 2017 and on ward are becoming heavily a lot more intensive on your System Memory. Open World games which allow the players the freedom to roam do require high end Memory to allow for a smooth Experience.

If you’re not running at least 8-16GB of System memory then we highly suggest you upgrade.

FIX : Do you meet the requirements for Dark Souls Remastered? Check Today!

Although may not be required but you may need to swap Memory sticks or upgrade your Memory Allowance to fix your Frame drops with Dark Souls Remastered.

The More memory the better the output of your Gaming Rig will be. Some Software can be a real Memory hog not to mention with running other software within the background.

Close Third Party Apps.

Modern casual and hardcore gamers will often enjoy their games while running a bunch of Third Party Software in the background. This includes programmes such as Skype, Spotify, Discord, Benchmark software, Hardware support software and much more.

It’s important for you to identify whether or not additional software may be causing drag and reduced frame rates for Dark Souls Remastered.

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You can identify this by running Task Management software on Windows 10 while you’re playing Dark Souls Remastered.

Try closing the software either before or during your gameplay to improve and fix your performance issue.

XSPLIT / OBS Causing Low frames while streaming Dark Souls Remastered.

XSplit and OBS have out performed and have proven that they are the kings of Streaming Software within 2018.

However if you’re streaming Dark Souls Remastered and you’ve noticed your dropping frames then it may indicate that your Rig is struggling with your software.

Guide : Best Streaming Software for Gaming 2018

OBS has been hailed in the past for being a lot less demanding on your Gaming Rig. However a strong wealth of gamers have said that XSPLIT has provided better quality when streaming games like Dark Souls Remastered.

Ensure you’re not streaming or recording your gameplay with the streaming softeware. If you do and you notice an increase in performance you may have to upgrade your gaming Rig to support your needs.

FIX : Set Nvidia Drivers to Performance

Although may not work with Dark Souls Remastered. Numerous gamers have reported that adjusting their Nividia drivers for their graphics card has improved performance. Not only improving it but fixing any frame drop issues they may have.

So if you’re FPS is dropping with Dark Souls Remastered load up your Nvidia Drivers and set your Driver Profile to ‘Performance’ over ‘Quality’.

How To Fix Performance with Nvidia Dark Souls Remastered Drivers

“Visit Nvidia Control Panel > 3D Settings > Adjust Image Settings > Use my Preference Emphazising Performance”


It’s important to note that this Fix guide for Dark Souls Remastered dropping frames has been created. With the knowledge and experience of dealing with other games. This guide contains common fixes for common issues that you may effect you.

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If you have attempted all of the above fixes and no solution has helped you. Your Dark Souls Remastered is still dropping frames then be sure to reach out to the developers. If you have identified that other gamers are also having the same problem.

You may be eligable for a refund.

Until then Happy Gaming.

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