Having problems with Penny Punching Princess on Switch? We Can Fix it!

Crashing - freezing - frame drops or simply disconnecting on Penny Punching Princess? Try these simple fixes - they might help.

Penny Punching Princess is the Brand New entry from NIS America. It promises players all of the Chibi-Pixel Goodness. Build up your empire and use money to bribe enemies to fight for you. Or stand alone and smash stuff up with your fists. If you’ve just picked up Penny Punching Princess on Switch then this guide can help you!

Nintendo are usually pretty hot stuff when it comes to dealing with issues with games. This includes any kind of screen faults, connection issues and display issues. Also when it comes to the deeper seeded faults such as low frames (fps), freezing, game crashing and more. However if you’re at a loss with Penny-Punching Princess and you’re still having issues then we’re here to help with a comprehensive guide which covers a lot of popular faults which may occur with Penny-Punching Princess or the Switch itself. If you cannot find the answer you’re looking for here then it’s probably best to reach out to Nintendo Support – The details can be found throughout the article.

1: Penny-Punching Princess Crashing and Freezing on you when you play?

It’s the perfect thing to kill the mood. When you’re in full swing storming through the enjoyment which Penny-Punching Princess has to offer – the screen goes black or stalls completely. Sometimes not only can games completely freeze on you but more often than not – this is followed by the Switch turning itself off completely and rebooting. However if you’re experiencing issues with your switch not playing ball then we got some simple remedies that you may have overlooked. So let’s go back to basics.

Penny-Punching Princess Cartridge

First thing’s first be sure to check out your Penny-Punching Princess Cartridge and ensure that there’s no visible signs of accidental damage or cosmetic issues. Although the Switch games are pretty robust they can be damaged with enough brute force. More often than not any surface scratches or dents will not really be a cause for concern however on the rear of the cartridge you will find five strips of gold contacts. Ensure no burns, dents, cuts exist within these areas.

Damaged Penny-Punching Princess Cartridge? Then it’s highly likely you should probably return the game from the provider you purchased it from. In most cases if you have purchased this item from a second hand source it may be a case the original user wanted to get rid of the damaged cartridge and there’s not an awful lot you can do except for seek a refund or replacement. Hopefully if you’ve purchased it from a legitimate source such as a store then usually the store will issues a store warranty in which you can either get a replacement the same day or maybe more.

If your Penny-Punching Princess cartridge is looking pretty smooth move on.

Ensure you download the latest Penny-Punching Princess Software Update

Sometimes developers will patch common game bugs after release date. In this case it’s important that if you’re playing off line that you hook your Nintendo Switch up to the internet and check for any software updates if you’re still experiencing your game crashing and freezing. If you’re game is running on the latest update then be sure to check that your Switch is actually on the latest console update as well. The latest stable update is currently 5.0.0.

If you’re unsure of what console update you’re currently on you can check it out by visiting your settings on your Nintendo Switch to make sure they align. An easier route is to simply attempt a software update once you’re on line.

Downloading a Console Update

Main Menu > Settings > System > System Update

If Penny-Punching Princess is currently running on the latest update and your Nintendo Switch is also up to date then it may be possible that your Nintendo Switch maybe suffering a hardware fault or issue.

Switch overheating when playing Penny-Punching Princess.

Not always but sometimes a significant freeze or crash on Penny-Punching Princess maybe a warning sign that your Nintendo Switch is overheating. It’s important to check this by un-docking your Switch from the Switch Dock and check the condition of your console. It’s important to keep all the vents and grills clear of any and all dust or hair that may be clogging it up. Usually the Switch can run for an excessive amount of hours before needing to cool down and very few users have reported faults with the Nintendo Switch overheating.

Use common sense here and ensure that your Nintendo switch is in a well ventilated area. Try not to keep your console within any areas in which warm air cant escape. If the vents and grills are riddled with dust and debris then be sure to purchase a can of compressed air to unclog the issue. Be sure to only do this when the device is turned off. You may have to spray a few times until the Switch is clear of any Debris.

