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Solutions for any issues you may have with Agony on PS4

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Developed by MadMind Studio and Published by PlayWay – Agony promises to terrify hardcore gamers from around the world. We very much would love for you to check out the game on it’s release. However once you pick up a copy or digitally download it – and your having problems on your console – then simply try these easy fixes before reaching out.

Alright before we begin – Lets talk about some console problems that you may have with your Playstation 4. The PS4, Playstation 4 Slim and brand new Playstation 4 Pro are incredibly durable machines and are able to deliver super high quality video output with very minimal loading times. Not only that but the Playstation Pro supports up to 1080P and 4K Resoltuions which can be incredibly demanding especially when playing Agony.

Unlike their competetitors Sony have had very few problems when it comes to un-reliable hardware. The Playstation 4 was a hit among avid fans and had very few issues which effected the casual consumer.

None the less you may still experience issues when playing Agony which can be easily fixed reading through this comprehensive easy fix guide. However if you do have a very particular fault with Agony that you dont see here then you can reach out to SONY and maybe get some more answers in how to fix the error.

1: Agony is crashing and freezing? Or simply not loading?

It’s the real killjoy to any gaming experience when your conquering your favourite level or lap time and your Console begins to seize up, run slow or simply freeze up. This freeze is then usually followed by a Black screen. Sometimes audio can be heard throughout but more often than not the entire console just blacks out. This is a common fault and may not suggest any serious hardware issue but it is possible that you might be encountering this kind of fault with Agony – If so here’s how you fix it.

Downloading the Latest PlayStation 4 Console Update For Agony

There are a few things that you can check to ensure that your PlayStation 4 is up to speed in order to play Agony. Firstly is your console running the latest Console Software Update? Here’s how to check :

Main Menu > Settings > System > Console Info > OS Version

Latest Optimal Update for Agony on PS4 is : 5.50

Ensure that you’re PlayStation 4 is connected to the internet or a nearby strong Wi-Fi source then download the latest Console firmware. Sometimes games can be released and present issues or anomalies when running older system versions so it’s important you get the latest.

If for any reason your PlayStation 4 fails to update while downloading it maybe possible that either your having issues with your internet connection or possibly Sony servers are having problems on their end. We advise you to wait and if you find no resolution to this issue then get in contact with the Sony Support Team.

Is Agony running the latest update?

It is not uncommon for some games to be released with some Game Breaking bugs which may cause your freezing issue. One way to eliminate this issue if its a software problem is to ensure that you have downloaded the Latest Agony update.

In order to do this boot up Agony while being connected to the internet and you will be prompted to download the latest updates. Sometimes you can force the update within the options of the games. It’s important though you check that your internet connection is active or the prompt wont appear.

If you’re still having problems with Agony crashing even with the latest update then it may indicate a Corrupt Update file or a Software install. So we recommend the next step is to start from scratch.

How to Un-Install Agony and Re-Install fresh on PlayStation 4

Un-Installing software from your PlayStation 4 is surprisingly easy and should not be a concern for most experienced gamers. However if you’re unsure on how to clear your hard drive of any Agony files then simply check :

  1. Locate game in the Games Menu
  2. When the desired game is highlighted, press the Options button on the controller
  3. Select Delete
  4. Confirm”

Select the Agony file and choose to un-install. Be warned though this will remove mostly all game files, data files, user settings, file saves and more. However it may be necessary to resolve your crashing issue.

After a Fresh install of Agony and your still encountering the problem then more than likely this will be a Hardware fault with either the Game disk or your PlayStation 4 itself. Here’s some key things to look out for.

The Agony Disk

Okay so there are a few warning signs that you should look out for on your Agony disk. PlayStation 4 Disks are covered in a scratch resistant layer which makes them pretty formidable at holding their own under daily wear and tear. However if you push your finger lightly against the reflective side of the disc and you feel any dents, cuts, or cracks then it may be possible your Agony disk is faulty.

GUIDE : Check out our complete guide on how to fix un-readable discs and laser burns.

If any Dents, Cracks, Cuts or significant scratches exist on your Agony disk and you believe you have not caused it then you’re more than welcome to seek a replacement from the source of purchase under your warranty. Remember though most stores or businesses wont honour your warranty if the damage is accidental or from obvious abuse.

