Old World Reviews have landed and it’s quite promising!

he richness and human element that mortal characters and noble families bring is well worth coming to grips with all of the extra mechanics they introduce.

Old World is another hot 4X Medieval Conquering game in which you manipulate and plan your way through other leaders to either gain fame through glory or through malice.  Developed by Mohawk Games this is one game you need to check out – Especially if games such as Total War or Civilization take your interest.

Old World reviewed on PC by Leana Hafer. Old World can be vexing at first given how much more there is to manage on top of the usual 4X concerns we’ve gotten used to in the past decade or so, and the UI can feel cluttered as you’re trying to piece it all together.

For those who have the patience to master it, it’s a satisfying and deep 4X that could generate interesting stories for ages to come. – IGN

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