Annabelle Creation is another entry into the Annabelle series which is sure to bring you a tonne of frights, scares and heart pounding action. Here at ChaosHour today we’re gonna be giving away some codes for you to use where-ever you are. Enjoy đŸ™‚

Annabelle Creation Digital Download Giveaway

Here at Chaos Hour we intend to give our viewers, readers and audience, massive amounts of featured content. This not only includes online streams, youtube content and articles but also in the form of giveaways. Today we’re giving away Annabelle Creation HD UV Digital Download Codes. That’s right! You will be able to redeem the code below and you get Annabelle Creation absolutely free for you and others to enjoy.

Every Thursday we will be posting brand new and un-used codes for your pleasure so if you miss the chance to redeem the codes then re-visit when you can to get your Annabelle Creation code.

What is Ultra Violet?

UltraViolet‘ Works as a Cloud based digital rights system for films, tv-series and more. This allows you to keep a digital copy of your purchased films when you buy them from a retailer. Most ‘UltraViolet’ codes are sourced from DVD’s or Blu-Ray’s. The Annabelle Creation codes that are listed below are also allowed to be shared with your friends or family using the UltraViolet system.

Using UltraViolet is easy. You need to simply create a free account with UltraViolet, this can be done either now or when you redeem the Annabelle Creation code. This account will store all your digital rights over your films and collection. It’s important to note that you will have the ability to stream Annabelle Creation anywhere and on any device as long as you’re logged into your current UltraViolet account.

UltraViolet is not a rental service as per. Once you have redeemed your films you can watch them time after time with no penalty. However in some scenarios then film redemption codes similar to Annabelle Creation can expire. In light of that – The majority of codes have expiration dates which last months if not years.

Redeem Annabelle Creation Digital Download Now!

Remember to follows us on Youtube / Facebook to be kept up to date on more codes as and when they arrive. Similar to the below Annabelle Creation code we will be posting codes for new movies every Thursday so stay tuned!


The above Annabelle Creation digital download code has to be redeemed through the following retailer : (WARNERBROS.CO.UK/REDEEM) .

Follow the links below and input your Annabelle Creation code to redeem the movie into your UltraViolet library. It’s important to note that some of the codes may have been redeemed earlier – however simply reach out to us on Facebook and we will try our best to source more.

Redeeming Annabelle Creation Via Flixster

Flixster is just one of the many ways in which you may be able to redeem your Annabelle Creation digital download code. Flixster has been a long running company with incredible customer service which will be able to deliver your digital download at a fast rate. To redeem Annabelle Creation be sure that it can be redeemed via their delivery method which can be found below.

1: Firstly Visit Flixsters Redeem center.
2: List your Annabelle Creation digital download code in the redeem box
3: Redeem your active code and follow the prompts from Flixster – You will have to create a Flixster account and link your ultraviolet account in order to download Annabelle Creation.
4: If redemption has been unsuccessful it is either because this is not the registered retailer for your digital download or the code is simply redeemed already.

Redeeming Annabelle Creation Via TalkTalk

TalkTalk have not only shown impressive support when it comes to communications but alas hosts a wide library full of incredible movie titles. What’s great about TalkTalk is that even though your code may only be applicable for Standard Definition then sometimes TalkTalk over-rules that and still delivers all your downloads in full 1080HD Quality.

1: Redeeming on TalkTalk is simple by visiting their Hub
2: Input your Annabelle Creation digital download code into the box.
3: You will need to create a TalkTalk account in order to redeem your code – You then maybe requested to link your ultraviolet account also.
4: TalkTalk is quite exclusive so if your redemption has not worked then it is likely due to this not being the correct retailer. See above for the correct code distributor.

Redeeming Annabelle Creation Via FoxNetwork

Redeeming through Fox is easy and fast. Their redemption box is strong due to the fact it tells you when codes have been redeemed and when. The sign-up process is also very fast leading to very little work when it comes to watching Annabelle Creation and other films.

1: Fox supports a lot of featured movies with the likes of DeadPool, Revenant and more. Visit their redeem page to input your code.
2: Once you have listed your Annabelle Creation code then continue to access their services.
3: Redeeming via Fox is relatively easy however you will need to create a FoxAccount and also once again Link your UltraViolet Account.
4: Digital download code not valid? Then simply check above for the authorized retailer and try again. If the code has been redeemed already then read below in how you can source more.

