DLC Code Not Valid? Here’s What You Can Do!

A detailed guide on what to do if you're brand new Game does not come with a Valid DLC Code or Voucher.

DLC Code not Valid? Here's what you can do.
DLC Code not Valid? Here's what you can do.

Recently there has been an influx of Digital Downloadable Content provided with brand new games. This Content or otherwise known as “DLC” is extra value and rewards users for buying their products brand new.

Maybe its access to a list of new vehicles, extended weaponry, more story arcs or much more. What ever the DLC. We’re here to help you if for what ever reason your DLC code comes back not valid.

Why isnt your DLC Code Not Valid?

In our experience there are only three solid reasons on why your DLC Code may not be Valid. Here’s what they are.

1: The DLC Code has already been redeemed.

More often than not the likely issue when it comes to DLC Codes. If you have purchased your Copy of the game brand new and it was sealed then you have nothing to fear.

If you’ve purchased your game from a brand new retailer like Game, Amazon or other websites. You’ve noticed that the Game has no outer seal or shrink wrap then it maybe possible that the game has been opened prior to your purchase.

This may indicate that someone has already used the code and refunded the physical version of the game that you hold in your hand.

Guide : Seek an Replacement or Refund if your DLC Code has been used.

Also if you have purchased your game pre-owned from second hand retailers like CEX and others then your game may not come with the added DLC.

Sadly this is the perks of buying brand new. If you did purchase the game brand new then be sure to reach out to the retailer for an exchange or refund.

2: The DLC Code is being Read Wrong / Printed Wrong

Sometimes our eyes can deceive us. Before reaching out to the developers of the game and requesting a new code be sure to double check.

It’s common place for users to mistake certain key characters and for this to lead them to being unable to redeem their DLC Code.

Also be sure to look out for any Printing discrepancies. Sometimes certain characters can be smudged, damaged or simply printed incorrectly creating an in-valid code.

Guide : Seek a replacement Code or an exchange on a Invalid DLC Code. 

If you believe that the code is in-correct. We highly recommend you reach out to the support team of the game developer and more often than not. They will provide you with a brand new code as long as you can show proof of purchase.

3: The DLC Code is expired.

Although rare, sometimes DLC codes do come with an expiration date. Of course the Leaflet in your hand wont dissolve and disappear. However what this means is that at times you have a time limit to redeem your content.

This is quite often the case with older Games and buying them brand new. Certain limited editions which later release their content for free to all players.

Be sure to check the terms and conditions of your DLC code to see if any such expiry date exists.

If no date exists and neither of the above issues apply to you then we strongly recommend to reach out to the developers.

So your Code isn’t Valid – What can you do now?

Alright. It’s a bummer that you’re code isn’t working. If you have distinguished why your DLC is not valid then now it’s time to take action. You can do this in a manner of different ways.

Did you purchase the game from an Online Retailer?

Luckily enough most online retailers will issue a 14 day no issue refund or replacement if the issue is delivered to them in good time. So simply write a politely worded e-mail or get in contact with their customer service team.

Did you purchase the game from EBay?

Sadly unless specified within the Listings then you’re hopes of getting a valid DLC code from the seller is slim to none. The Seller on Ebay is simply selling on a pre-owned copy of the game and has no duty to provide you with a working DLC code.

You may be able to fight this issue with PayPal however don’t except a refund anytime soon.

Did you purchase from a second hand retailer?

The good news with second hand retailers is they also will feature their own refund policy. Some a little stricter than others. For example CEX within the UK and across the world allow up to 48 hours to return any item for an exchange.

Although their products are advertised of not strictly having DLC available. Their shops might be able to help you with an exchange or refund.

No Harm in Trying!

Sourcing a replacement straight from the developers.

The majority of serious online developers and gaming teams will have a customer support unit. Their job is to ensure everyone has a great time. In most cases if you can provide proof of purchase then they will re-issue a brand new code.

Simply visit the support team of the game you purchased and good luck!


Yes you may feel a little ripped off or hard done by. However the DLC that comes with brand new games are simply extra content. If you’re without a working DLC code for a time being then there’s no harm in enjoying the game until you redeem a new one.

The only time we would be seriously pissed is if we’ve paid extra for those features. Yeah that would annoy us.

In the mean time we have similar Guides that might interest you.

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