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Conan Freezing Crashing PS4

Conan Exiles Crashing and Freezing Fix for PS4

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Enjoying Conan Exiles on Playstation 4 – Good we’re Glad! If you’re experiencing complete freezing or crashing while you play then this may indicate a problem. We’ve created this guide to put you in the right direction.

PS4 Conan Exiles Crashing Freezing Fix Guide

The following Fix Guide for Conan Exiles has been created with similar experiences with other games freezing and crashing on the platform.

The issues or situations listed here may not be found within Conan Exiles however more based on common issues found among other titles on the Playstation 4.

It can be incredibly frustrating when you’re churning your way through Conan Exiles and it suddenly freezes or crashes on you.

So We’re here to help.

It’s important to note a few things here:

Firstly it may not be the fault of Conan Exiles and more so a fault with your Playstation 4, Slim or Pro.

Secondly it’s been a passive issue of console gaming for the longest of time that in-frequent crashes happen. It’s the bane of gamers all around the world but sadly it is the nature of the beast.

However if you believe that Conan Exiles is crashing more and more often and it’s destroying your ability to enjoy the game. We’ve bundled some common issues with the Playstation 4 Console together – aided with some easy fixes to help you fix your freeze or crashing issue.

Conan Exiles is crashing and freezing – explained.

It’s the real killjoy to any gaming experience when you’re enjoying Conan Exiles but your Console begins to seize up, run slow or simply freeze up.

This freeze is then usually followed by a Black screen. However there are two distinct differences between a game Freezing or Crashing on you.

Conan Exiles Freeze:

Usually the game will be running full flow and as you progress through loading screens or mid-game the screen will hang. Alternatively all motion on the screen will stall. During this time audio can be heared to continue or completely lock up.

A freeze is distinguished by its ability to repair it self however if it’s serious it will then continue to crash.

Conan Exiles Crash:

A Crash is easily described when you lose all control over your gaming experience. The screen will freeze and present you with a variety of graphical glitches or errors. At times this may prompt the game to hard-reset it self however more often than not.

A complete Playstation 4 restart or re-boot is necessary to fix the problem.

Both of the above are common faults and may not suggest any serious hardware issue but if Conan Exiles is crashing or freezing on you like this then simply try the fixes below.

Conan Exiles Crashing and Freezing Fixes – PS4

1: Downloading the Latest PlayStation 4 Console Update Fix For Conan Exiles

There are a few things that you can check to ensure that your PlayStation 4 is up to speed in order to play Conan Exiles. Firstly is your console running the latest Console Software Update? Here’s how to check :

Main Menu > Settings > System > Console Info > OS Version.

Latest Optimal Update for Conan Exiles on PS4 is : 5.50.

Guide : Updating your Playstation 4 to the Latest Console Update To Fix Conan Exiles.

Ensure that you’re PlayStation 4 is connected to the internet or a nearby strong Wi-Fi source then download the latest Console firmware. Sometimes games can be released and present issues or anomalies when running older system versions so it’s important you get the latest.

If for any reason your PlayStation 4 fails to update while downloading it maybe possible that either your having issues with your internet connection.

It may also be that possibly Sony servers are having problems on their end.

We advise you to wait and if you find no resolution to this issue then get in contact with the Sony Support Team.

Is Conan Exiles running the latest update?

It is not uncommon for some games to be released with some Game Breaking bugs which may cause your freezing issue. One way to eliminate this issue if its a software problem is to ensure that you have downloaded the Latest Conan Exiles update.

In order to do this boot up Conan Exiles while being connected to the internet and you will be prompted to download the latest updates.

Guide : Ensure Conan Exiles is running the latest update to fix freezing.

Sometimes you can force the update within the options of the games. It’s important though you check that your internet connection is active or the prompt wont appear.

If you’re still having problems with Conan Exiles crashing even with the latest update then it may indicate a Corrupt Update file or a Software install. So we recommend the next step is to start from scratch.

How to Un-Install and Fix Conan Exiles by fresh re-install on PlayStation 4.

Un-Installing software from your PlayStation 4 is surprisingly easy and should not be a concern for most experienced gamers. However if you’re unsure on how to clear your hard drive of any Conan Exiles files then simply check :

  1. Locate game in the Games Menu
  2. When the desired game is highlighted, press the Options button on the controller
  3. Select Delete
  4. Confirm to Re-install and Fix Conan Exiles

Select the Conan Exiles file and choose to un-install. Be warned though this will remove mostly all game files, data files, user settings, file saves and more. However it may be necessary to resolve your crashing issue.

Guide : How to Format your Playstation 4

“My Conan Exiles is still Crashing and Freezing”

After a Fresh install of Conan Exiles and your still encountering the problem? Then more than likely this will be a Hardware fault with either the Game disk or your PlayStation 4 itself. Here’s some key things to look out for.

