Elder Scrolls Summerset Bitrate, FPS and Quality Settings

Looking to stream Elder Scrolls Summerset with a High Bitrate and great quality? We've got you covered.

Elder Scrolls Summerset High Bitrate Quality Settings
Elder Scrolls Summerset High Bitrate Quality Settings

Looking to branch out and gain new Viewers for Elder Scrolls Summerset? This Guide will show you the ideal bitrate settings, fps settings and quality settings to achieve incredible results while streaming Elder Scrolls Summerset to Twitch and Youtube.


This guide has been created with the use of XSplit or Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) in mind. It has been edited with the experienced gathered from streaming similar games to Elder Scrolls Summerset to Youtube, Twitch, Facebook and more.

Elder Scrolls Summerset Bitrate, FPS and High Quality Guide for Streaming

As the years have progressed the demand for high quality, smooth frame rates and stable connections while streaming have increased. It’s imperative that if you’re interested in streaming and taking it seriously that you consider what you can realistically output to the internet to ensure a great visual experience.

With the release of Elder Scrolls Summerset now available to stream we’ve got all the details you will require to stream Elder Scrolls Summerset with the highest of quality.

Not only that we’re going to be talking frame rates and keyframe intervals to ensure a smooth final product.

To add to this we will also be checking out what hardware that you have and how it will effect your streaming process.

If you follow all of the available hints and tips then you’re Elder Scrolls Summerset stream is going to look incredible within minutes. This will allow you to grow your audience and increase your viewers in a realistic time frame.

What is Bitrate and How does it Effect my Elder Scrolls Summerset Stream?

Bitrare is the speed and amplitude at which you transfer data to your streaming service. Whether it be Twitch, Youtube, Facebook or others. If you’re hoping to have a smooth output for your viewers to watch then you should ensure you run a high bitrate.

However it’s important to note that Running a higher bitrate than necessary may cause lag or buffering issues for users out there that have poor internet connections.

Guide : Ensure your Internet Connection Can Support Streaming Elder Scrolls Summerset

In order to stream with a High Bitrate you need to ensure that your upload speed is high. If your upload speed is not up to scratch you may have issues obtaining the required speeds.

Please be sure to check the guide above to ensure your connection is stable enough to upload.

Recommended Bit Rates based on Resolution

Below are some recommended bit rates for Elder Scrolls Summerset taking into consideration your Output Resolution

Resolution 720P 720P 1080P 1080P
Frame Rate 30 60 30 60
Bit-Rate 2500 3500 3500 5000

What are Frame Rates and what FPS you should Stream Elder Scrolls Summerset at.

Frame Rates or Frames Per Second (FPS) are one of the key details when it comes to streaming online. To make it easier to clarify the higher the Frame Rate the smoother your captured video will appear.

There are some key things to remember :

  • Users may not notice a difference when running a Frame Rate higher than 60.
  • Most casual users complain that there is no real difference between 30FPS and 60FPS.
  • Running at 60FPS does provide a much smoother result.

For the longest of time the commercial standard and available FPS was 24fps – most cameras run this FPS naturally.

Guide : Does your Provider give you the correct upload speed for streaming?

Ideally we would strongly recommend running 30FPS for any and all games that you stream online. However if you’re interested in streaming Elder Scrolls Summerset at 60FPS then you will need to ensure that your hardware is up to scratch.

Capturing and uploading at a High frame rate will have significant demand on your streaming console and gaming console. More than likely you will require a dual-pc setup to stream 60FPS at a high quality.

Keyframe Interval for streaming Elder Scrolls Summerset

Ensure that you’re KeyFrame Interval is set at 2. This will ensure that any pro-longed images or visual data will not be too compressed and will result in a much higher quality image for Elder Scrolls Summerset.

Remember that you need to be running a high bit-rate to support this.

Running a High Resolution Vs Low Resolution with Elder Scrolls Summerset

When streaming you have several options when it comes to output resolution. The key thing to remember here is your Resolution does not necessarily determine your quality and the quality your viewers will see.

However the higher the resolution the better your stream will look on larger TV’s, PC’s, Tablets and other devices.

Related : Using an Overlay for Elder Scrolls Summerset in XSplit and OBS

It’s in your best interest to stream as high a resolution as possible if you’re serious about streaming full-time.

However if you’re starting out we generally recommend you should stream Elder Scrolls Summerset at 1280x720P at either 60/30FPS. This will be much more accessible for viewers out there that may struggle with download speed.

It generally still looks great on larger devices and will have a much smaller impact on your streaming hardware.

Does Audio Bitrate Improve streaming Elder Scrolls Summerset?

The majority of users have stated that running audio bit-rate of at least 160 is standard practice for most streamers.

However if you’re really focusing on the ambience, sound effects and music of Elder Scrolls Summerset then you may consider amping the audio bit-rate up between 160-320

It’s important to remember that you do not max out your upload speed or you will begin to drop frames which will be most unpleasant for your viewer base.

Recommended OBS/XSplit Settings for Elder Scrolls Summerset

From the experience we have running other games on our stream channels, the information provided to us by Twitch.TV and learning from others.

Guide : Using the Correct Internet Package for Streaming Elder Scrolls Summerset

Below we have listed our recommended settings for Elder Scrolls Summerset due to the nature of the game.

Streaming Elder Scrolls Summerset in 60FPS
Resolution : 1920x1080p
FrameRate : 60FPS
Keyframe Interval : 2 Secs
Profile : Main
Profile Level : 4.2
BitRate : 5500 KBPS


Streaming Elder Scrolls Summerset in 30FPS
Resolution : 1280x720P
FrameRate : 30FPS
KeyFrame Intervals : 2 Secs
Profile : Main
Profile Level : 4.1
BitRate : 3500 KBPS


Remember where possible if you’re hardware supports it you should always aim for the higher resolution and quality.

We will continue to update this guide with more recommendations. We will also be creating more guides to help stream Elder Scrolls Summerset and other games.

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