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XBox One Game Pass

GAME PASS Soon to be available for PC Gamers and Windows 10.

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It seems that Microsoft are bringing XBox One’s popular Streaming Service “Game Pass” To PC Gamers and Windows 10. This means you will be able to play all your favourite XBox One games on your Gaming Rig and PC.

Below we have listed more details from Microsoft and IGN.

News From The Source.

Though no details were given on how this will make its way to PC, it’s a solid bet that Game Pass will be used in conjunction with the Microsoft Store. Game Pass currently has over 100 games to download for $10 a month, with Microsoft ensuring that all first-party titles launch on the service upon release. Microsoft exclusives released earlier this year, like Sea of Thieves and Forza Horizon 4, launched day-and-date on Xbox Game Pass.

Microsoft already strongly promotes its cross-buy Play Anywhere program, which allows users to play games they buy on both Xbox One and PC. This, in combination with Microsoft releasing upcoming first-party titles for both platforms, suggests that bringing Game Pass to PC is a natural next step. As it stands, games that are available on Xbox Game Pass and Play Anywhere can be played on PC, though not all Game Pass games are currently playable on the platform. – IGN


With so many streaming options available to PC Gamers it’s hard to say at this point how wanted a service like this will be. However the good news is Microsoft have a long list of exclusives such as Gears of War 5 that may peek peoples interests.