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Detroit Become Human 4K Guide

Detroit Become Human 4K & Audio Guide

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Looking to run Detroit Become Human in 4K on your Playstation 4 Pro? Here’s everything you need to know to get the game running in ultra high quality. Ensure that you have everything available by reading this guide.

Detroit Become Human 4K Video Guide and Audio Fixes

We’ve reached a point in Gaming in Modern Industry. A Point in which 4K Resolution and graphics are becoming more and more achievable.

4K Features a total resolution of 3840×2160. This is dramatically higher than the previous 1920x1080p.

However the features of 4K are a recent investment for gaming developers and if you’re interested in playing Detroit Become Human in 4K we got some tips and guides for you.

Also if you’re suffering any audio bugs or errors with Detroit Become Human then we do have a brief guide with some common fixes that may help.

Does Detroit Become Human Support 4K?

It’s important before reaching out to developers with your fault or issue that Detroit Become Human actually supports 4K. Not all developers have been making this a priority as some gamers have declared no difference visually between 4K and 1080P.

Our current standpoint is the difference is noticeable on larger TV Screens. If you are rocking a 40″ LCD Screen or above then you will hugely benefit from the 4K Display. However if you’re using a smaller 22″ LCD Monitor you may not see such a benefit.

So before you move on if you’re having problems with Detroit Become Human not working in 4K. Then be sure to check if it truly supports the format and for which console.


4K for Detroit Become Human on Playstation 4 / PS 4

Due to a lot of controversy The Playstation 4 and Playstation 4 Pro does not offer support for 4K Blu-Rays.

However the good news is that the Playstation 4 Pro does in-fact support 4K Output resolution.

So if you’re looking for 4K on Detroit Become Human on your PS4 then ensure you’re rocking the Playstation 4 Pro.

Visit your TV Settings on your PlayStation 4 By :

Firstly check to confirm that your PlayStation 4 is outputting 4K – You do this by enabling the following :

Settings > Video Output Settings > Resolution > Automatic / 2160P 

Once this is confirmed be sure to visit the advanced settings tap and ensure that 4K is being allowed by your console. At this point if your TV supports it.

If after changing these settings you’re still not getting 4K Resolution from your Smart TV.

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Ensure you’re using the Cable which has been provided by the PlayStation 4. If you have lost this cable then you can source easy replacements via Amazon.


Does Detroit Become Human support 4K on STEAM?

An obvious issue which is overlooked by the majority of gamers. Does Detroit Become Human actually support 4K.

The problem with 4K is its heavily demanding on most PC Rigs – especially delivering 60 FPS and above so it may not be in the interest of some developers to output to 4K initially.

This is something they may fix overtime.

To ensure if Detroit Become Human supports 4K please be sure to reach out to the developers website and press releases.

You can also check online for any youtube footage or other videos regarding 4K Output.

Sadly if the developer has not programmed any 4K Support within Detroit Become Human then it’s simply not possible until they release a compatibility patch.

Does your Hardware Support 4K?

The second question you need to ask yourself – does your PC rig actually support 4K. It’s all well and good wanting to output to your monitors or large screen TV with 4K.

But if your graphics card is not up to the job may create an enormous amount of frame drops and crashes.

We highly recommend that if you’re interested in playing Detroit Become Human in a 4K Resolution then you need to ensure that your graphics card has 6 GB of built in Memory and above.

Recommended Processor for 4K Playing Detroit Become Human
Intel Core i5-6700K and Above
Recommended Graphics Card for 4K Playing Detroit Become Human
NVIDIA GTX 1060 6GB and Above

But remember depending of your In game settings you may still experience frame drops or complete PC freezing while running at 4K.

If this is true to you then simply lower the resolution or lower the texture qualities and more within the Game Settings.

Does your Monitor Support 4K with Detroit Become Human? 

Not all LCD Monitors will have the compatibility to support a True 4K Output.

The majority of mainstream monitors will only support up to 1920×1080.

Some users also declare that you will not experience the difference between 4K to 1080P on anything lower than a 24″ Monitor.

However if Detroit Become Human is not working with your Monitor once you configure it to 4K. It may be due to the fact that your Monitor does not innately support 4K.

Sadly if this is the case there’s no hardware updates that can be applied and it’s recommended that you should use this opportunity to upgrade.

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If this is the case you need to ensure that your HDMI cable that your using or method of display from your Graphics Card to Monitor also is compatible to carry a 4K Data signal.