OnRush Audio Troubleshooting Guide for XBox One.

Having problems with Onrush Audio? This Troubleshooting guide will help resolve any and all issues.

OnRush Audio Fix - XBox One
OnRush Audio Fix - XBox One

Having problems with the latest Action Racer from Codemasters Onrush? If you have experienced any Onrush Audio Issues on your XBox One then this guide has you covered.

Issues with OnRush XBox One Audio?

If you’re having problems with your Audio Stuttering, glitching or cutting out then there are various reasons why this is happening.

It’s very rare that OnRush would be to blame for this kind of fault however it’s very important you reach out to the development team to inform them of the issue. Codemasters do have a support team which will be able to help with this.

Codemasters Contact Information.

Be sure to raise an issue with the support team of OnRush development team. Their details are listed below.

OnRush Codemasters INFORMATION

As we discussed before it’s highly unlikely an audio fault would be an issue with the final OnRush release. However if you reach out to Codemasters then they maybe able to provide you with fixes that have helped other users.

Be sure to keep up to date with Codemasters and OnRush’s social hubs such as facebook and twitter.

Common Fixes for Audio Issues on XBox One.

While you’re waiting for feedback from the Codemasters there are some things you can check to help troubleshoot the issue you’re having. After successfully trying the following common fixes it may help identify what is causing your Audio fault with OnRush.

Microsoft’s Support Guide

Microsoft have a strong Fix Guide detailing ways to resolving any Audio issues you may have with OnRush. The XB1 guides are split into 4 categories.

Check your TV and HDMI connections.
Rebalance sound when you can hear only one visible app.
Troubleshoot when game or app audio becomes inaudible during voice chat.
Troubleshooting sound issues with an audio-video receiver.

If these guides do not fix your issue then we’ve got some more fixes that you can try to help identify your Audio Fault. Alternatively to this you can Contact Microsoft Support to report a bug or fault. Be sure to reach out to them as their Customer team are very friendly.

Audio Stuttering while Playing games on XBox One.

If you find that your frames are dropping or your audio is cutting out while gameplay this may indicate an issue with the software.

These same fixes may apply if you have encountered problems with OnRush Audio.

Complete the following steps to help identify the bug and fix it.

Downloading the Latest OnRush Update May Fix Audio.

Ensuring that you’re running the latest update for OnRush may help you fix the problem. More often than not the Codemasterss will be working for a fix if the issue is known. This is why it’s important to reach out to Codemasters regarding the issue.

Fix : Download the Latest OnRush Updates to Avoid Audio Issues

Ensure that you’re connected to the internet and that your XBox One has sufficient memory for the update download.

If you’re having problems finding the latest update be sure to check our update guide. 

Try Replacing your HDMI Cable to Identify the Fault.

Changing your HDMI cable or connection cable may help resolve the issue. Sometimes cables can become damaged and faulty due to wear and tear. A simple Restart of the console maybe required after changing the HDMI Cable.

If any Audio issues still present themselves during OnRush then next we need to look at your XBox One Console.

Ensure the Internal Connectors on your HDMI port are clean and clear of any obstruction. Any kind of fluff or debris may cause an issue with the audio.

Damaged XBox One HDMI Connection?

If you find that your HDMI connection is damaged on your XBox One then this will definitely create anomalies when playing OnRush. Audio breaks and stuttering is a massive downer on gameplay so resolving this fast is the best course of action.

If you’re HDMI Ports are damaged then you should be able to seek a repair or replacement via your Manufacturers warranty.

Fix : Repair or Replace your XBox One Today.

If you’ve purchased your console brand new or second hand from a retailer you will be eligible to get a repair for your console at least. Be sure to check our full guide regarding repairing your XBox One Audio and more.

Refresh and Restarting your XBox One Console.

Often overlooked it may be necessary to restart your XBox One console to fix any audio issues that you maybe having with OnRush. The current generations of consoles are designed to run idle for some time.

However a fresh restart has it’s benefits.

Microsoft : How to Power Cycle Your Console.

Microsoft have also released a guide regarding how to “Power Cycle” your XBox One.

User Submitted Fixes For XBox One Audio


Audio issues with Games Consoles are quite rare and due to product testing it is very rare for games like OnRush to be released with Audio Issues. We highly encourage users to reach out to Codemasters for any and all issues they may have.

The guides above have been created out of experience with other similar games on the XBox One. If you find any other solutions to prevent OnRush from stuttering audio then let us know and we will list them here.

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