Another type of Disk Error is what some people call “Disk Rot” Its due to chemical irritants destroying the surface of your disk and may cause your Agony disk to become unreadable or provide you with a long list of errors including crashing while you play. If your Disk has suffered any kind of Disk Rot then its unlikley that you will be able to fix it and should seek a replacement or refund for Agony.

Can you fix heavy scratches on a disk?

Luckily enough if your PlayStation 4 Disk is covered in scratches then most retailers and some online services offer a disk repair service which is tried, tested and in most scenarios beneficial. We were sceptical at first – however having various disks which did not work cleaned we can honestly vouch for the service so be sure to try that. One important thing to remember. If your Disk has any evidence of cuts, dents or cracks then there is simply no point sending it for a repair as it’s unlikely anyone will be able to correct that issue.

PlayStation 4 overheating May Cause Freezing for Agony.

Often overlooked but a console running hot can and may cause your games to freeze or crash on you and without proper care may result in your console becoming damaged or unusable in the future so it’s important to take action.

Your console will have various grill intakes, and fans throughout the system. Depending on the version of the PlayStation 4 you have. The later consoles are a lot more adequate at dealing with lengthy gaming sessions however none the less if you notice that your ventilation holes and grills are compact with dust or other debris then it may not be allowing warm air to escape.

GUIDE: PlayStation 4 Overheating Solution and Cleaning Guide

It’s important you get a can of compressed air and once the console is turned off be sure to blast the debris apart. This will dislodge a lot of the dust and will allow your console to expel most of the warm air once again. We recommend doing this when your console is off just in case you cause any serious damage

It’s also important to note to never have your console in an area in which there is no air ventilation. So do not place your console in enclosed areas or near any other hot running devices as it will struggle to perform and may be the cause of your Agony crashing issue.

Faulty PlayStation 4? What can you do?

If you have tried all of the above issues and you can confirm that it is not an update issue or an install error and you’ve tried re-installing the game and checking your console for any outside elements which may be effecting it then it’s sad to say but it’s likely your console is faulty.

Guide: Console Warranty Explained / Gamers Guide To Online Refunds and Returns

However the good news is the Sony team are incredibly good at offering excellent customer service. So Contact Sony for your next step – Maybe they can benchmark your console and find the issue or simply source you a repair or replacement. If you’re still covered under your retail warranty then you simply can return to the place of purchase and source a replacement!

2: PlayStation 4 Running at low fps ( frames ) while playing Agony.

In today’s current Gaming generation – 30FPS minimum has become the norm with some games being able to output up to 60FPS and above. Having a high frame rate allows your game to seem smoother and can generally provide a much better gaming experience. However if you’re experiencing that your games are jumping, becoming jittery or simply running slow then it’s possible your frames are dropping with Agony.

There are various reasons why this could happen and it’s important that you play trial and error before resolving the issue. It’s important to note though on some games they are not always 100% optimised for the Hardware which is featured within your PlayStation 4. So if you’re having issues with Agony running slow while a lot of stuff is happening on games then it may just be the nature of the beast.

What you can do is if you have not done so already then you could trade your console in and upgrade to the newly released PlayStation 4 Pro which has superior hardware which is able to deliver a higher frame rate at a much more frequent rate.

Overheating PlayStation 4 causing Agony to drop frames?

We spoke briefly about this above but if your console is suffering frame drops or becoming sluggish then it maybe a case that your Console is overheating and isn’t able to push out the performance you would like.

Be sure to clear your console of all Debris in and around the vents and grills. This step should be taken every so often with your console anyway as it’s good for console care. If you find that your console is running hot then be sure to move it to a much more ventilated area to reduce risk of overheating.

GUIDE: PlayStation 4 Overheating Solution and Cleaning Guide

We highly recommend using compressed air for this task as any other cleaning agent or tool may damage your console beyond repair so be careful!

Corrupt Game-Save or Install File may cause Frame Drops

Although unlikely if you are often turning off your console while Agony is loading or saving then you may cause irreparable damage to your game save or install file. One way in which you can eliminate this issue is to simply clear your Hard Drive of Local Saved Files and the Agony install file.

How to Clear Local Saved Files

Navigate your Settings and either within Storage you can access the uninstall function on your PS4. Or you can select the Game in which you’d like to un-install via the menu. Click the PS Button to access settings in which you can delete the game.

