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BOX One Achievements Not Unlocking Fix

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Achievements are a constant morale booster for us gamers. They are our medals of valour, our cups of victory and more importantly they are a constant source of motivation when it comes to our favourite games and completing them on the hardest difficulty possible. However as clever as they are they sometimes let us down.

When we are so close to the finish line of that crazy time trial or when we are 2 hits away from defeating the end boss on hardcore mode the most frustrating thing in life is when the achievement doesn’t pop. Frustratng enough to send some of us crying under our blankets (I speak from experience).  However over the years various ways have been found to avoid the disappointment and to help unlock those pesky achievements.


Unlocking Achievements Solutions

Re Read The Achievement

Okay this seems a little bit of a silly one but honestly. Always be sure that you are correctly reading the achievement requirements. Far too many times I have overlooked the requirements and failed to see specific wording which makes the achievement different. Sometimes people get caught up on repetitive achievements which ensure you spend a specific amount of time on the game without adjusting the difficulty! So before reading on make sure you have re-read your objective.

Get the latest Update Online

Ensure that your Xbox game is running on the latest system update. If you need help with this simply check our Xbox One Update guide and that will allow you to download the latest update. If your version is out of sync with the servers the achievement may not pop-up. Also be sure to get the latest update of the game in which you’re playing. You can easily do this by updating through the in-game menus however most games will do it automatically.

Ensure no Foul play

Although temptation may overpower you some achievements are programmed to be disabled if the system detects any foul play or cheating. So all those stats you have boosted on your save file? Although your character is super ripped now you may have disabled all achievements within the game. If you are un-able to unlock achievements due to cheats then you may have to start a new-save or delete your old save. If not possibly clearing the system cache may help.


Ensure you’re connected To Xbox Live

Most achievements out there require you to have an active internet connection to the game servers. For example any achievements which involve multi-player will not unlock during off-line skirmishes. Ensure that you have a vibrant connection to the developers servers. If your internet is struggling or you are experiencing disconnection issues then check out our guide on how you can test your internet connection.

If you have any other solutions for achievements which fail on Xbox 360 or Xbox On, then we would love to hear below and we will update accordingly!