Still no luck on Fixing Penny-Punching Princess and its freezing?

Our only advice now would be to reach out to Nintendo.Support and express your situation. However if the fault is not a software fault, a hardware error or a console issue then this highly suggests your Penny-Punching Princess cartridge maybe faulty. In this case the best option would be to return the item to your provider and seek a replacement or refund for Penny-Punching Princess.

You can also reach out to other communities if other players are experiencing the same issue then it may be a case that the developer are aware of the fault and are working on a fix! Check their on line social media for updates on this.

2: Penny-Punching Princess running at low fps? Or dropping frames regularly?

Gloriously we have reached a day in gaming that 30FPS seems to the be the current staple that all developers and games must hit for a visually pleasing experience. However sometimes our Hardware lets us down and can drop FPS for no apparent reason. The Nintendo Switch is no different as with some games you can experience frame drops. If you’re having issues with Penny-Punching Princess running slowly then this maybe a cause for concern.

Grab the latest Penny-Punching Princess Nintendo Switch Update

It’s important that before we go any further to your frames issue that you hook your Nintendo Switch online and grab the latest Software update available. Most developers will release patches or fixes that may optimise Penny-Punching Princess overtime so be sure to look out for them.

You will be prompted to download the latest Penny-Punching Princess software upon starting the game while being connected to a wi-fi device. If you have tried the latest software update and you’re still getting issues then it maybe a case that the software install maybe faulty or corrupt.

You can get details of Penny-Punching Princess on your Switch by:

Main Menu > System Settings > Data Management > Software > Penny-Punching Princess

Once you’re in the Penny-Punching Princess settings on your console you can check for Corrupt Data. If no issues are found then be sure to delete the Penny-Punching Princess files and re-install. This may fix your low FPS while playing. However before doing this be sure to back up all your save files as you will lose everything.

Running The Correct Resolution?

Although not confirmed – the resolution that you’re running on your Nintendo Switch and TV may have an effect of the performance of Penny-Punching Princess. You can try reducing the resolution from 1080P to 720P within your console settings. You can access this by the following :

Main Menu > System Settings > TV Output > TV Resolution

A lower Resolution will generally make it easier for Penny-Punching Princess to perform. Quality concerns may arise with this change though as your not getting the highest details of textures and more.

Finally a Nintendo Switch which is over-heating may also issues with Penny-Punching Princess and the performance of the software. Follow the above advice on how to deal with your Nintendo Switch overheating before continuing. It’s also important to note that it’s very rare that a Cartridge Fault would bring about FPS drops.

If you’ve tried all of the above resolutions then it may suggest that your Nintendo Switch itself maybe faulty. To iron out this issue simply visit a store in which you can try Penny-Punching Princess on a different Switch Device or simply ask a friend or family. If this shows that your issue is not apparent on another device then simply seek a repair or replacement for your Nintendo Switch under your current warranty.

3: My Penny-Punching Princess Switch Cartridge Wont Load?

An issue which happens more than people may think is a Cartridge simply not booting or appearing on the Nintendo Switch main menu. This can be incredibly frustrating and disheartening especially if your Game will not boot or display. There are a few quick fixes you can try to solve the situation.

Ensure your Penny-Punching Princess Cartridge is clean or not damaged.

On the back of your game cartridge you will notice 5 gold strips of contacts. Ensure that these are in mint condition and no blemishes, scratches or dents are present as this may hinder Penny-Punching Princess from loading. If you have purchased Penny-Punching Princess brand new and you have faults on your Cartridge then it is best to seek an immediate replacement before placing it into your Switch again. If the Game Cartridge is in great condition or you see no real issues then it maybe a hardware fault with your Nintendo Switch.

Is your Penny-Punching Princess Cartridge the correct Region?

Believe it or not most games these days have region locks. If your Copy of Penny-Punching Princess is not from within your region then it may not work with your Nintendo Switch. Ensure that the Region code for both your Console and Game Match.

