During your onslaught of Hope County within Far Cry 5 you may feel it necessary to enlist the help of some help during your campaign. This can come in two different forms of helpful support.

Firstly Guns for Hires are mercenaries which will aid you throughout the story of Far Cry 5 usually wanting something else in return. They can be a great help when it comes to completing certain objectives within the game.

Different Guns for Hire have access to various abilities and different weapons which may be beneficial for different side missions. Be careful though as you call for their help there will be periods in which they will need downtime so its useful to enlist the aid of several Guns for Hire during any one time.

Secondly Far Cry 5 has given you access to Fangs for Hire – Similar to the mercenaries but this time you can call for the help of natures finest in the form of bears, cats, dogs and much more.



Who wouldnt need a Sniper on your venture throughout Far Cry 5. Grace brings to the table the ability to take down enemies at incredible rage. Strong for attacking outposts however she is weak within melee range. So look after her!

Where To Find : Grace can be found within Holland Valley – Near the Lamb of God Church.
Unique Abilities
Boom Boom Will Distract enemies with a deafening gun-shot.
Friend Sight Allows you to easily pinpoint her aim and whom to target.



Bringing to your team of culprits is a talented pilot whom has the ability to reign hell upon your enemies. The cool downs on his abilities are pretty lengthy however he makes up for that due to the incredible versatility he brings within each occasion.

Where to Find : Nick Rye can be found within Holland Valley – Near Rye & Sons Aviation
Unique Abilities
Bomb’s Away Unleashes a devastating payload of bombs against your enemies.
Light ’Em Up Rips holes in your enemies with heavy calibre machine guns.

Heavy Weapons

This talented soul is always happy to help – especially when the job consists of blowing stuff up. Perfect for dealing with armoured outposts, vehicles and aircraft.

Try not to utilise his help on stealth missions or if you wish to capture anything…alive

Where To Find : Hurk Drubman can be found within the WhiteTail Mountains near Fort Drubman
Unique Abilities
Heat Seeker Has the ability to lock onto Moving Vehicles with his Rockets.
Junk It Inflicts heavy damage on armoured vehicles within Hope County.

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Master Hunter

Perfect for keeping a low profile – Jess Black brings a tonne of utility to your team as she is perfect for completing most stealth missions and tasks.

She’s also an adept hunter which makes her ideal for using bows without drawing too much attention to you.

Where To Find : You can Find Jess Black within White Tail Mountains near the Baron Lumber Mill.
Unique Abilities
Concealment Enemies are not aware of Jess’s presence within Hope County.
Feral Friendly Can Commune with the local wildlife giving her access to specific abilities.


Adelaide maybe one of the strongest Guns for Hire that you get access too within Far Cry 5. She supports you and your team by bringing a usable helicopter to your location meanwhile providing fire support for you.

Where to Find : Adelaide Drubman can be found within Henbane River within the Drubman Marina. You only gain access to her after the Liberation of Drubman Marina.
Unique Abilities
Call a Chopper Brings a Helicopter for you and your team to use.
Less Reload Improves Weapon Reload Capacity.


Sharky provides your team with necessary crowd control effects as his flame thrower can prove very effective against groups of enemies. Be careful as Sharky is not ideal for keeping a low profile and can sometimes inflict heavy amounts of friendly fire.

Where to Find : Sharky is insane and can be found in the area of Henbane River – Near the MoonFlower Trailer Park.
Unique Abilities
Fire It Up Unleashes a Fury of Flame Against your Enemies. Useful against large groups of enemies.
Shatterproof Strong and Durable against Explosions or Fire Attacks.


Scout Dog

Boomer is the perfect companion for your Far Cry 5 Campaign and will be one of your most reliable companions throughout. He will be able to alert you of any nearby enemies, secrets and items you can use and is great for stealing weapons from your enemies.

He also has a mean poker face causing wildlife to flee from him when you approach.

Where To Find : Doge Boomer can be found Within Holland Valley at Rae Rae’s Pumpkin Farm.
Unique Abilities
Pointer Boomer will tag your nearby enemies ready for take downs.
Retriever Boomer has the chance to steal a weapon from the enemy for you to use.

Assault Bear

That’s right! Cheeseburger is your heavy Assault Bear – His attacks will rip through your enemies with ease regardless if their armoured or not. He draws a lot of fire power so may aid you when running stealth missions.

Cheese Burger is incredibly strong at dealing with crowds of enemies.

Where To Find : You can find the friendly neighbourhood bear within Whitetail Mountains near the Linero Building Supplies.
Unique Abilities
Bear Arms Will unleash a flurry of attacks upon your enemies during your combat.
Cross to Bear Will taunt your nearby enemies provoking enemy fire.

Stealth Kitty

Peaches is possibly one of the strongest Fans For Hire within Far Cry 5 as she is able to dispatch enemy after enemy silently not alerting others. She will remain hidden at all times within the bushes until you give the order.

The problem with Peaches is she’s incredibly weak to extensive fire so take good care of your car!

Where To Find : Peaches the Stealth Kitty can be found within Henbane River at Peaches Taxidermy.
Unique Abilities
Pounce Will Unleash an attack on your tagged enemy without drawing attention.
Stalk Has the ability to remain undetected within the tall grass and bushes.

That’s it for our Far Cry 5 Guns for Hire / Fangs for Hire Guide. Hopefully this guide has given you some much needed insight on where to find whom and what you need to complete the game with ease.

Remember different Support characters bring different advantages and disadvantages to your team. If you’d rather go it alone then that’s fine too however you may encounter some situations in which a Gun for Hire maybe necessary for story progression.

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