After this you can simply re-install Agony – Re-Update the game and start fresh. It may be frustrating to lose your progress but any significant data damage to your save file will present you with a multitude of bugs and errors throughout the game. More often than not though turning your console off while its saving will render most save files un-usable.

Capture Card causing Low Frames for Agony which recording / streaming.

It maybe possible that the output from your Capture Card or Capture Device when recording or streaming Agony maybe the reason for your frame drops. We highly recommend you use the Elgato HD60 Pro Linked with a Desktop Recording rig for all your online streaming and recording.

To quickly iron out this issue – Simply un-connect your Capture device while playing Agony and plug the HDMI straight into your TV. If you find the frames have improved and you’re getting a much smoother experience then the Capture card is the cause for concern here. Streaming or recording PlayStation 4 content is hard and incredibly demanding on hardware. So it’s best that you spend the extra buck to ensure you get the best hardware for the job.

Lag maybe effecting the poor FPS of Agony.

Sometimes overlooked but users will sometimes complain that their games are dropping frames but this is in fact actually Lag from a poor or unstable internet connection. Lag may cause you to freeze, jump, rewind or simply provide for a poor viewing experience. It’s important that you ensure that your internet connection is currently not being throttled and to check this you can easily check


If you have any family members or house mates which are using the internet for high speed or large downloads this may create input lag for your PlayStation 4 and general gaming experience.

3: Having problems with Agony being stuck in the PlayStation 4 Drive?

It’s incredibly rare and we’ve encountered very few issues of PlayStation 4 Disk drives failing and causing for your Games to become stuck inside the console or simply not taking the disk. However sometimes when users get frustrated at this situation they may force the disk drive to eject or force the Agony disk inside the PlayStation 4 causing even further damage.

After you press the “Eject” button on your PlayStation 4 you should hear a faint sound prompt and then you will hear the whirr of the drive. The Disk then should eject within a smooth motion. If you find that the Disk eject motion is becoming Jagged or being slow when ejecting it maybe possible that your Disk Drive has become faulty either due to hardware fault or wear and tear.

At this point it’s imperative you contact Sony or simply  – due to your your retail warranty return to the place of purchase and seek a repair or replacement. However remember if you find that your Disk tray is not working and you force a disk inside your PlayStation 4 then you may cause significant accidental damage which renders your warranty void so don’t try it!


If your Agony disk is stuck inside your PlayStation 4 then some users may suggest to get a pair of tweezers and insert it into the console to pull the disk out. We cannot object enough to this information so just don’t do it!

Guide: Console Warranty Explained / Gamers Guide To Online Refunds and Returns

Leave it to the experts within the industry and soon enough they will rescue your trapped game from your console. But trust us – having a voided warranty will make the situation no better.

4: Dual Shock 4 Controller not working while playing Agony?

Dual Shock 4 Controller faults or issues are very rarely at the fault of the game and we’ve seen very few instances in which a Dual Shock 4 Controller will not react well due to software. The Majority of Dual Shock 4 Pad faults are actually either due to a hardware fault or wear and tear of the user over time. Sadly like all things due to constant use your Dual Shock 4 Controller will wear down however there are some quick tricks that you can use to ensure that your Agony issue is not due to the Dual Shock 4 Controller.

Sadly the PlayStation 4 has no real way of testing each input of the Dual Shock 4 Controller other than maybe loading up a fighting game and maybe using the training mode with the key inputs displayed on screen. However what you can do is use an incredibly strong tool named the “HTML 5 GamePad Tester” you can test an assortment of Dual Shock 4 Pads on this and it will tell you if your button presses are being registered – when and how frequent and to add to that. It also tells you if your sticks are off centre.

This is a real strong tool and I suggest if your having any problems with your Dual Shock 4 Controller on Agony then be sure to fire up the web tool. If you have concluded that there is a fault with your Dual Shock 4 Pad then any stuck buttons or lodged buttons may be fixed by getting a soft adhesive remover and cleaning your Dual Shock 4 Controller pad. Sometimes sticky substances or debris can force the buttons to not input.

Sadly if you’re having any issues with the Dual Shock 4 Controller sticks acting up on their own then there is no real home made fix unless you have a friend or colleague whom may know how to mod or repair Dual Shock 4 Pads. The good news here is that most console warranties cover the Dual Shock 4 Controller as well so simply reach out to Sony or you can re-visit the place of purchase and source a repair or replacement for your Dual Shock 4 Controller.