Update your Switch to the latest Firmware Update.

Don’t lose faith too soon. Before trying Penny-Punching Princess again be sure to visit your system Settings and try to update your Switch Console to the latest Console Update. Sometimes new games are released and may not support the older firmware. If your console is running the latest update and it is still not recognising Penny-Punching Princess then maybe a factory reset of the console maybe in order. Be warned though as if you factory reset your console then you will lose any and all data so be sure to back up all important information.

Most important data is saved to your Nintendo Link Account anyway so as long as you remember your e-mail and password details then you will be able to recover most details.

How to Perform a Factory Reset on the Switch :

Main Menu > System Settings > System > Formatting Options > Restore Factory Settings

**IMPORTANT** Remember this will put your Switch back to Day one settings and you will lose any and all data. Only proceed if you have tried all other previous fixes or resolutions to solve the problem.

If Penny-Punching Princess continues to not load then simply return the game to your place of purchase for a replacement. Most stores will have no issues in providing you with a replacement to resolve the issue.

“My Penny-Punching Princess Software Closed While Playing”

If you ever Experience this fault then at some point the contacts on the Cartridge have lost contact with your Pins within your Nintendo Switch. This may present yourself with two separate hardware issues.

Firstly The Spring-load within the Nintendo Switch may be damaged. Once you place your Penny-Punching Princess Cartridge in the game card it self should click and be firmly placed within the console. You should then ensure that the Game cover is then closed to allow further security. If your having no problems with the Game Loader then it may suggest that your Pins are damaged within your console.

**DAMAGED Nintendo Switch Pins**

As you can see from the picture your Nintendo Switch should feature 10 clearly visible gold pins which are perfectly aligned with more pins featured behind those. When inspecting your device if you find that some of your pins are broken, damaged or bent out of place this may suggest that your Pins are causing the fault with Penny-Punching Princess.


Do not try to fix yourself or simply bend the pins back into place. It’s important at this time that you should resort to your current Warranty on your Nintendo Switch and possibly reach out to Nintendo.Support to help you with the situation. In most cases if your Nintendo Switch or any console has bent pins or connectors then a Repair is most likely needed. If you’re not under warranty it maybe a case that your console is a write off.

If the Pins are showing no visible damage then it maybe a case that there are dust particles which are creating a problem for your Switch. Be sure to use some compressed air and spray lightly. This will allow for the dust to dislodge and may hopefully improve connectivity.

4: Joy Cons not working while playing Penny-Punching Princess?

The Switch features an incredibly immersive controller system as each Console comes with two JoyCon Controllers. Not only does this Happy Duo combine to form one solid JoyPad Controller but each JoyCon controller can be used separately while playing certain games such as Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and More.

However over time Controllers for all consoles – The JoyCons included can suffer ware and tear as well as various hardware faults which may hamper your game-play. However if you believe that your JoyCon Controllers are void of any hardware issues but your still having problems with Penny-Punching Princess then be sure to follow the various fixes which may resolve the problem.

“JoyCon Controller Buttons not Pressing Down”

Sometimes buttons can provide to be unresponsive while playing games. More often than not this is a ware and tear issue or maybe the JoyCon controller has bee submitted to some accidental damage. However if your Joycon is still in Mint condition then maybe the Joycon may have a software issue.

You can Check for Faults by Visiting :

Main Menu > System Settings > Controllers And Sensors

Here you can do a selection of things however we strongly suggest that first things first you can “Test Input Devices”. This is a pretty neat tool in which it will display each button press on each Button of your JoyCon. Which means you can narrow down the fault and isolate the issue.

If you find that one particular button is not being responsive check for any signs of cosmetic damage. It maybe possible a sticky substance is stuck between the button and circuit board. Try a soft adhesive remover to expel any gunk which is restricting movement

If you have found a fault with your JoyCon controller then you can firstly Try “Calibrate Control Sticks”. This will prompt your Switch to complete certain tasks with your sticks to ensure that their not stuck or damaged in anyway shape or form. If the problem is not with your sticks and actually your buttons then by all means try to update your controllers. To do this you will be required to have Access to the internet.