Redeeming Annabelle Creation Via SonyPictures

Sony Pictures allows you to redeem all their codes via their website. The website is fast, responsive and will instantly tell you when and how to redeem your codes. Be sure to visit their website to redeem all future film titles.

1: SonyPictures supports a lot of UltraViolet products. Their redemption hub is pretty straight forward and gorgeous might we add.
2: Input your Annabelle Creation UltraViolet code – Remember to ensure that you have typed it correctly.
3: You will need to create a SonyAccount in order for you to establish your own UltraViolet library however it is free and simple to setup.
4: If you experience problems redeeeming the code then it is likely that you are using the wrong provider. Check the paragraph above to use the correct one. If it is still unavailable then it is likely it is redeemed already.

Redeeming Annabelle Creation Via WarnerBros

WarnerBros delivers a lot of its media through either Flixster of TalkTalk. However most options are dependent on the film which you have chosen to redeem. Their website is strong and features an impressive catalogue of film titles which can be purchased and unlocked.

1: Finally WarnerBros also provide a lot of high quality and HD UltraViolet Products. Visit their redeem screen to input your Annabelle Creation code.
2: Ensure that you’re using the correct characters and that the Annabelle Creation code is not redeemed already.
3: WarnerBros use TalkTalk and Flixster a lot for their digital products so it is likely the website will link you to the relevant provider to create an account with them.

Where To Buy Digital Download Codes

If you’ve unfourtunatly been too late to redeem the code and either the Annabelle Creation code is not working, redeemed already or simply is inactive then there are various alternatives for you.

Firstly be sure to follow us on Facebook and Youtube to stay up to date with more UltraViolet digital download code giveaways. You can also reach out to us for more codes – we will try our best to get back to you with more Annabelle Creation codes. We will also be listing more codes as time goes by so be sure to check back.

If you cant wait then there are a few alternatives for you. You can purchase UltraViolet digital download codes across the internet. Be sure to use a legitimate provider to ensure that you receive a powerful quality download.

Below is a comprehensive list on where you can get more Annabelle Creation digital download codes.


Although the selling of Digital Download items have been a long time running discussion for users, companies and more it still seems there’s a heavy community of users trading and selling digital download codes.

You may be lucky enough to source some Annabelle Creation digital download codes by checking out the relevant EBay Categories. Most users will dispatch the code straight away via e-mail if not they will dispatch the code out to you by delivery.


Although not Ultraviolet the I-Tunes stores features an incredible list of digital media which you can download straight to your PC, Tablet, Mobile phone and more. Firstly you will need to create an I-Tunes account then fill out the relevant information that is required. It is noted that you will need an enabled payment method on your account to download Annabelle Creation.

You can also rent movies on I-Tunes in incredible high definition quality. The price is cheaper however you only get a limited amount of time to watch the item and limited to certain amount of playbacks. If you’re only interested in watching Annabelle Creation once then this maybe  an option for you.


Flixster features an extensive library of media. It is very likely that if the above code does not work for you then you are able to simply Visit the Flixster webpage and download or rent Annabelle Creation. This will add Annabelle Creation to your library of films to watch on the go similar to I-Tunes. It’s important that some films are not cross compatable so if you have unlocked a movie for download on I-Tunes then it may not be available on Flixster.

Flixster have a strong customer service team which can aid you with any transactions. Their website is fast, clean and engaging in all the right ways making Flixster our personal favourite for streaming high-definition movies.

What Resolution is Ultra Violet

With the ever ending quest for high quality content some people have argued that UltraViolet, I-Tunes and other digital providers deliver bad quality. However the quality of your digital download depends on the provider and how you purchase it. Most providers deliver Annabelle Creation and other great titles in both Standard Definition and 1080 High Definition. Streaming movies in HD will be a struggle on your internet provider so ensure that your internet can support it.

Annabelle Creation digital download in 4K?

Very unlikely. The reason why it is rare for any provider to feature 4K is due to bandwidth. The ability to stream to 4K would be quite difficult so the majority of users would suffer latency and buffering issues. However i’m sure in the future we will be seeing Annabelle Creation along with other great titles to be available in 4K via download.

If you’re interested in getting more free digital downloads from Chaos Hour then please once again be sure to follow us on Youtube and Facebook so you get updates on when the codes are uploaded.


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