It’s important that you do not attempt to open the Dual Shock 4 Controller and fix the item yourself as this may void your warranty and cause more harm than good.

5: PlayStation 4 Hard Drive Corrupt When Loading Agony?

Data Loss are big players when it comes to the most upsetting of issues that may happen with Agony and other games. There are various reasons why your Data on your hard drive may become corrupt and also various reasons why the internal hard drive may fail. However if they do fail its a real pain to resolve the situation and it’s incredibly unlikely that you will be able to save any of the data saved onto the device prior.

The good news about Hard Drive faults is that they are covered by your Console Warranty. So if you have suffered a significant Hard-Drive fault then please be sure to reach out to the Playstation Support Network or source a repair or replacement under your warranty.

GUIDE: How To Format Your PlayStation 4 Hard-Drive

If your Data has Become corrupt although your console still seems to be functioning you may benefit from a complete console reset which will format your console back to day one settings.

**IMPORTANT** Once you reset the console its hugely beneficial as it will clear most issues you may have with the console however it will completely wipe your console of all games, saves, settings, downloads and more. So be sure to continue at your own risk.

GUIDE: Complete Guide on Preventing Corrupt Data and Save Files

Installing a Brand New Hard Drive into your Playstation 4 or Ps4 PRO

The Good news for Playstation users is a faulty HardDrive may not be the be all and end all. As Sony delivers an incredibly easy mechanic in which you can quickly swap around your Hard-Drive. There a few important things you need to remember before doing so and We still encourage you to avoid doing this if you believe your console maybe faulty while playing Agony.

Also it’s important to note that once you have changed your hard-drive within your console you will need to install a fresh version of your Playstation Firmware from a USB Drive to the console. This can sometimes become quite frustrating as you need to ensure your running the correct install file.

You can find all the installation files for the latest Playstation 4 System Software Here. It also includes a pretty intensive guide on how to change your Hard Drive ready for you to enjoy Agony.

6: Agony PS4 Trophies not unlocking with PlayStation 4.

Trophies are the Sony Equivalent of Sony’s Gamer score. As you play through your favourite games you will be set challenges and milestones for you to hit. If you complete these then they will be unlocked on your Sony Network Account in which you can show and boast to your friends.

Very similarly sometimes trophies will not work or not unlock while playing Agony which can be heavily frustrating especially when coming to the harder of games. However there are some very easy fixes that you can do to ensure this does not happen to you while playing.

Make sure you’re Online when playing Agony for PS4 Trophies.

Sometimes it’s overlooked but if you’re playing an online game then be sure to ensure that you’re online as some games require this to update. Also its generally good to be online at all times as you may miss out on important patch fixes or updates which may fix the issue your having. Usually game updates download automatically which is an incredible strong feature of the PlayStation 4.

Don’t use Cheats on Agony.

Although rare cheating while playing Most games on the Playstation 4 is very frowned upon so when using mods or cheats on Agony you may in-fact restrict access to trophies. So it’s important that if you’re interested in using mods or cheats for your game save then save well before you plan to or you may have to start the game again in order to unlock the trophy you want.

7: Having Problems with Audio and Video not working with my TV with Agony.

Most consoles of this generation feature a HDMI output which makes it surprisingly easy to error check if the audio and video faults that you’re having is actually with Agony or console hardware you have.

If you’re having problems with a Blank screen or no Audio on Agony with your TV then be sure to follow the following steps.

Step One :

Connect your Console to a TV which you know works or has worked previously with your console – your PlayStation 4 should automatically calibrate.

Step Two:

If You still have an issue then simply source another HDMI cable and try a different cable with your TV.

Step Three :

If this does not solve the problem then simply it’s safe to say that there maybe a fault with your PlayStation 4. But the good news is that your console is more than likely covered under a warranty in which you can source a repair, replacement or refund from your place of purchase.

If your console works on a particular TV and not your current one then it maybe a configuration issue. Connect your PlayStation 4 to TV in which you get a display then visit :

Main Menu > Audio & Video > TV Resolution.

Ensure that the resolution is set accordingly to what is supported by your current display unit. Sometimes screens can show blank screens or provide you with audio issues if the resolution used is not supported.

GUIDE: How To Factory Reset PlayStation 4

If this does not fix the problem then you maybe able to Reset the Console back to factory settings to prompt start-up which may fix any problems that you may have. However like we said earlier. The majority of Audio or Visual problems are either with the cables used or with the Hardware itself and is very unlikely to be a software fault.

