Gaming Super Platform – Steam Now Hits 90 Million Users

Gaming Platform Giant STEAM boasts an impressive 90 Million Monthly Active Users.

Steam Hits 90 Million Active Users

PC Gaming Publisher and Gaming Platform Steam has now amassed over 90 Million Monthly Active Users. This is an insane accomplishment and everyone at valve should be real proud.

With the recent news that Fallout 76 among other games will not be available via the Steam Platform Client. This has not stopped Steam from growing and growing.

News From The Source.

The figure – which was announced by Valve’s Sean Jenkins and Kristian Miller at Melbourne Games Week (thanks, Gamasutra) – is up 23 million on the 67 million users Valve announced back in August 2017. The daily active user count has also increased, rising 42 per cent from 33 million to 47 million.

The boost is chiefly thought to have been driven by Steam’s expansion into China, where 30 million users have joined the digital platform since its launch earlier this year. Chinese indie devs have been able to generate sales they might not otherwise have managed to achieve, with localised games – some only available in Simplified Chinese – reaching hundreds of thousands of players. Up until that point, the majority of China’s Steam users had been accessing the US version of the software via PVNs.

The initial popularity spike for Steam was led by Dota 2’s success, but this success has been maintained by ensuring that Steam in China is tailored specifically for Chinese players. Steam developed its localised version when the Tencent games platform – subsequently rebranded as WeGame – hit over 200 million users in China alone compared to Steam’s 125 million global user base. – MCVUK


Steam is looking to have an incredibly busy Christmas Period with even more games such as Soul Calibur 6, Assassins Creed, Hitman 2 and more to be available within the coming months.

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