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Black Ops 4 Guide : Payload Map Guide, Tips, Hints and More.

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Payload is one of the newer maps to the Call of Duty Franchise. With an incredibly fun competitive area, tonnes of choke points and great defensive positions. Today we’re talking about all the tips and tricks you can use and how to fix any issues that you may find.

Black Ops 4 Payload Guide

In this article we’re going to be giving a complete run down on everything that you may find useful regarding Payload within Black Ops 4. We’re going to be talking about tactics, tips and cheats that may get you ahead.

BlackOps 4 Updates

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 – News, Updates and More.

“Activision are bringing out all the stops with this latest addition to the Call of Duty Franchise”

We’re also going to be talking about Payload Easter eggs, bugs, errors and issues that you may have with the Black Ops 4 map and how to resolve it.

Black Ops 4 Payload Information.

“A Defensive ICBM Launch Facility deep in an Icelandic Mountain Range has been Infiltrated by Hostile Forces attempting to steal a nuclear warhead”  – Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Description

Black Ops 4 Payload Tips and Tricks.

First and Foremost the best way to get skilled in any particular map while playing Black Ops 4 is Practice. Practice makes perfect and it cannot be more true for Black Ops 4. Ensure that you rack up enough game time on Payload regardless of game mode that you play.

Be sure to remember key bottlenecks, choke points and height advantage that you can use against the enemy team while playing on Payload.

Overtime we will be adding to this Payload Guide on various other tactics, tips and tricks that we find useful.

Playing Team Deathmatch on Payload | Black Ops 4.

Firstly while playing Team Deathmatch it’s important that you stay together and bolster your forces when playing Payload. Despite player skill numbers beat numbers.

The more team mates that you can stack up with the better result that you may have with winning on this particular map.

Playing Control on Payload | Black Ops 4.

More  Control Details Coming Soon.

Playing FFA / Free For All on Payload | Black Ops 4.

Ensure that you take full advantage of your surroundings when playing Payload. The Majority of Black Ops 4 maps are quite small so you will have limited space in dealing with your enemies.

Rack up your audio so you can hear the enemy coming before they have a chance to react. This will help you progress through and claim those juicy kill streaks.

Black Ops 4 Payload Bugs, Errors and Easter Eggs.

It’s important that if you have had any issues with playing Payload online that you reach out to Activision to inform them of the issue. Disconnecting from playing online, crashing to desktop or dashboard, frozen screens with Payload are all a concern.

We will be sure to update this Black Ops 4 Payload Guide with any user submitted issues, errors and fixes that we may find.

Found any Juicy Payload Easter Eggs in Black Ops 4?

Then in that case we want to know! Be sure to reach out and we will update this article with any spooky, fun or just out right weird Payload Easter Eggs that you may find while playing Black Ops 4.


With the Release of Black Ops 4 litterally just passed. It is too early within the game to give a full analysis of how this map performs.

All of the bugs and issues it may have and for a complete run down on tips and tricks. Be sure to check back when we have more details.