8: PlayStation 4 Agony not connecting to servers.

Despite the fact that Sony’s Servers are highly maintained and deliver day in day out there are sometimes in which things can go wrong and you may find that you cannot connect Agony to the internet. This is incredibly frustrating however dont worry! Below are some easy fixes which can solve the problem.

There are various reasons that you might want to look at if your having issues with disconnecting from Agony so follow the following steps to easily isolate the issue.

Check your Internet Connection before Playing Agony

On a nearby Desktop or Smart Device simply visit – Run the test and this website will tell you – your current internet connection, your current download speed, upload speed and any drops in your connection. If this results in no problems on your side then it may be a software fault which is restricting your access to the Agony servers.

GUIDE: How To Test Your Internet Connection / Recommended Internet Providers For Gaming

Check your Internet Connection and NAT type on the PlayStation 4.

Visit :  Settings > Network > Test Network Connection

The results of the Test Network Connection will show you a variety of information. This includes your current IP Address, The status of your internet connection. If you have connected to the Playstation Network or Not… As well as your NAT TYPE, connection speed download upload and download.

With this information you can determine whether or not if your PS4 is restricting your Internet access with Agony. .

If after the Test connection no connection was established then it might be an idea to check to see if your PlayStation 4 can connect to the internet via a wireless connection. You will need the Key from your Wireless Router.

If you’re still having an issue then be sure to connect an Ethernet cable from your console to the wireless router. Try to test the connection once again. If this results in no connection available then it may indicate a hardware fault with your PlayStation 4.

Guide: Console Warranty Explained / Gamers Guide To Online Refunds and Returns

If you have a stable internet connection but your Playstation 4 is not connecting to the internet this can mean that either your Console hardware itself is faulty in which you should contact PS4 Support for advice. Another possibility is that your console might be I.P Banned or Hardware Banned from online services for breach of terms and conditions

Your PlayStation 4 is connected to the internet but cant use Agony online?

It is very possible that the Agony servers are currently down or experiencing high ends of traffic which is affecting your ability to play. So if you’re suffering disconnections, lag or simply not being able to play Agony at all then we strongly suggest reaching out to the developers social networks to see if they have announced any downtime or regular patch time which may cause this fault. More than likely your Playstation 4 is actually okay.


Most developers do take regular downtime of their servers to fix any and all issues that they may find. During this time it’s important you yourself just get some down time – play another game or binge watch some TV…. Get some time in the sun… Nah.

9: Agony not showing 4K on PlayStation 4

Due to a lot of controversy The Playstation 4 and Playstation 4 does not offer support for 4K Blu-Rays. However the good news is that the Playstation 4 Pro does in-fact support 4K Output resolution. So if you’re looking for 4K on Agony on your PS4 then ensure you’re rocking the Playstation 4 Pro.

Does Agony support 4K?

Not all games support true 4K Resolution. It’s very common it will support 720P or 1080P however not necessarily 4K. Check with the developer websites of the Agony website to see if this is a feature it supports. If Agony does support 4K then you will need to make sure some options are configured on your PlayStation 4 before utilising it. Although more often than not the Playstation 4 will output in the highest resolution possible there are a few things you can do to ensure this.

Visit your TV Settings on your PlayStation 4 By :

Firstly check to confirm that your PlayStation 4 is outputting 4K – You do this by enabling the following :

Settings > Video Output Settings > Resolution > Automatic / 2160P 

Once this is confirmed be sure to visit the advanced settings tap and ensure that 4K is being allowed by your console. At this point if your TV supports it.

If after changing these settings you’re still not getting 4K Resolution from your Smart TV then it maybe a possibility that the HDMI you’re using does not support 4K Resolution. Ensure you’re using the Cable which has been provided by the PlayStation 4. If you have lost this cable then you can source easy replacements via Amazon.

We Currently Recommend This HDMI CABLE for 4K Gaming

Remember this guide is simply just a troubleshooting guide which covers most common faults or issues that you may get with your PlayStation 4 and Agony. Hopefully you wont endure any of these faults with your brand new game but if you have used this article and found no resolution to your fault. Then we highly recommend you reach out to Sony PS4 Support and talk about the specific fault your having with Agony.

Until then Happy Gaming!