If this does not solve your issue with your controller you can Disconnect the Controllers then re-synch them in order to dispute any connection issues that you may have with your device.

Syncing JoyCon Controllers.

Luckily enough Syncing JoyCon Controllers for Penny-Punching Princess is pretty easy. There are two ways in which this can be done.

  • Firstly Attach the JoyCon Controllers on either side of your Nintendo Switch Device
  • Secondly You can sync them wirelessly by following the on-screen prompts. However we highly recommend you stick to the physical and practical way presented.

If you’ve tried all of the above steps and still getting issues with your JoyCon controllers while playing Penny-Punching Princess then it may indicate a hardware fault. If your Joy Con pads are too sensitive, stuck down, you cannot press buttons or the sticks are constantly running a particular way then reach out to Nintendo.Support.

It may be at this point that you maybe entitled to a replacement or repair from your retail provider.

5: Memory Card not Detected While Playing Penny-Punching Princess

As most will know by now. The Nintendo Switch supports a Micro SD Card which can be placed into the back of the Console. This is great as if the on board 32GB is not sufficient then you can purchase your own Micro SD Card to use. However only certain MicroSD Cards are compatible and that is still true for Penny-Punching Princess.

Firstly if you’re having problems with the MicroSD Card for Penny-Punching Princess then be sure to visit your System settings to get some details. Proceed to :

Main Menu > System Settings > Data Management

Here you will be able to see your on board System memory and your installed MicroSD Card. If the SD card is full then it may be necessary for you to either delete files or games off the card. Simply plug your Storage device into a nearby Laptop or Desktop to clear up the data which is not necessary.

“Memory Card is Installed however Nintendo Switch cant find it?”

This is a fault that may suggest a Hardware fault with your Nintendo Switch. Until you resolve this then it is unlikely it will work with Penny-Punching Princess. The Memory Card Reader within the Nintendo Switch is very sensitive and can be open to accidental damage if used incorrectly. If you attempt to install the wrong size storage device, input a Micro SD card the wrong way or genuinely force entry or removal for your Micro SD cards then you risk damaging the pins inside the console.

If you believe that your Memory Card reader is damaged on your Nintendo Switch then there isn’t a whole lot of options open to you. We strongly suggest you reach out to Nintendo.Support or consult with your hardware provider to see if your console is still under warranty. As long as the damage isn’t accidental then you will be entitled to a repair or replacement.

6: Penny-Punching Princess wont load with Parental Locks?

The Nintendo Switch carries a pretty robust Parental Lock system which can either be activated via the Console itself or by using the Online Nintendo Link Account. Usually Parental Locks are set for a reason to restrict younger audiences from accessing adult material. In some cases though this can actually restrict you from playing certain games and if you find that you’re having problems with running Penny-Punching Princess due to a parental lock then we can show you how to deactivate it.

Firstly you will not be able to remove the Parental Lock from the console or from Penny-Punching Princess unless you have the four pin digit that you saved when you created the parental lock. This is why its important to use a set of numbers that you will remember. Maybe someone’s birthday or a significant date in your life.

To Remove Parental Lock Visit :

Main Menu > System Settings > Parental Controls

Here you can change your settings. Once you have input your Parental Lock Password then it is highly advised to simply change the Restriction Level to None. This will allow you access to any and all games on the Nintendo Switch in the future.

If you do not have access or do not remember your 4 Digit Pin Number then this can be resolved by doing the following :

Once you are prompted to enter your pin number click the + Key to enter the “Forgot Pin” Menu. Here you will be issued with an Enquiry Number (e.g 11441-77579 ). Use this number by getting in contact with Support.Nintendo.Com and they will provide you with a Master Key. Input this key and you will have the ability to retrieve your pin number and change your parental lock restrictions.

