When games relate to you, sometimes you kinda get a little addicted maybe even obsessed. When that happens you tend to want to find merch or gear which relates to your favourite game and SteelSeries have blessed Guild Wars 2 enthusiasts with some incredible goodies! Today we have the Guild Wars 2 Gaming Keyboard from SteelSeries. It’s based on their Apex [Raw] Keyboard however with some incredible differences.


It’s always a sad moment when you have to rip into a brand new packaged product, especially with SteelSeries. The GW 2 Gaming Keyboard comes packed in a gorgeous box brimming with artwork. Within the package is everything you need to get going including drivers. Alternatively you can also download the drivers from SteelSeries themselves.

At first glance The Guild Wars 2 Gaming Keyboard is thin and we mean super thin. It has a sloped design so the keyboard progressively gets taller. It’s a simple answer to constantly having your keyboard perched on support legs. On either side of the keyboard it features 2 back lit lights and the entire keyboard is backlit with a gorgeous red glow shining through the keys.

Guild Wars 2 Keyboard

The keys themselves represent the in-game font of Guild Was 2 which is an excellent addition. The SteelSeries logo has been replaced by a dominant Guild Wars 2 logo and the entire keyboard is covered in beautiful abstract artwork from within the game. The red, black and white flow brutally together and create the perfect backdrop for the keyboard as a whole.


Due to the sloped design of the overall keyboard and the huge amounts of resting room for your palms and hands the GW 2 Gaming Keyboard provides a really comfortable experience when gaming. Most Mmorpg gamers can appreciate that comfort is a key indicator when it comes to choosing gaming equipment. To help you survive through those long gaming nights the gear has to be supportive, precise and above all not intrusive.

Guild Wars 2 Keyboard
As you glide your hands over the keys you will realise that a lot of thought has gone into creating an easy to use keyboard. Your hands will automatically fall into place over the keys you need. This is also a testament to the small bumps which can be found over the WASD keys for faster gameplay. With a lot of room for your hands to rest and a huge workspace the GW 2 Keyboard also proves to be an excellent typing keyboard. For those of us who have to type daily it’s a huge benefit.


When you buy from SteelSeries you can always expect a high standard of features. The Guild Wars 2 Gaming Keyboard continues that trend! Bursting with more than 22 easily macro-able keys it provides a ground base for any gamer to use and hotkey. Even if you aren’t a fan of Guild Wars 2, this keyboards provides the gamer with a wealth of features that anyone can benefit from. Two extra directional keys have been added to walk strafe left and right which is handy within game, although I am a little curious to why the spacebar is so damn huge.

As we said before, this Keyboard has been built to join the bond between Guild Wars 2 and the gamer. It is easily customizable with Guild Wars 2 and as soon as you set up those hotkeys you will truly realise how much more effective it is. Multiple skills and weapon slots can now be activated from just one key press which makes PVP on Guild Wars 2 a breeze.

Guild Wars 2 Keyboard

The keys within the keyboard are super responsive and can handle up to six key presses at once. This means no action is lost within the carnage of combat. You can also tweak and modify the keyboard using the SteelSeries Engine, a handy tool which works across several SteelSeries products.

Due to the backlighting from the sexy red keys you will never lose sight of the keys within the dark. When the lights go out at the many Lan Parties which are available throughout the world, you will be able to carry on through the night with the upmost accuracy.


I figured it would be a shame to release this review without jumping onto Guild Wars 2 for some hectic PVP and some engaging PVE action. With Guild Wars 2 releasing new mini stories every month I had a fresh set of un-explored locations to seek out.

Guild wars 2 Keyboard

Instantly I began to customise my characters skill sets and inventory loadouts using the Macro Keys. The GW 2 Gaming Keyboard makes it so easy to ensure that you get the results you want. Now changing my complete loadout was one key away. During PVP I was able to activate multiple skills without having to worry about missing certain commands and let’s be honest. I feel like a legend storming the lands of Tyria with such a gorgeous keyboard.


Before you consider this keyboard you must ask yourself. Are you a Guild Wars 2 Nut? If yes, then what the hell are you waiting for? This is the perfect present for anyone who enjoys Guild Wars 2 and for anyone else that is dedicated to PVP within the game. If you want that edge against your enemies then the macro keys are a must and the pure design of the keyboard itself is a no brainer.

As said before the keyboard also performs well in all different genres of gaming, be it mobas, first person shooters or strategy games. With a solid price tag of  about £70 you can’t go wrong.

Guild Wars 2 Keyboard

If you know of anyone who is keen on the Guild Wars 2 franchise then this Gaming Keyboard from SteelSeries is the perfect choice for the Christmas period.

If you are not big on the Guild Wars 2 front then you might benefit in checking out the SteelSeries Apex keyboards instead. They provide similar functionality and other benefits.

SteelSeries also have a Guild Wars 2 Mouse, and Mousemat available so be sure to check them out too!

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