Far Cry 5 Boasts an impressive campaign which will deliver high octane action with some deep story driven elements throughout. To add to this you will also have the ability to undertake various side missions which will grant you perks and rewards throughout your campaign. This Article will feature a comprehensive list of all the available missions throughout Far Cry 5 – Where to find them and some key tips which you will need to complete them.

The Game is split into two different mission types. 

Far Cry 5 Story Missions – Firstly story missions are necessary to progress the game forwards and will grant you access to other features throughout the game. The game hosts an expansive story which will take a few days to complete.

Secondly – Far Cry 5 Side Missions – Sometimes optional missions which will grant you access to guns for hire, new weapons, new vehicles and other rewards which can aid you as you complete Far Cry 5. Something important to note is that some Side Missions are not necessary to complete the Main Far Cry 5 Story however hugely beneficial so we would recommend to complete them as you go.

Far Cry 5 Missions Guide & Story Missions List

For the following Mission list we have split the game into 4 Key Areas that you will traverse as you progress through Far Cry 5 – Those areas are :

  • Dutch’s Island
  • Holland Valleys
  • WhiteTail Mountains
  • Henbane River
Dutch’s Islands Story Missions and Side Missions List
Story Mission: A Glimmer of Hope
Story Mission: The Resistance
Story Mission: Guns for Hire
Dutch’s Region: Prepper Stashes: Sunken Funds

Holland Valleys Story Missions and Side Missions List
Story Mission: Liberate Fall’s End
Story Mission: Man’s Best Friend
Side Mission: Bear Necessities
Side Mission: Patriot Acts
Side Mission: Stunt Activity–Spray and Pray
Story Mission: Death Wish
Side Mission: No Means No
Side Mission: Uncrate
Side Mission: Stunt Activity–Baptism of Fire
Side Mission: The Judge Moose
Side Mission: Golden Age Nostalgia
Story Mission: Razing the Steaks
Story Mission: Blowing Their Mine
Side Mission: Water Works
Story Mission: Grace Under Fire
Side Mission: Exodus
Story Mission: Free Larry
Side Mission: The Hero’s Journey
Side Mission: Close Encounters
Side Mission: Out of This World
Story Mission: Wingman
Story Mission: Air Raid
Story Mission: Light ‘Em Up
Story Mission: Special Delivery
Story Mission: The Widowmaker
Story Mission: Hit the Gas
Story Mission: The Revelator
Story Mission: Good Samaritan
Story Mission: The Scattered Flock
Story Mission: Jumping Ship
Side Mission: Testy Festy
Side Mission: Praire Oyster Harvest
Side Mission: What They Carried
Side Mission: Cow Punching
Side Mission: Valley Armed Convoy
Side Mission: The Cleansing
Story Mission: The Confession
Story Mission: The Atonement
Story Mission: Wrath
Story Mission: The Quality of Mercy
John’s Region: Prepper Stashes: Swingers
John’s Region: Prepper Stashes: High Tension
John’s Region: Prepper Stashes: DIY and DOA
John’s Region: Prepper Stashes: Dumpster Diving
John’s Region: Prepper Stashes: Vespiary
John’s Region: Prepper Stashes: Long Range Lockpick
John’s Region: Prepper Stashes: Foxhole
John’s Region: Prepper Stashes: Playing With Fire
John’s Region: Prepper Stashes: Deep Dive
John’s Region: Prepper Stashes: Man Cave
John’s Region: Prepper Stashes: Fire in the Hole

Whitetail Mountain Story Missions and Side Missions List
Story Mission: Liberate Baron Lumber Mill
Side Mission: Static Frequency
Side Mission: Stunt Activity: Quadzilla
Side Mission: Shooting Gallery
Side Mission: Nature Provides
Story Mission: A Right to Bear Arms
Side Mission: Flavor Country
Side Mission: Grill Streak
Story Mission: A Dish Served Cold
Side Mission: Welcome Party
Story Mission: The Prodigal Son
Story Mission: Make Hope Great Again
Story Mission: Dinner Time
Side Mission: Stunt Activity: The Mooseknuckle Run
Side Mission: Stunt Activity: The Lord of the Wings
Story Mission: Missing in Action
Story Mission: Get Free
Story Mission: Search and Rescue
Story Mission: Radio Silence
Story Mission: Eviction Notice
Side Mission: Call of the Wild
Story Mission: Gearing Up
Side Mission: Turn the Tables
Side Mission: Grand Slam
Side Mission: Tools of the Trade
Side Mission: Gone Fishin’
Side Mission: The Admiral
Side Mission: Mint Condition
Side Mission: Mountain Armed Convoy
Story Mission: The World is Weak
Story Mission: We Must Be Strong
Story Mission: Sacrifice the Weak
Story Mission: Only You
Story Mission: Casualties of War
Jacob’s Region: Prepper Stashes: Mayday
Jacob’s Region: Prepper Stashes: Cliffhangar
Jacob’s Region: Prepper Stashes: Hangar Pains
Jacob’s Region: Prepper Stashes: The Holdouts
Jacob’s Region: Prepper Stashes: Unwelcome Guest
Jacob’s Region: Prepper Stashes: Gone Squatchin’
Jacob’s Region: Prepper Stashes: Salvage Rites


Henbane River Story Mission and Side Mission List
Story Mission: Liberate Hope County Jail
Story Mission: Clean Water Act
Story Mission: Here Kitty, Kitty
Side Mission: Whiskey River
Story Mission: Friendly Skies
Story Mission: Eco-Warriors
Side Mission: Ragnar the Terrible
Side Mission: Stunt Activity: Godspeed
Story Mission: Doctor’s Orders
Side Mission: Broken Path
Side Mission: The Judge Cougar
Story Mission: Burn, Baby, Burn
Side Mission: The Judge Bear
Side Mission: Quiet on the Set
Side Mission: Blood Dragon 3
Side Mission: Stunt Activity: Old Glory Holes
Story Mission: Salvation
Story Mission: Serve and Protect
Story Mission: Sins of the Father
Story Mission: War on Drugs
Story Mission: False Prophet
Story Mission: False Idols
Story Mission: Clinical Study
Side Mission: Refuel
Side Mission: Fast
Side Mission: Our Better Angels
Side Mission: Furious
Side Mission: Stunt Activity: Descente Dans la Folie
Side Mission: River Armed Convoy
Story Mission: A Leap of Faith
Story Mission: The Bliss
Story Mission: Ignorance is Bliss
Story Mission: The Lesson
Story Mission: Paradise Lost
Story Mission: Walk the Path
Faith’s Region: Prepper Stashes: Shipwreck
Faith’s Region: Prepper Stashes: Pooper Scooper
Faith’s Region: Prepper Stashes: Animal Control
Faith’s Region: Prepper Stashes: Overwatch
Faith’s Region: Prepper Stashes: Dead Man’s Treasure
Faith’s Region: Prepper Stashes: The Angel’s Grave
Faith’s Region: Prepper Stashes: O’Hara’s Haunted House
Faith’s Region: Prepper Stashes: Side Effects
Faith’s Region: Prepper Stashes: Getaway


There you have it – A Complete list of available Missions throughout Far Cry 5. As time goes on we will update this guide on walkthroughs and key tips on how you can complete each mission – However the game has only recently emerged so it will require time.

In the mean time be sure to check out the other Far Cry 5 Guides which we have available to help you through your campaign.

Far Cry 5 Complete Guide :

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