2: Is your Conan Exiles Disk Causing Crashing and Freezing?

Important to know if you have digitally downloaded or pre-loaded Conan Exiles then skip this fix as you will not found a solution to your problem here.

There are a few warning signs that you should look out for on your Conan Exiles disk.

PlayStation 4 Disks are covered in a scratch resistant layer which makes them pretty formidable at holding their own under daily wear and tear.

However if you push your finger lightly against the reflective side of the disc and you feel any dents, cuts, or cracks then it may be possible your Conan Exiles disk is faulty.

GUIDE : How To Fix Scratches on Conan Exiles Disk

If any Dents, Cracks, Cuts or significant scratches exist on your Conan Exiles disk and you believe you have not caused.

Then you’re more than welcome to seek a replacement from the source of purchase under your warranty. Remember though most stores or businesses wont honour your warranty if the damage is accidental or from obvious abuse.

Another type of Disk Error is what some people call “Disk Rot” Its due to chemical irritants destroying the surface of your disk and may cause your Conan Exiles disk to become unreadable or provide you with a long list of errors including crashing while you play.

If your Disk has suffered any kind of Disk Rot then its unlikely that you will be able to fix it and should seek a replacement or refund for Conan Exiles.

Fixing Scratches on your Conan Exiles disk.

Luckily enough if your PlayStation 4 Disk is covered in scratches then most retailers and some online services offer a disk repair service which is tried, tested and in most scenarios beneficial.

GUIDE : How To Fix Scratches on Conan Exiles Disk

We were sceptical at first – however having various disks which did not work cleaned we can honestly vouch for the service so be sure to try that.

One important thing to remember.

If your Disk has any evidence of cuts, dents or cracks then there is simply no point sending it for a repair as it’s unlikely anyone will be able to correct that issue.

3: PS4 Overheating Causing Conan Exiles to Crash and Freeze

Often overlooked but a PS4 console running hot can and may cause your games to freeze or crash. This without proper care may result in your console becoming damaged or unusable in the future so it’s important to take action.

Your console will have various grill intakes, and fans throughout the system. Depending on the version of the PlayStation 4 you have. These are designed to allow a substantial of fresh cool airflow through the console.

The later consoles are a lot more adequate at dealing with lengthy gaming sessions. None the less if you notice that your ventilation holes and grills are compact with dust or other debris then it may not be allowing warm air to escape.

GUIDE: PlayStation 4 Overheating Solution and Cleaning Guide

The reason this happens is due to the Components and high-end hardware within your Playstation 4 begins to run hot. Hotter then previously bench marked and can create bugs, anomalies, stuttering, frame drops, complete freezes and crashing for Conan Exiles.

If you believe that your Playstation 4 overheating is causing Conan Exiles to crash and freeze then be sure to use the comprehensive overheating cleaning guide we’ve created to fix the problem.

Once the console has cooled off – boot up Conan Exiles again and try again.

4: Conan Exiles Game Save Corrupt and Freezing

If you’re worried about your Conan Exiles save being corrupt then there are some tell tale signs of this error.

You will find that your game or your system will crash and freeze at a specific point in the game. Maybe it’s before a cut scene – a crucial bot fight – or a particular loading screen.

If it’s happening at the same exact point each time it may indicate that your save file is corrupt.

Guide : How To Recover and Protect your Conan Exiles Save Data

Sadly more often than not if you’re save file is corrupt there’s no real way to repair the issue unless attempting various third party software. Although we would highly recommend not using these software as more often than not.

They are a complete money sink. The best way to protect your Conan Exiles save file is to abide by the loading rules and do not switch the console off while playing.

To Fix your game crashing and freezing on your save file. Simply revisit an earlier save file.

5: Is a Faulty PS4 Causing your Conan Exiles to Crash?

If you have tried all of the above issues and you can confirm that it is not an update issue or an install error.

You’ve tried re-installing the game.

You’ve checked your console for any outside elements which may be effecting it. Then it’s sad to say but it’s likely your console is faulty.

Guide: Console Warranty Explained / Gamers Guide To Online Refunds and Returns

However the good news is the Sony team are incredibly good at offering excellent customer service.

So Contact Sony for your next step – Maybe they can benchmark your console and find the issue or simply source you a repair or replacement.

If you’re still covered under your retail warranty then you simply can return to the place of purchase and source a replacement!

Conclusion and user submitted Fixes for Conan Exiles

Remember this guide is simply just a troubleshooting guide which covers most common faults or issues that you may get with your PlayStation 4 and Conan Exiles.

Hopefully you wont endure any of these faults with Conan Exiles but if you have used this article and found no resolution to your fault. Then we highly recommend you reach out to Sony PS4 Support and talk about the specific fault your having with Conan Exiles.

Until then Happy Gaming!