Mad Studios Concept Console Revealed!

Here's some brand new pictures from the guys other at Mad Studios. Featuring their Concept Console for 2022.

Mad Studios Concept Design Console

There has been some general concern over the announcement of a brand new Console from Mad Studios. However motion is still very much going ahead with brand new pictures revealing potential design elements which we will see with the brand new console dated for 2022.

News From The Source.

Bell released these images on Twitter earlier today and they show four color variations of the Mad Box console that all prominently feature the company’s monster logo on the side.

Ian Bell, following the release of the images, continued to engage with the community by answering further questions about the upcoming Mad Box, which he says is about “3.5 years” away.



We’re not 100% confident that the Market really needs a fourth console. However any new competition is always good for the growing Gaming market currently so we’re excited none the less.

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