7: No Video, Display or Audio when playing GAME on Nintendo Switch with TV.

Video Display or Audio can be heavily connected with either the Nintendo Switch Hardware or the Connections that you’re using and is very rarely a concern for any game, Penny-Punching Princess being included. With HDMI Connections making things real easy for consumers these days Audio and Video issues go hand in hand and more often than not trial and error can resolve a situation.

Step One :

Ensure all Power Leads & HDMI Connections are connected from your Nintendo Switch Dock and your TV. Ensure your Switch is firmly locked into the Dock. If you’re still getting issues with Penny-Punching Princess displaying then simply try another HDMI Cable.

Step Two :

If another HDMI has not resolved the problem then it is an indication that your Nintendo Switch Dock is faulty. Simply try a friends Nintendo Dock or purchase another dock to resolve this. If a fault is found then the Dock is Covered under your warranty.

Stage Three :

If you have tried a New HDMI Cable and an additional Nintendo Switch Dock then be sure to Factory Reset your console back to day one settings. This will allow you to start from a fresh place.

Step Four :

If a factory reset has not resolved the issue then the problem maybe with the Mini HDMI Port just below the Nintendo Switch. If the port seems bent or damaged in any way shape or form this maybe due to ware and tear or accidental damage. If this is the case it is unlikely you will be able to use your Switch via the TV however you can contact Nintendo Support for advice on your Next Steps.

It’s important to ensure that the TV Resolution your running matches the available resolution of your TV or you may run into incompatibility issues and concerns.

8: Cant Connect to Penny-Punching Princess Server on line with Nintendo Switch.

Developers are consistently making products which are more reliable on a consistent on line service. Although Penny-Punching Princess might be exempt from this its highly recommended to connect to the Nintendo Switch servers as you play. This not only provides you with insights into the world of Penny-Punching Princess but it also provides you with software updates, on line play and much more.

However if you’re having issues with Penny-Punching Princess disconnecting while your playing or not connecting completely then there are a few initial steps that you can take to iron out the issue.

Check your Internet Connection

It is more often than not over looked that a connection issue with a game is actually a user error. To check to make sure your internet is providing you with sufficient download speed and no breaks within your service simply load up a desktop or smart device and use www.speedtest.com. This will show you your download speed, upload speed and more but will also tell you if your losing any packet information.

If your speed tests have returned at a optimal speed and your Switch is still having issues connecting to Penny-Punching Princess then be sure to configure your DNS settings within the System Settings on the Switch. You can access this by :

Main Menu > System Settings > Internet

If everything seems to be good but your still hitting a brick wall it is not uncommon for a firewall setup to be preventing you access to Penny-Punching Princess. You will need to resort to your Network hubs manual and more to configure and change your firewall settings. What you can do is turn it off your firewall for a time period however We strongly suggest against leaving it off for a long period of time.

You may find that your Nintendo Switch is still connected to the internet however you may not have access to the Game servers. In this case its imperative that you’re running the latest software update. You maybe excluded from on line play if this is the situation.

Ensure that your Nintendo Link Account is up to date and your not running two devices with the same account at any one time as this may arise duplication issues. It’s important that each player has their own account.

Are Penny-Punching Princess Servers Down?

If you have tried all of the above resolutions and you’re still having problems it is not uncommon for the developers themselves to have server side issues. You can easily check this by visiting the social media forums and outlets for Penny-Punching Princess to see if any other players are getting the same problems. If this is the case the best course of action is to simply relax and do something else while you wait. Although frustrating it’s handy to have various other games in which you can enjoy while you wait.

It’s important to note that the above are just common and various errors that you may find with Penny-Punching Princess. The information above has been given with past experience of others games and various other platforms.

If you develop a fault that you do not see within the above resolutions then we highly encourage you to reach out to Nintendo.Support – The staff whom work there are highly trained and are very welcoming to concerns or issues that you may experience. Although there is a wait time to their e-mails just be patient.

We Hope this Helps and Enjoy Penny-Punching Princess.

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